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Polo activation proposal

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Polo activation proposal

  1. 1. Activation Proposal
  2. 2. POLO, Popularly known as ‘The Mint with the Hole’ or Permen bolong rasa plong it has the perfect balance of sweet and mint and has earned it’s space as an iconic confectionery brand. After 3 years has been idle through brand campaigns now POLO will launching the new volume size and also more mint taste added, all are wrapped into the new packaging About Polo
  3. 3. Brand Essences
  4. 4. Develop the communication concept and strategy for the New POLO with an objectives set as follow: To create awareness of New POLO To increase penetration through activation roadshow. Agency Task
  5. 5. • Male of Female, 18-29 • SES BC • Smokers and non smokers
  6. 6. Market Speaks
  7. 7. Situation Analysis Indonesia's confectionery sector is predicted to grow in a big way. By 2018 it is forecast to be worth US$2.6bn up from US$1.37bn in 2013. Local players dominating the scene due to their knowledge of local tastes and the ability to offer cheaper options. Source: http://bit.ly/2dKUTiL, 2015 In 2015, sugar confectionery remained the most affordable and popular indulgence products in Indonesia, attracting consumers of all ages. Furthermore, sugar confectionery’s lower retail selling price when compared with chocolate confectionery or gum also helped the category to maintain positive volume growth. Among any sugar confectionery variance, chocolate and regular candy bar are the most frequently consumed product among consumer. Chocolate lead the market by being regularly consumed by 37% respondent, followed by candy bar by 31% respondent. Moreover, lozenges and herbal candy are consumed by 13% respondent, as well as gum by 12% respondent. At last, lollipop is consumed by the least respondent who participated in this survey. Source: http://bit.ly/2e3W0j4, 2015
  8. 8. Insight https://blog.jakpat.net/the-sweet-tooth-candy-and-chocolate-consumption- survey-report/ Source : This survey aimed to map the consumption pattern of candy and chocolate among Indonesian internet user who consume any sugar confectionery product. We send our survey to our 4.735 respondent panel in nationwide. The demographic composition of our respondent is relatively balance with 56% male and 44% female in 16-50 year old, with various economic background.
  9. 9. Sugar confectionery product is an all-time favourite for everyone. The sweet delicate taste of candy and chocolate seems like never fail to put a smile on our face.. However, the variance of sugar confectionery product is tremendously growing. From regular candy bar to the medication-based candy are available in the marketplace. Understanding this market trend, we conducted a survey regarding the consumption of candy and chocolate among Indonesian internet user.
  10. 10. As a part of sugar confectionery product, candy comes up with various variances. At least there are four types of candy such as the regular candy bar, lozenges herbal ( mint) , gum, and lollipop.
  11. 11. Interestingly, we find different pattern of consumption among respondent who have participated in this survey. In general, the candy bar, lozenges & herbal, and gum product are consumed in 2 to 3 times a week. However, we also find that there is significant extreme of difference from the average respondent that some other respondent consume candy bar in every day.
  12. 12. TAU PERMEN POLO ?
  13. 13. TAU TIDAK 95 % 5 % Most of respondent are straightly remember about permen POLO, with certain and various preference from their memory. *Data above are from simple questionnaire on 15 person on age within 18-29
  15. 15. PERMEN BOLONG DINGIN TIDAK TAHU 70 % 5 % 10 % NAFAS SEGAR 15 % *Data above are from simple questionnaire on 15 person on age within 18-29
  16. 16. Product Category
  17. 17. Low Involvement, Passive Consumer Krugman’s Theory of Passive Learning • Campaign message should have high repetition and should use short- duration messages • Message should focus on a few key points • Message should be primary means of differentiation Campaign Message Suggestions • Pricing strategy through bundling program Low involvement = greater price sensitivity • In-Store Stimuli; such as POP, display, coupons. • Distribution: easily accessible • Product Trial Additional Strategies
  18. 18. Channel Consumption on millennials • The data showed internet is still the most media consumed by our target audience. • In Shortly, mobile device are the most important thing among our target audience.Source: https://www.slideshare.net/nyaklich/millennial-overview-49124068, Jun 2015
  19. 19. Time Of Consumption
  20. 20. A mint is a food item characterized by the presence of mint flavoring or real mint oil, whether it be peppermint oil, spearmint oil, another natural source such as wintergreen, or an artificial flavoring. Sweets made with natural mints are sometimes referred to as peppermints or spearmints. Although historically consumed as any other type of candy, mints are especially popular worldwide as an after-meal refreshment, since the taste and smell of mint oil and its active components are quite strong and feel clean and cool to the mouth, freshening the breath, as well as soothing the stomach Peppermint Confectionary
  21. 21. Bored Worried HappyNervous Excited Calm When trying escape for uncomfortable thoughts When someone want to chill out and relax At home At work On the wayAt hangout places = PERMEN BOLONG RASA PLONG Time Of Consumption On the way People eat POLO to get mouth refreshment yet also get distraction and stimulation to back in track Toothbrush Breakfast Chilling Bored ChillingKilling Time SMOKER NON SMOKER Lunch Emotional Refreshment Functional Refreshment
  22. 22. Sohib di kantong yang bikin plong Intelligent , witty, amiable , and doesn’t take the world , or its self too seriously Brand Personality TIME OF CONSUMPTIONS & DAILY LIFE CALL TO ACTION MESSAGE LIHAT YANG BOLONG SELALU BIKIN PLONG #PLONG buat gue DIGITAL ACTIVITY VISIBILITY PROVOKING PERMEN BOLONG RASA PLONG Communication Approach TRANS MEDIA STORY TELLING
  23. 23. Key Visual
  24. 24. Key Visual
  25. 25. Key Visual
  26. 26. Our Proposal
  27. 27. BRAND RECALL POLO Baru BRAND VISIBILITY PRODUCT TRIAL ARENA PLONG Campaign Roadmap Permen bolong rasa plong Push Program Pull Program Digital Support : Instagram boomerang , #plong buat gue Consumer Engagement : #plong experiences CONSUMER PROMO Retail Activation
  28. 28. PUSH PROGRAM • General trade • Product Visibility : Store Branding • Modern Trade Independent • Product Visibility : Self Display PULL PROGRAM ( POLO #Plong Experience ) • Product Trial : COBA POLO BARU • Purchase Program • Buy 3 by Rp 5000, • POLO #Plong challenge • Digital Activity : cara #Plong gue Push program will do heavy brand visibilities on general trade and modern trade , to provoking that POLO : Permen bolong rasa plong are still exist and launched the new packaging and new flavour Event Phase Pull program will gather and experiencing target consumer for get bonding into the brand
  29. 29. Venue Strategy Campus LRT- KRL Station Office Area Food Kiosk
  30. 30. Venue Selection Strategies Mapping – Area Clustering Using Clustering system to divide the zone / area. Example: General Trade MTI Commuting Point Based on geographic area Deeper on each cluster Area Cluster Touch Points: • Urban – Sub urban Office Area • Urban – Sub urban Collage • Smoking area around MTI *area coverage will based on discussion with Client
  31. 31. • For increasing visibility we will design an attribute for POLO branding • We will put chain flag , sun blind , in order to get maximum visibilities GT BrandingPUSH PROGRAM
  32. 32. GT Branding – Flag Chain
  33. 33. • Warung ( rombong ) are still common place to purchase cigarette on B-C SES because on this place people can buying cigarette by piece. • Many of them have a power switch, some consumer will recharging their cellular phone e;g : Gojek driver , mobility person , driver etc • We will offering seller if they are willing to want to get this cable roll , we will installing for their warung ( retail Activation) *if Possible GT BrandingPUSH PROGRAM
  34. 34. Self Display We will put our own shelf, dedicated for our products only, to facilitate our audience. PUSH PROGRAM
  35. 35. Smoking Area Branding We will put visual branding on smoking area to gain more visibilities among smokers PUSH PROGRAM
  36. 36. POLO #Plong Experience
  37. 37. #Plong POLO Experience Consumer Journey PROVOCATION PRODUCT EXPERIENCE PRODUCT PURCHASE EVENT AMPLIFICATION Provoke target audience to visit our booth to play games and win prizes. Engage target audience with games and reward them by giving them POLO product sampling. Excite target audience to buy POLO by giving them special offer. Amplify the event through digital by facilitating them to join our digital activity in booth. Flyering Engagement and Product Trial Sell Promo Packs Digital Support
  38. 38. Booth Design
  39. 39. Booth Design
  40. 40. Booth Design
  41. 41. PRODUCT TRIAL • In order to give product experience, SPG will do product sampling to our consumers utilize modified tray branding with POLO.
  42. 42. Dokter PLONG • In order for hooking up the audience , we will provide #Plong teller , the name is DOKTER PLONG, he will answering a kind of galau hati, galau dompet and other of millennial problems. • The doctor will rolling the ‘ fortune cookies’ , it will contained witty and funny quote like : STOK MIE INSTAN ANEKA RASA DI AWAL BULAN BIAR DI AKHIR BULAN TETEP BISA MAKAN RENDANG, TONGSENG , SOTO :D
  43. 43. CONSUMER PROMO consumer are persuaded to buy POLO in special promo packs. Eligible to join #PLONG CHALLENGE #PLONG CHALLENGE Rp 5000 Rp 10000
  44. 44. #Plong Challenge Audience will throwing the paper airplane, If the paper airplane pass through the POLO hole , audience will get a additional gimmick #Plong tuh lega abis nembak gebetan pas april mop They will write and describe cara #Plong buat gue into a paper then they must captured and uploading into Instagram through boomerang before through into POLO hole
  45. 45. Digital Activity : Share Your Plong experience into Instagram • We will encourage our consumers to share their fun moment while consume with Boomerang by Instagram application. • While uploading the photo, the participants should use cara #plong gua • This activity will be held on ground activation • At the end of period, the most creative, unique and fun photo, will be rewarded with Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone. #Plong buat gue gebetan nawarin jemputan pas akhir bulan
  46. 46. Team Spot Working hour Spend time for contact Target / SPG QTY Total Samping QTY Total Sampling Total Total Conversion Conversion Sampling SPG Per Team Team Per Day Day Sampling Selling ( 20%) Digital ( 20%)Minutes Minutes Weekday 1 KRL / Halte Bus Trans Jakarta (morning) 180 1 180 2 360 2 720 19 13,680 2,736 547 2 Office - Effective Hour 240 1 240 2 480 1 480 19 9,120 1,824 365 3 Office - non Effective Hour 120 5 24 2 48 1 48 19 912 182 36 4 Campus 240 1 240 2 480 1 480 19 9,120 1,824 365 5 Campus - non Effective Hour 120 5 24 2 48 1 48 19 912 273.60 55 6 KRL / Halte Bus Trans Jakarta (afternoon) 120 1 120 2 240 2 480 19 9,120 2,736 547 Total Contact Weekday 828 12 1,656 8 2,256 114 42,864 9,576 1,915 Weekend 1 KRL / Halte Bus Trans Jakarta (Morning) 60 1 60 2 120 2 240 9 2,160 432 86 2 HOP 240 1 240 2 480 2 960 9 8,640 1,728 346 3 KRL / Halte Bus Trans Jakarta (Afternoon) 60 1 60 2 120 2 240 9 2,160 432 86 Total Contact Weekend 360 6 720 6 1,440 27 12,960 2,592 518 Summary Target Contact 1,188 18 2,376 14 3,696 141 55,824 12,168 2,434 Target Contact Aquisition of Polo Sampling Activation
  47. 47. Selling Target (Weekday) Package 3 (70%) Package 5 (30%) Per Item Rp Potongan 1000 Gimmicks 9,576 6,703.20 2,872.80 34,473.60 68,947,200.00 Selling Target (Weekend) Package 3 (70%) Package 5 (30%) Per Item Potongan 1000 Gimmicks 2,592 1,814.40 777.60 9,331.20 18,662,400.00 Summary 1 Month 8,517.60 3,650.40 43,804.80 87,609,600.00
  48. 48. THANK YOU