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ROI-BOT Executive Data Dashboard Software

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Manage all your vendor and website data on a single login. Save time and gain mastery of your data today! Call 732.450.8200 for more information or visit http://www.roi-bot.com

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ROI-BOT Executive Data Dashboard Software

  1. 1. Got a Question? Ask our Expert! Introducing The Switzerland of Data Reporting Software
  2. 2. A Little About Me • Graduate of Rutgers University with a BS in Physics • Lifetime Resident of New Jersey • Proud father of Connor Pasch (16) • First Book Published by Prentice Hall in 1984 • Second Book Published 28 years later by Celebrity Press • Information Technology Was My Core Career • Started A Digital Marketing Agency in 2005 • Passion For Travel: Italy Tops The List • Active Automotive Speaker, Writer, & Strategist • I Love to Teach and Educate Dealers Published: Sep 2012 About Me
  3. 3. SEO SEM IRM Social Assessment Strategy Process Training Mentoring Data Warehouse Vendor Neutral Custom Insights Data Transparency How We Serve Dealers Three Distinct Companies & Strategies
  4. 4. Monthly ROI Analysis? Too Many Logins & Interfaces
  5. 5. We Saw An Opportunity • Too Many Logins • Dissimilar User Interfaces • Data Overload • No Clear Focus on Actionable Data • Inability To See Vendor “Cause & Effects” • No Proactive Alerts (positive or negative) • Portability of Data • Executives Had Report Burn Out! • Dealers Challenged to Educate Teams New Ways To Measure Success
  6. 6. The First Vendor Neutral Data Warehouse Your Personal Data Warehouse
  7. 7. What Is This Expense on my P&L? • What problem was this vendor hired to solve? • What metrics or KPI’s show an ROI? • What actionable data should I review?
  8. 8. Research Shared at 2013 DMSC
  9. 9. Google Analytics Vehicle Detail Page Views Trends (VDP) % Traffic with VDP View 439 VDP’s a week 830 Filter applied to look at VDP’s Only
  10. 10. A “Dealer Friendly” Independent Data Management Tool Get To Know Your Data Before Comparing To Others
  11. 11. ROI-BOT Enhances Remote Management Coaching…Education..Collaboration
  12. 12. ROI-BOT Enhances Remote Management Coaching…Education…Accountability24x7 Data Monitoring
  13. 13. Find The Gold In The Your Mountain of Data
  14. 14. Online Reporting: ROI-BOT ™ • Single Login • Clean Interface • Custom Alerts • Valuable Insights • Actionable Data • Budget Tuning • Support For Dealer Groups • Enterprise Views* Introducing ROI-BOT™
  15. 15. Benefits for Dealers & Vendors • Support for existing Vendor reporting KPI’s and Value Proposition. • Facilitate On-Site & Remote Discussion With Dealers Inquiring About Performance. • Increase the awareness of the products Dealers are using. • Proactive push communications on a platform that will get manager “eyeballs”.
  16. 16. Data Presentation Highlight Important KPI’s
  17. 17. We are Committed To Collaboration • Your decision to syndicate dealership reporting on ROI-BOT will be rewarded with greater product ROI visibility. • The more your team looks at your vendor partner data, the more opportunities for improvement will occur. Collaboration To Enhance Value
  18. 18. The ROI-BOT Experience  Consolidation  Convenience  Transparency  Collaboration  Insights A Working Partnership
  19. 19. Got a Question? Ask our Expert! Your Time For Questions