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12355452 breaking-news-you-can-now-3d-print-food

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3D printing food is happening now! 3D printers are changing the world that we live in today!

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12355452 breaking-news-you-can-now-3d-print-food

  1. 1. PRLog - Global Press Release Distribution Breaking News - You can now 3D print food! Source: 3D Printable Food Dated: Aug. 03, 2014 DENVER -- Whether you're looking to get in better shape, healthier in general, or just want to cut out processed foods, a 3D printer capable of printing food is the solution for you. Innovation in 3D printing has taken a step in the direction of progressive ideas in a variety of niches and industries. From food to aerospace, 3D printers have changed the way manufacturing is taking place. The United States military has even caught on, using 3D printers to nourish our troops. Engineering teams are excited with the progression taking place pushing the bar day in and day out - producing results unheard of in recent history. With 3D food printers you are able to produce a variety of dishes, from pizza to gormet pastas, you can even make ravioli! Forget the daunting process of making ravioli from scratch, now a 3D printer can aid you in the drawn out process that consumes so much of your time. No more need to update your kitchen appliances, with a 3D printer your imagination is the limit. 3D printing food is now possible with new innovative 3D printing technology being continuously improved and developed! Learn more at http://www.purchaseprinter.com/category/printing-news/ --- End --- Email Click to contact author City/Town Denver State/Province Colorado Country United States Industry Engineering, Food Tags 3d printing, 3d print food, additive manufacturing, 3d printer for food, 3d printer Link http://prlog.org/12355452 Scan this QR Code with your SmartPhone to- * Read this news online * Contact author * Bookmark or share online Page 1/1