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Telling a story with your social insights

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Data storytelling is now one of the key skills that companies are looking for in data analysts. How can we tell a compelling story with our rich and sometimes very large social datasets?

1. How to best design and visualise social research
2. How do we best present the findings (face to face or webinar) to help our audience easily identify the key takeaways
3. Theory, practice and sharing of learnings

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Telling a story with your social insights

  1. 1. NOW YOU KNOW | BRANDWATCH.COM #NYKCON F Telling a story with your social data Brandwatch Research Services
  2. 2. #NYKCON F • Intro – 15 mins • Workshop Tasks x 2 – 15 mins each • Discussion – 15 mins Agenda
  3. 3. #NYKCON F Data storytelling is a structured approach for communicating data insights, and it involves a combination of three key elements: data, visuals and narrative. Forbes, 2016
  4. 4. #NYKCON F Visual Presentation
  5. 5. #NYKCON F Every word matters
  6. 6. #NYKCON F Don’t complicate things
  7. 7. #NYKCON F Who is your audience? Executive Analyst Marketer/ PR
  8. 8. #NYKCON F Direct attention
  9. 9. #NYKCON F Position Matters
  10. 10. #NYKCON F Position Matters
  11. 11. #NYKCON F If everything is emphasised, nothing is emphasised Emphasis;
  12. 12. #NYKCON F Keep it clean Mindful use of colour
  13. 13. #NYKCON F How is my time best spent?
  14. 14. #NYKCON F
  15. 15. #NYKCON F
  16. 16. #NYKCON F
  17. 17. #NYKCON F
  18. 18. #NYKCON F
  19. 19. #NYKCON F Task
  20. 20. #NYKCON F Discussion
  21. 21. #NYKCON F • What do you find most challenging about presenting your insights? • What do you find difficult about presenting social data specifically? • Who do you find most challenging to present your findings to? • What kind of questions do you often get when you present your findings? Discussion
  22. 22. #NYKCON F Now You Know