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Anatomy of a re brand

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Anatomy of a Re-Brand. The Company with the Strongest Brand Wins!

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Anatomy of a re brand

  1. 1. Anatomy of a Re-Brand
  2. 2. “The company with the strongest Brand wins”
  3. 3. Re-Brand People buy Brand rather than products – a positive Brand experience will always result in increased revenue This Re-Brand presentation will help you evaluate your current brand plus help you develop a re-brand plan
  4. 4. Re-Brand During a brand’s life cycle, a “re-branding” will be required - The reasons for this exercise can be varied: Change in direction – Evolving or adapting to new market sectors Competitive pressure – New breath into an old brand Change is good – As they say, change or die!
  5. 5. Re-Brand Steps required for a successful brand launch: Market review – Understand your marketplace and how you fit in Target audience – Understand you current target audience Turn the ship – A different direction may be required Define your position - Define your brand position
  6. 6. Re-Brand Steps required for a successful brand launch Discover your POD – What makes you different Graphic Identity – Make images work to your advantage Stand for something – Create a need Keep on Target - Keep your message clean and to the point
  7. 7. Re-Brand Summary It solves this problem Ensures your Brand is always on target It does it this way Focuses your Brand to a target audience This is why it will work Consistent messaging that creates will create a positive Brand image and increase sales
  8. 8. Brand Clarity About Greg I am a trusted brand thought leader who delivers results to organizations seeking to develop their brand impact and growth. Brand health and growth is a necessity of a well-maintained and profitable organization. Without a well-formulated strategic plan Brand disaster and lost revenues are inevitable. My strengths are uncovering brand discrepancies and leveraging effective brand tools and messaging to develop effective meaningful communication that can aid in revenue generation. I am well known for my continuous forward thinking and well grounded strategic brand development advice.
  9. 9. Helpful Links o Website http://www.boardroommetrics.com/ o Twitter https://twitter.com/BoardroomMtrcs o YouTube http://youtu.be/7pqSC7AzIeQ Contact Info: Greg Berube, Branding: gregberube@boardroommetrics.com Karen McElroy, Director: kmcelroy@boardroommetrics.com Toronto/GTA 1-905-709-4031