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Better Decisions Everywhere : Social Media Week, NY 2016

Unlocking the socially-powered invisible hand of technology

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Better Decisions Everywhere : Social Media Week, NY 2016

  1. 1. WILL MCINNES, CMO, BRANDWATCH Unlocking the socially-powered invisible hand of technology. Democratizing data & decision-making. @willmcinnes @brandwatch
  2. 2. WILL MCINNES, CMO, BRANDWATCH Better Decisions Everywhere @willmcinnes @brandwatch
  3. 3. • 1200+ clients in 20+ international markets • 98% customer satisfaction • Over 30% of Fortune 100 • 300+ employees • International New York/San Francisco/Brighton/Berlin/Stuttgart/Singap ore Brandwatch
  4. 4. The ‘invisible hand’ is a metaphor used by Economist Adam Smith to describe unintended social benefits resulting from individual actions. @willmcinnes @brandwatch
  5. 5. You/we (probably) don’t have a CLUE. @willmcinnes @brandwatch
  6. 6. These things, they control you. @willmcinnes @brandwatch
  7. 7. You’re already a ‘habit machine’ but now, even when you think you’re making decisions, you’re not.
  8. 8. You know this dude’s name
  9. 9. You fill your ears with music that was presented to you thanks to algorithms. What you listen to…
  10. 10. Which way you go…
  11. 11. Where you as a junior doctor in the US are placed is thanks in part to a Matching algorithm Where you work…
  12. 12. How your health is managed…
  13. 13. “If you own a large vehicle but have no children, you're more likely to be overweight. If a health insurer purchases that data package on you -- likely paying pennies to get it -- then good luck getting a fair deal on your insurance” WIRED MAGAZINE IN CONVERSATION WITH: FRANK PASQUALE | LAW PROFESSOR | UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND @willmcinnes @brandwatch
  14. 14. When you meet people…
  15. 15. Who you kiss… @willmcinnes @brandwatch
  16. 16. Thanks Facebook Algorithm! @willmcinnes @brandwatch
  17. 17. So these little guys are working away in the background…
  18. 18. Are they working for you? Or for them?
  19. 19. Who controls those invisible hands?
  20. 20. What does this have to do with Marketing, Business, Intelligence, Will? @willmcinnes @brandwatch
  21. 21. Research and intelligence are evolving @willmcinnes @brandwatch
  22. 22. CHRIS MOODY, VP, TWITTER “We're the largest searchable archive of human thought, that’s public, that’s ever existed,”
  23. 23. And your work can be an invisible hand @willmcinnes @brandwatch
  24. 24. We can be the invisible hands!
  25. 25. every recommendation, every insight, every report.
  26. 26. #squadgoals better decisions everywhere
  27. 27. 1. You need network effects
  28. 28. @willmcinnes @brandwatch
  29. 29. 2. You need distribution
  30. 30. Brandwatch Signal Related Topics Most Influential Mentions Open Query in Dashboard An increase in the usage of the hashtag #AirRage for the Query "Royal Airways". #AirRage trending for Royal Airways 14:0010:00 12:00 14 Mentions in the last 30 minutes • Air Rage • Cancelled • fight RA440 James Knight @jamesknight IMPACT StevenTurner @hello_steven Nancy Jones @nannanancy RT @jntim00 Landed back in London after a fight broke out between passenger and air crew pic.twitter.com/7JV80SpD1 #RoyalAirways #AirRage Another Royal Airways flight has been turned around due to an incident on RT @jntim00 Landed back in London after a fight broke out between passenger and air crew pic.twitter.com/7JV80SpD1 #RoyalAirway #AirRage RT @matt_mllr Royal Airways flight RA440 from New York has been cancelled. Nightmare! #Cancellations #AirRage Amy Cooper @_amy_cooper 78 71 83 65 · 14:17 · 14:28 · 14:19 · 14:45 ‘Nudge’
  31. 31. 3. You need control @willmcinnes @brandwatch
  32. 32. 4. You need MOAR
  33. 33. • Audiences (come see!) • Image analytics • Location • Global • Easy • Fast @willmcinnes @brandwatch
  34. 34. OK, great. Thanks Will.
  35. 35. Looking to the future
  36. 36. Now What So What What @willmcinnes @brandwatch
  37. 37. 1. Descriptive What happened? 2. Diagnostic Why did it happen? 3. Predictive What will happen? 4. Prescriptive What should I do? Gartner @willmcinnes @brandwatch
  38. 38. Leverage points 40 mph = 80% chance 30 mph = 80% chance
  39. 39. “Self-driving car manufacturers have yet to reveal their stance on the issue.”
  40. 40. @willmcinnes @brandwatch
  41. 41. Your invisible hand, your robot army. Better decisions. Everywhere.
  42. 42. Thanks! Come and say hi at the Brandwatch booth. @willmcinnes | brandwatch.com