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Bulk sms sender software

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This Bulk SMS software allows the users to add various contacts to the sending list. Good software will allow as many as 1000's of contacts at one time for sending the messages.

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  • You can see in this application about software. This software is use to send thousand bulk sms from PC to mobile at a time.
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Bulk sms sender software

  1. 1. Bulk SMS Sender Software Mobile phones have become one of the chief means of communication in the recent past. Not only are they a great way of staying in touch with your near and dear ones in personal life but they have found great significance in the business world too. SMS sent through the mobile phones have become one of chief marketing methods in the recent past. Besides this, they are also a good way of sending greetings, updates, important notices etc. Many businesses require sending bulk SMS PC to mobile quite frequently. It is evident in the present scenario that SMS one of the most important ways of communication for the businesses, organizations and institutions but sending bulk SMS through mobile phones is a tedious and time consuming affair. Not only the mobile software poses certain limitations but the process of adding contacts and details etc. is also hassling more often than not. In such a scenario, Bulk SMS software has emerged as a great utility for homes and offices alike. This Bulk SMS Sender Software allows the users to add various contacts to the sending list. Good software will allow as many as 1000's of contacts at one time for sending the messages. The contact list can be imported or loaded from existing contact files in the Excel spreadsheet format. An ideal software will allow you to personalize the messages by adding the details in the excel sheets. It will also provide extra fields for making unique messages in various other ways. The country codes would be added as the prefix to the number. If you are looking for bulk SMS PC to mobile sending software then your search is over. Bulk SMS Broadcaster comes with state of the art features like contact import from Excel files, automatic detection of up to unlimited mobiles, log file for details of sent items and much more. All this plus easy software interface is available at the most reasonable rates. Bulk SMS Broadcaster is fast emerging as the best Bulk SMS sender software because of the following features:  It offers group SMS Mobile sending up to unlimited mobile numbers.  The software is a great tool for sending Bulk SMS PC to mobile.  The software has no 'Do Not Disturb' or DND restriction.  It allows you to send SMS to an entire list of phone numbers or to an individual.  It can handle up to 4 different mobile phones connected through Bluetooth or USB. It will detect the phones on its own. It is compatible with GSM mobiles.  The software provides an incredible feature of allowing loading or importing the list of numbers and contact data from a Excel Spreadsheet.
  2. 2.  You can even send personalized SMS to different contacts using the data from the Excel sheet.  The software is equally efficient in sending standard as well as Flash SMS.  The software provides a log file where all the data related to the sent messages and failed messages is saved.  You do not require any additional internet connection to send SMS. For more detail: http://www.windowindia.net/bulk-sms-gsm-enterprise.html Download free from: http://www.windowindia.net/download/bulk-sms-gsm-enterprise.zip Contact Email: info@windowindia.net