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FOWA Miami: Future of Social Networks

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FOWA Miami: Future of Social Networks

  1. The Future Social Web
  2. sr bna
  3. The problem with social networks...
  4. They don’t work together.
  5. (unlike the Web)
  6. The future of social networks...
  7. Make them work together.
  8. (like the Web)
  9. Make it so.
  10. Small pieces. Loosely joined.
  11. Axioms of Web Architecture Simplicity Modular Design Decentralization
  12. Why don’t our social apps work this way?
  13. Control Speed Privacy Clean Experience
  14. Missing: the power of remixable data
  15. Social networking fatigue
  16. brian@brianoberkirch.com photo by Lane Hartwell
  17. brianoberkirch.com photo by Lane Hartwell
  18. twitter.com/brianoberkirch photo by Lane Hartwell
  19. flickr.com/people/brianoberkirch photo by Lane Hartwell
  20. http://upcoming.yahoo.com/user/40960/ photo by Lane Hartwell
  21. last.fm/user/brianoberkirch photo by Lane Hartwell
  22. How can we make social networks more hackable? Portable? Efficient?
  23. Don’t make me repeat myself. Profile information Friend networks Preferences
  24. Could these sites work together?
  25. We have the technology:
  26. Building Block: profile information • info: • name • photo • notes • hyperlink to his blog • Building block: hCard
  27. Building Block: profile equivalency users hyperlink to their identities • social network profile(s) • home page • blog • OpenID(s) Building block: XFN rel=quot;mequot;
  28. Building Block: friends list • friends lists with: • hyperlinks to their profiles • friend icons • name (in img alt text) • Building blocks: • hCards for their link, icon, name • XFN for relationships
  29. Social Network Portability: How-To • Publish microformats building blocks in user profiles • hCard on user profile pages • XFN rel=quot;mequot; hyperlinks to user blogs/home pages • hCard+XFN friends lists • XFN rel=quot;mequot; to separate friends list pages • XFN+HTML4 pagination rel=quot;me nextquot;, rel=quot;me prevquot; • Subscribe to microformats for profiles. Let the user: • subscribe to their hCard user profile • subscribe to their hCard+XFN supporting friends lists • more: microformats.org/wiki/social-network-portability
  30. How To: hCard profiles <div class=quot;vcardquot;>  <div class=quot;fnquot;>Chris Messina</div>  <img class=quot;photoquot; src=quot;cm.pngquot;       alt=quot;Photo of Chrisquot; />  <div class=quot;notequot;>   <p>Chris is originally...</p>   <p>...</p>  </div>  <a class=quot;urlquot; rel=quot;mequot;     href=quot;http://...quot;>Chris's blog</a> </div>
  31. How To: XFN rel=quot;mequot; profile equivalency • <a rel=quot;mequot; href=quot;http://flickr.com/people/...quot;>  Flickr Profile</a> • <a rel=quot;mequot; href=quot;http://technorati.com/...quot;>  Technorati Profile</a> • <a rel=quot;mequot; href=quot;http://pownce.com/tquot;>  Pownce Profile</a> • <a rel=quot;mequot; href=quot;http://twitter.com/tquot;>  Twitter Profile</a> • <a rel=quot;mequot; href=quot;http://upcoming.yahoo.com/...quot;>  Upcoming Profile</a> • <a rel=quot;mequot; href=quot;http://tantek.com/quot;>  tantek.com</a> rel=quot;mequot; link symmetry required for profile equivalency
  32. How To: hCard+XFN friends lists <span class=quot;vcardquot;>  <a class=quot;urlquot; rel=quot;contactquot;    href=quot;http://twitter.com/davemc500hatsquot;>   <img class=quot;fn photoquot;        alt=quot;Dave McClurequot; src=quot;dmc500.pngquot; />  </a> </span> <span class=quot;vcardquot;>  <a class=quot;urlquot; rel=quot;contactquot;    href=quot;http://twitter.com/factoryjoequot;>   <img class=quot;fn photoquot;        alt=quot;Chris Messinaquot; src=quot;cm.pngquot; />  </a> </span> ... etc.
  33. How To: separate friends page • <a rel=quot;mequot; href=quot;/t/friendsquot;>View All…</a> be sure to link from friends page back to the profile with rel=quot;mequot;
  34. How To: paginated friends lists quot;Previousquot; and quot;Nextquot; links on a paginated friends list • <a rel=quot;me prevquot; href=quot;/t/friends?page=6quot;>&#171; Previous</a> • <a rel=quot;me nextquot; href=quot;/t/friends?page=8quot;>Next &#187;</a>
  35. Social Network Portability publishing support • What sites and companies support this? Lots! • Check microformats wiki for latest: • hCard supporting user profiles • hCard+XFN supporting friends lists http://microformats.org/wiki/hcard-supporting-user-profiles http://microformats.org/wiki/hcard-xfn-supporting-friends-list
  36. Open for business.
  37. http://josephsmarr.com +
  38. We are on the cusp of the Social Web The pie is about to get a lot bigger