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Drync uberization of wine

Welcome to the age of now! Technology is enabling the impulsive tendencies of our culture. This effect has been seen in many markets - taxis, hotels reservations, apartment rentals, angel investments... and now beverage alcohol. This deck talks about the trend and how wineries can get involved.

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Drync uberization of wine

  1. 1. Uberization of Wine Brad Rosen, CEO of Drync
  2. 2. Welcome to THE AGE OF NOW
  3. 3. Adults ages 21-35 87% smartphone never leaves their side 80% check phone first when they wake MOBILE HAS CHANGED US SOURCE: MARY MEEKER, KCPB INTERNET TRENDS REPORT 2015; TECHCRUNCH 12/26/14 60% Amazon ’14 holiday sales were mobile
  4. 4. - ondemandeconomy.org “We believe mobile spending will represent the fastest and most transformational shift in consumer spending seen in history.” Source: Source: eMarketer mComm growth in Billions $14B $25B $42B $57B $75B $97B $116B 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Mobile Commerce 30% of all e-commerce!
  5. 5. MAGIC the new standard
  6. 6. 8am 9-11am all day 12pm 1pm 2pm 8pm 10pm A day of magic in my life… 5am 11:30am 6am 7am
  7. 7. ME
  8. 8. UBERization On-demand meets collaborative economy
  9. 9. The forces have aligned.
  10. 10. Labor 37% US workers are 1099 essential to collaborative models Technology 50% digital time on smartphones 80% smartphone time on apps High speed data Personalization On-DemandCollaborative Lean Operations cheap business resources quick and easy upstarts collaborative funding Expectations immediately accessible personalized valuable $6.3 B invested
  11. 11. On-demand for Beverage Alcohol actionable sales and advertising opportunities
  12. 12. What wine drinkers are doing now… Learning Saving Discovering Sharing Buying
  13. 13. Curate winery details Tell your story Connect with customers Sampling programs Events Recommendations Consumer trends Reach new customers
  14. 14. Survival of the most ADAPTABLE
  15. 15. You make the move. It’s your move.
  16. 16. Brad Rosen Founder/CEO @pbrosen brad@drync.com THANK YOU