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BMC Remedyforce vs Other IT Service Management

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See why Remedyforce is not just different, but better. Find out more at http://bmc.com/remedyforce

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BMC Remedyforce vs Other IT Service Management

  1. 1. Most secure, scalable, reliable cloud platform in the world Handles over a billion transactions daily Transparent about platform availability (visit trust.salesforce.com to see for yourself) Seamless integration with AppExchange ecosystem of 2,500 salesforce.com certified apps Powerful APIs for extensive integration capabilities Upgrades are pushed to both sandbox and production so you have no downtime during the upgrade process Configurations, custom coding, and integrations are preserved so you can enjoy new capabilities without having to invest time and resources Dedicated Customer Success Manager focused on your goals Free web-based education makes it easy for staff to learn at their own pace and provides knowledge for new or transitioning staff Customer Advisory Board guides product development and Remedyforce business Complimentary monthly technical webinars to help you make the most of the rich features available in Remedyforce Customer influences the product direction with direct access to product management and development Unique development environment and methodology brings new features, patches, and customer-requested enhancements faster than any other vendor Influence over roadmap; customers submit and vote for “ideas” on Remedyforce Community Three feature-rich releases per year (average 50-130 customer enhancements per release) Seamless Upgrades Customer Success Program BMC as a Partner Salesforce.com Platform We’re not just different, we are better. Here’s why. BMC Remedyforce vs Other IT Service Management Why Remedyforce? Fastest time-to-value (TTV) and lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) of any major vendor What Makes Us Better? Fastest Time to Value in the Industry Dedicated Customer Success Program Free Training & Technical Resources Customer Driven Roadmap 92% Customers Intend To Renew 86%Positive Experience w/ CSM Program 100+Customer Enhancements per Release
  2. 2. For more information, take our Free 30 Day trial at bmc.com/force *468078* Why You Should Use BMC Remedyforce for High-Speed IT Service Management Why Customers Leave the Competition for BMC Remedyforce “We were able to quickly deliver a new application−far faster than on-premise.” “I had the job done in about an hour, in the past it would have taken 20 or 25 hours. A 96% reduction.” “Remedyforce was the most cost-effective solution. It offered robust functionality with salesforce.com integration.” But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It • Competitor’s solution took longer to implement than planned and resulted in higher cost. ° Remedyforce implements in weeks • Competitor’s solution was too complex to administer due to coding and/or scripting. • Customer had lack of in-house resources to administer competitor’s solution. Solution required paying for outside services. ° Remedyforce requires no coding or scripting and is easily configurable • Competitor’s native reporting solution was too basic to meet needs. Third-party offering was expensive and required technical resources to generate custom reports. ° Remedyforce reporting is intuitive and powerful • Competitor’s solution included a large number of components the customer never used, and they were paying too much for what they did use. ° Remedyforce is competitively priced for value with all capabilities included in one price • Building of workflow in competitor’s solution was time consuming due to scripting needs and lack of in-house resources. ° Remedyforce requires no coding or scripting and is easily configurable • Upgrade with the competitor’s solution was a nightmare—customizations had to be rebuilt. ° Remedyforce preserves configurations and customizations upon upgrade • Customer never upgraded the competitor’s solution due to reported issues encountered by other organizations. ° Remedyforce releases three times per year and offers push upgrades to ensure customers get the most value from the latest features • Run your business with peace of mind that comes from the most secure, scalable, reliable cloud platform in the world • Spend less money, time, and resources on setup and ongoing administration • Align with the business by supporting your mobile workforce • Make smart, informed decisions using powerful dashboards and analytics • Get more effective IT and business performance with seamless integrations • Guarantee your success with the unique BMC customer enablement model