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Catching the Waves of Growth - The New Innovation Capabilities

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3 companies winning at innovation by investing & capitalising on trends with real agility, and what they teach us about the need to change how we manage innovation

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Catching the Waves of Growth - The New Innovation Capabilities

  1. 1. 1 in the S&P 500 2 of today’s S&P 500 INNOVATION HAS BECOME INCREMENTAL ISOLATED INHIBITED NOT groundbreaking NOT baked in NOT enterprising ORGANISATIONS NEED TO CHANGE TO SURVIVE of Consumer Industry companies in the S&P 500 have either been acquired or gone out of business since 20001 are expected to face the same fate within the next ten years2 Current innovation models are broken, and change is needed. Big business must face the harsh reality that processes have to change. Is your organisation driven by quarterly targets, or an inspiring 10X vision? We believe innovation has become incremental, but has the potential to be transformational. Is your stage gate process working? We believe a new, dynamic approach is needed to deliver against fast-moving consumer trends. Who owns innovation? We believe organisations that open innovation to the broader organisation get better results. HOW CAN YOU EMBED THE NEW INNOVATION CAPABILITIES? Start the conversation with these 3 questions 5 CHALLENGES WE SEE ORGANISATIONS FACE Relentless short-termism & chasing shiny new things Commitment phobia Only supporting the comfortable status quo Evolution and revolution Idea dilution by the stage gate process Straitjacket thinking Fake culture of bravery and permission Permission to not fail Resistance to ideas from elsewhere Not invented here syndrome Catching the Waves of Growth The New Innovation Capabilities