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Why node.js better than java and .net

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Node.js development is open-source environment that allows code to be re-used and re-distributed. Node.JS development rather than opting for well-established platforms like Java or .NET? How Node.JS can beat Java or .NET in enterprise app development. The development environment has been the backbone for creating some of the best real-time web based applications.
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Why node.js better than java and .net

  1. 1. Brainvire Why Node.js Better Than java and .NET
  2. 2. Node.js does not use the concept of multithreading like java and this feature allows inconvenience free programming properties Brainvire
  3. 3. Brainvire Node.js is a neutral platform which can well be adopted by Java as well as .NET implementers who are usually comfortable working with JavaScript.
  4. 4. Brainvire Node.js specializes in execution and topping well for low- CPU, highly I/O-bound operations. Just starting to work on Node.js will allow a programmer to analyze how to exploit it for maximum performance.
  5. 5. Brainvire Node.js uses less coding to perform tasks compared to java and .NET .also wins on open source libraries though they are most driven on communities around.
  6. 6. Node.js has a reputation for easy, secure and scalable application development and that is one of the preliminary reasons that attract large-scale enterprises to Node.js development Brainvire
  7. 7. We can re-use code that is the biggest advantage of node.js. This feature most benefits for developers. Node.JS use of an event-based original and .NET does also when implemented asynchronously. Brainvire
  8. 8. Brainvire
  9. 9. Simple to Make Real Time Application Brainvire
  10. 10. Personalize and Scalable Apps Brainvire
  11. 11. Cloud Scalability Brainvire
  12. 12. Server Side and Networking Applications Brainvire
  13. 13. Highly Efficient Websites Brainvire
  14. 14. Rapid Development Brainvire
  15. 15. Less Parsing Time Brainvire
  16. 16. Websites and apps for all businesses Brainvire
  17. 17. Easy to Install and Execute Brainvire
  18. 18. Cheap Hosting Brainvire
  19. 19. www.brainvire.com Email : info@brainvire.com Call Us :+1 631-897-7276 Brainvire