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Social Media Marketing (Tuten & Solomon) - Chapter 2 PPT

Chapter 2 PPTs to accompany Social Media Marketing 2e

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Social Media Marketing (Tuten & Solomon) - Chapter 2 PPT

  2. 2. Learning Objectives  Where does social media marketing fit into an organization’s overall planning framework?  What are the phases of social media marketing maturity?  What are the steps in social media marketing planning?  How can organizations structure themselves to support social media marketing?  What are the key components of an organizational social media policy? Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-2
  3. 3. Chapter Example: Honda’s #Pintermission Campaign Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-3
  4. 4. Where Does SMM Planning Fit?  Business plan >  Marketing plan >  IMC plan >  SMM plan  Plans are blueprints for marketing strategy formulation and implementation.  The plan serves as a road map to guide the firm, allocate resources, and make decisions. Social Media Marketing, 2e© 3-4
  5. 5. Stages of Social Media Marketing Maturity Trial Phase Transition Phase Strategic Phase Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-5
  6. 6. A “Dark Side” Discussion: HMV Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-6  HMV’s story exemplifies risks associated with the trial phase.  What do you see as the pros and cons of using interns to execute on social media plans?
  7. 7. What Are The Steps in Social Media Marketing Planning?  Conduct a situation analysis  State objectives  Gather target audience insight  Select social zones and vehicles  Create an experience strategy  Establish an activation plan  Execute and measure campaign Social Media Marketing, 2e© 7
  8. 8. Things To Keep In Mind: A Plan __________.  Tells a story  Identifies the characters, place and time  Tells how current situation came to be  Defines what must happen for a good outcome  Establishes challenges and what must be done to overcome  Clarifies the desired outcome  Specifies measures of success (metrics!) Social Media Marketing, 2e© 8
  9. 9. Good Plan Characteristics  Understands the marketplace  Establish clear measurable objectives  Define performance targets  Identify a customer group  Explains what customers want  Develops strategies tied to objectives (4 Ps)  Includes measurement plan Social Media Marketing, 2e© 9
  10. 10. Step 1: Situation Analysis  Review the firm’s environmental and SWOT analyses.  Review the existing marketing plan and any other information that can be obtained about the company and its brands.  Review the firm’s objectives, strategies, and performance metrics. 3- 10 Social Media Marketing, 2e©
  11. 11. Situation Analysis  Are there linkages between direct strategy and social?  What activities can be tied to social media?  What resources can be directed to social?  Is the organization prepared for social?  Who are our customers? Are they social users?  Who are our competitors?What social media activities are they using?  What key trends may affect our decisions? Social Media Marketing, 2e© 11
  12. 12. Table 2.3 Honda’s Social Media SWOT Analysis Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-12
  13. 13. Step 2: Objectives and Budgeting  Task (what is to be accomplished)  Measurable quantity (how much)  Time frame (by when) Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-13
  14. 14. Objectives and Metrics  Ensures accountability  Demonstrates financial contribution of marketing efforts  Helps us to work smarter and more efficiently Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-14
  15. 15. Develop SMART objectives  Specific  Measureable  Action oriented  Realistic  Time-lined Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-15
  16. 16. Sample Objectives  Increase market share  Increase the number of comments on a blog  Increase sales revenue  Reduce costs  Achieve branding goals  Increase database size  Achieve customer relationship management goals  Improve supply chain management Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-16
  17. 17. Social Media Marketing Objectives Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-17
  18. 18. Step 3: Gather Target Audience Insight  Which segments should we select to target?  In which zones and communities do they participate?  How do they use social media?  What is important to them?  Chapter 3 will tell you more! Social Media Marketing, 2e© 18
  19. 19. Step 4: Select Social Zones  Considering our objectives, budget, overall direct strategy and segment insight, which zones should be used and how?  Social relationship  Social publishing  Social entertainment  Social commerce 3- 19 Social Media Marketing, 2e©
  20. 20. Figure 2.1: Honda’s Zones Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-20
  21. 21. Step 5: Developing an Experience Strategy  What are the campaign goals and/or communication tasks? Here the planner reviews these decisions and provides a succinct overview of the goals.  What is unique and special about brand’s position in the marketplace? Campaign work should leverage the brand‘s positioning strategy.  Who is the target audience? What you want the audience to do. Do you want them to talk to the brand? Create and share content?  Is there another group of people who can persuade the target audience to follow them?This group is your influencers.Why would these people want to share your message with others?What‘s in it for them? Social Media Marketing, 2e© 21
  22. 22. Developing an Experience Strategy_2  What are the existing creative assets? How can the brand’s creative foster a social experience and be repurposed for social?  How can we integrate with other branded media being used by the organization, and how long do we have to execute?  What experiences are possible given target market needs and motives, the available channels, and the creative assets? How can we design these experiences to maximize device portability and access?  What content will be needed? Comments? Questions and polls?Video? Images? Stories? Apps?  How will experience engagement be extended and shared throughout the social channels? Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-22
  23. 23. The Honda SMM Experience Social Media Marketing, 2e© 23 #Pintermission on Instagram Twitter Humor Vine #wantnewcar
  24. 24. Honda Reflection on Pinterest Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-24
  25. 25. A Bytes to Bucks Discussion: Metro’s Dumb Ways to Die  Metro Melbourne’s PSA sought to improve rail safety among young people  How? A social media marketing campaign executed in the zones of Social Publishing and Social Community.  The experience?A video called ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-25
  26. 26. Dumb Ways to Die Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-26
  27. 27. Step 6: Activation Plan  How do we make the plan happen?  Who is responsible?  What is the timing?  What budget is needed to accomplish each objective?  How do we ensure the plan is consistent with our larger objectives? Social Media Marketing, 2e© 3-27
  28. 28. Step 7: Manage and Measure  What metrics will allow us to assess effectiveness?  How will we collect the data to assess? Social Media Marketing, 2e© 28
  29. 29. SM Policy Components  Standards of conduct  Disclosure requirements  Standards for posting corporate information Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-29
  30. 30. Sample SM Policies Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-30
  31. 31. WOMMA Guidelines for SM Policies Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-31
  32. 32. Organizational Structures for Social Media Marketing Management Centralized Organic Honeycomb Coordinated Dandelion Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-32
  33. 33. Centralized Structure Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-33
  34. 34. Organic Structure Social Media Marketing, 2e© 34
  35. 35. Holistic Honeycomb Structure Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-35
  36. 36. Coordinated Structure Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-36
  37. 37. Dandelion Structure Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-37
  38. 38. Brian Solis on Structure Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-38
  39. 39. Managing Social Media Accounts & Hootsuite Certification Social Media Marketing, 2e© 2-39
  40. 40. Recap and Questions  Where does social media marketing fit into an organization’s overall planning framework?  What are the phases of social media marketing maturity?  What are the steps in social media marketing planning?  How can organizations structure themselves to support social media marketing?  What are the key components of an organizational social media policy? Social Media Marketing, 2e© 40