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Mustapha barki

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I need Job

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Mustapha barki

  1. 1. Mustapha BarkiDirecteur chez RADIF-TRANSmustbarki@gmail.comRésuméA graduate of the ERN (Royal Naval College), I can bring my knowledge and expertise in automation, servo,mechanical, hydraulic, traditional security, management and HR / equipment,.Responsive and very adaptable, I am convinced that a company like yours will appreciate my motivation anddrive that inspires me. Your goals become mine and I know how to invest in your projectsYOU ask rigor, methodology and professionalism and personal attention at all times. My internship allowed meto have a good view of this environment and put into practice my knowledge. Rewarding, they convinced me ofmy desire to get involved further on behalf of a company that will offer me a position of responsibility.2000_2004: Head of CDN2004_2007: Head of Telecom2007_2008: UNIT COMMANDER2008_2010: Head of MISSILE / ARTILLERY2010_2011: Adjt / Head of 1BN2011-2012 : ManagerI stand at your disposal and I think that an interview will allow me to convince you of my serious.B.MExpérienceDirecteur at RADIF-TRANSjanvier 2012 - Poste actuel (7 mois)INGENIEUR MANAGER at MBD GROUPE MAROCaoût 2011 - Poste actuel (1 an)INGENIEUR OPS at MARINE ROYALEjuillet 2000 - juillet 2011 (11 ans 1 mois)FormationECOLE ROYALE NAVALESPECIALITE, GSCE, 1995 - 2000Ecole Royale Navaleingenieur, automatisme&asservissement, 1995 - 2000 Page1
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  3. 3. Mustapha BarkiDirecteur chez RADIF-TRANSmustbarki@gmail.comPrenez contact avec Mustapha sur LinkedIn Page3