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Where Does It All Go?

  1. 1. *When your waste hits the bin where does it go?
  2. 2. *Everything you put into your black lidded bin is dumped into the tipping face at the landfill. Once the cell is filled with garbage, the cell will be capped and sealed off and a new cell will be engineered to receive garbage. In the past, cells would fill up with garbage in 5-6 years,currently with various regulations and programs to divert waste from the landfill the average cell can last up to 8-10 years.
  3. 3. * Everything you put in to your blue lidded bin is dropped off to theMaterials Recovery Facility (MRF) building on site at the landfill. A company is contracted by the City of Brandon to run the MRF building. The MRF building is divided into two halves the “wet” side and the “dry” side. The dry side is for commercial recycling(milk jugs, plastic containers, cardboard) this is baled and shipped off to other plants for further processing. The “wet” materials are from your residential blue bins. These recyclables are roughlysorted into 50 yard boxes before being shipped off to be refined at a contractor plant in Winnipeg.
  4. 4. * Each year a recycle audit is performed to see how many non recyclables enter the facility. The most recent results of therecycle audit were 28-30% of the items from residential blue binswere classified as a non-recyclable (bags of garbage, greasy pizza box, poorly rinsed out cans).
  5. 5. * When you take old tires to the landfill they are recycled by acompany contracted by the Province of Manitoba. This company hauls the tires back to their plant to recycle the old tires into (car ramps, rubber mats, rubber curb stops, rubber fence posts). Tire Stewardship pays the City of Brandon for all tires taken from our facility to be recycled. The money is reinvested back into recycling programs for the City to offer.
  6. 6. * The landfill has an area where you can drop off your old electronicsthey are then shipped to a recycling plant in Edmonton, AB for proper recycling and the finished product is sold as a commodity for new products. The e-waste program is for residential electronics only.
  7. 7. *All Freon devices are degassed at the landfill, where the Freon is sent to a recycling facility. The degassed appliances are then taken to a scrap metal facility. This is for residents of Brandon only not commercial.
  8. 8. * All of your glass jars, and old toilets can be taken to thelandfill where they will crush the materials and use them as French drains when creating a cell at the landfill. A Frenchdrain is a type of drain used in a landfill to filter and collect the leachate (garbage soup).
  9. 9. * The City of Brandon contracts out a wood chipper where all the Christmas Trees and other untreated wood products are wood chippedinto mulch. This product is used within the City’s Parks Department for landscaping projects and is sold to landscaping companies.
  10. 10. * The City’s collects the “browns” for composting from a local stockyardand agriculture events at the Keystone Center. The “greens” is from the Curbside Organic Collection Compost Pilot Program, yard waste depots and from the City’s greenhouse parks department. The City maintainsthe compost windrows using an industrial turner to aerate the compost allowing an increase in microbial activity.
  11. 11. *Old concrete is separated out from the tipping face of the landfill asefforts are being made to find an end use for this product. Currentlyit is being used as a stability agent in the making of the roads at the landfill.
  12. 12. *Bulk items can be dropped off for proper recycling
  13. 13. *The landfill has an eco-center for used oil filters and containers that are shipped and processed into recycled oil.
  14. 14. *For more informationabout Eastview Landfill *Contact 729-2281