oracle scm functional interview questions & answer scm functional q&a interview q & a oracle scm functional q&a oracle r12 scm functional interview questions - or om interview q&a oracle order management – item attributes requir iso setups defining po document types in r12 po document types in r12 document types po document types oracle purchasing – document types types of po line types & usuage po line types oracle purchasing – line types oracle inventory controls oracle inventory – inventory controls inventory controls item inventory controls purpose & process oracle inventory – types of move orders move order types move order types in oracle inventory oracle order management – system parameters oracle om system parameters setup steps om system parameters setups work in progress - supply types oracle wip – supply types: oracle scm functional interview q&a india localization interview questions & answers scm functional interview q&a oracle inventory interview q&a inventory module interview questions & answers defining of item relationships in oracle oracle inventory – defining item relationships how to define item relationships oracle r12 order management – sales order in bac order lines in back order oracle om back order status reasons backorder status reasons reasons for sales order lines in backorder status oracle transaction managers inventory transaction managers workday calender setup steps setup steps for building a workday calender in ora oracle inventory - how to setup workday calendar b2b order flow om b2b order cycle oracle r12 order management - back to back (b2b) o oracle back to back order flow oracle om promotional goods oracle advanced pricing modifier & qualifiers oracle advanced pricing - promotion goods modifier oracle om interview q&a oracle functional interview q&a inventory module q&a order management q&a oracle om interview questions & answers oracle purchasing - requisition cancellation metho req cancellation methods purchase requisition cancellation methods shipping network shipping methods oracle inventory shipping methods oracle apps: bills of material – charge type fie bom charge types org access oracle inventory – defining organization access oracle r12 inventory – defining unit of measure: uom overview item uom definition oracle item uom definition kff flexfields dff oracle apps – flexfields: interview q&a oracle internal orders setup steps mandatory setup step for an internal sales order i oracle receivables – accounting rules ar accounting rules oracle receivables – transaction batch sources ar transaction batch source ar transaction types oracle ar transaction types oracle receivables – ar transaction types: oracle shipping execution - defining document sets oracle document sets oracle purchasing – different types of receiving different receiving options purchasing setup steps oracle r12 apps - purchasing module setup steps oracle r12 po setup steps oracle r12 om setup om setup steps oracle r12 apps - order management module setup st oracle r12 apps - inventory module setup steps r12 inventory module setup steps inv setup steps oracle inventory – physical inventory scm interview q & a oracle apps technical – short notes on rice comp inventory interview q & a q&a scm q&a oracle interview questions inventory interview q&a ap invoices oracle r12 payables - types of invoices ap invoice types oracle order management - interface trip stop proc its oracle r12 – purchasing module – base tables purchasing tables po tables oracle r12 inventory – profile options: implementing inventory profile options oracle order management - order to cash cycle (o2c table details of o2c cycle o2c technical flow item attributes for b2b orders item attributes for drop shipment orders order management – item attributes required for iso item attibutes line status oracle order management & shipping execution – s wsh pick release details oracle order management – pick release status in oracle r12 apps - difference between inter organiz iso vs ir oracle r12 apps order management – internal sale oracle iso setup steps iso setup steps oracle purchasing – purchase order types & diffe blanket & contract agreements oracle r12 – multiple organization setup steps oracle r12 - india localization setup steps oracle inventory - difference between cycle count oracle r12 apps - types of table extensions with d oracle r12 apps - order management – menu & conc oracle r12 apps – short notes on request group a oracle r12 apps – how to define a dff field as n oracle r12 apps - order management tables & descri oracle purchasing – invoice matching methods - t and four way three oracle r12 apps – scm functional interview quest oracle apps r12 - setting user password requiremen oracle r12 oracle application r12 - user passwords oracle inventory table names & details oracle r12 iso interview questions
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