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Implementing a Digital Badge System in Higher Education

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This is the presentation Brett Bixler (Penn State) gave at the New Media Consortium's Summer 2015 Conference. It is about the ideal badge system feature set.

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Implementing a Digital Badge System in Higher Education

  1. 1. Implementing a Digital Badge System in Higher Education Brett Bixler Penn State University NMC 2015 Summer Conference
  2. 2. It’s All About Me • Lead Instructional Designer • At PSU since 1984 • Work with educational technology • Founded the Educational Gaming Commons – http://gaming.psu.edu • Working on bringing best practices/uses of educational technology to Penn State
  3. 3. No – It’s All About YOU! • Please introduce yourself! (Time permitting.) • What experience do you have using a Badging system? – None – A little – A lot – I am a Badging Master!
  4. 4. What I Promised To Do… • Introduction to digital badges (5 m). • Feature set scramble (15 m). • Feature set discussion (15 m). • Digital Badge System Exemplar (15 m). • Q&A (10 m).
  5. 5. Everything About Badges Known to Peoplekind A digital badge is a clickable graphic that contains an online record of: 1. an achievement, 2. the work required for the achievement, 3. evidence of such work, and 4. information about the organization, individual, or entity that issued the badge.
  6. 6. Badges – The Visual
  7. 7. How Can Badges Be Used in HE? • Depict course completion • Establish micro-credentials • Represent honors • Show event participation • Demonstrate community membership • Reduce duplicated requirements
  8. 8. The Ideal Badge System? Sign in Access Levels APIs User Profile Page Badge Library Administrator Tools Badge Image Maker Badge Org Tools Criteria Creator Evidence Creator Earner Evaluation Badge Acceptor Badge Publisher Related Badges Badge Tree Macro-level Features
  9. 9. Feature Set Scramble • Break into groups of 3-5. • Name your group. • Prioritize and pick five cards from the deck – The critical, “can’t do without” features of a digital badging system. • Mark the importance on the card. • Define the components of the feature. • Prepare for battle…..
  10. 10. Feature Set Discussion Refer to the feature set document at http://tinyurl.com/BadgeIdealFeatureSet .
  11. 11. Do These System Exist? • Yes, some more so than others. • Credly is one example (see https://credly.com/upgrade)
  12. 12. The Future of Badges in HE? Let’s talk! • Strengths • Weaknesses • Opportunities • Threats
  13. 13. Thank You! I will revise the feature set and ensure it is available via the conference proceedings and the NMC Web site. Brett Bixler Penn State University bxb11@psu.edu