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Fully Booked Blue Spot

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Fully Booked Blue Spot

  1. 2. How does BlueSPOT Work? BLUESPOT uses permission based Bluetooth® technology to transmit virus free digital media to your mobile phone. Turn On Your Bluetooth Grant Access Received FREE Media
  2. 3. Rich Media Content Other Rich Media Content: • Business Cards • Visiting Cards • Coupons • Ringtones Imagine being able to market your product of service to customers when they are more likely to purchase and advertise directly to your specific demographic. Being able to promote your brand and reward your customers with rich, interesting and innovative content such as: • Micro sites • Podcasting • Slideshows • Product/Service Info • Java Applications • SMS or WAP-PUSH-LINK • Full track or SampleMP3s • Videos • Wallpapers • Mobile Games
  3. 4. Bonus Features BlueSPOT bonus feature increases your brand loyalty. Providing customers value added prizes and discounts will bring in extra revenue. All competition parameters can be set per campaign. • Determine the sequence of winners • The quantity of winners • Detailed statistics • Add unique winner IDs
  4. 5. Generate Income As an advertiser or a company, no matter how big or how small, BLUESPOT gives you an opportunity to Generate Income by allowing you to sell AD SPACE. Do you have a lot of foot traffic? Are you located in a high density populated environment? Create AD Driven campaigns to increase your bottom line or start your own Advertising business and become a Mobile Rich Media Marketer (MRMM).
  5. 6. Products BLUESPOT LITE is the product line designed for small Proximity Marketing applications, like events, in-store promotions or small Out of Home advertising campaigns that do not require constant remote monitoring BLUESPOT LITE BLUESPOT CUBE is the state of the art platform for Proximity and Mobile marketing applications. Designed for dealing with large networks which generates gigabytes of data, BLUESPOT CUBE is perfectly suited for deploying Out of Home advertising networks or centralized Point of Sale applications. BLUESPOT CUBE
  6. 7. BLUESPOT Events Lay-out & Strategy Example BLUESPOT 1 Sends program information, maps of buildings and areas, exhibitor listings and contact information. BLUESPOT 2 + 3 Distribute special menu cards, dates of forthcoming events, fairs or concerts, merchandising offers, information about sponsoring partners, etc. BLUESPOT 4 Sends wallpapers, CD-cover artwork, video clips, songs, special offers, coupons, information about product news, microsites, prizes, ringtones, etc.
  7. 8. BLUESPOT Mall Lay-out & Strategy Example Hotspot 1 + 2 Send a welcome message, area maps, shop directories, special offers, service information, etc. Hotspot 3 Broadcast multimedia promotion, raffles, information about special events, menus of nearby restaurants, entertainment offers, prizes, etc. Hotspot4 Sends coupons and discounts, virtual catalogues, news, information, video clips, mp3s and games of your current advertising campaign, etc.
  8. 9. BLUESPOT Signage BLUESPOTS flexible illuminated signage (F.I.S.) is a new technology of signage which consumes just a fraction of the electricity taken by a similar sized neon or enclosed signs. With Flexible Illuminating Signage, impressive effects can be created with any logo or promotion using special lighting techniques. One of the biggest attractions of Flexible Illuminating Signage is its portability. Printed on paper thin flexible material 0.6 to 0.8mm thick, so they can even be rolled up during transportation or place directly on most surfaces.
  9. 10. What is ? Bluetooth technology is the simplest way to send rich media content directly to mobile phones. It is a wireless technology that allows short range communications between mobile devices. BLUESPOT uses Bluetooth to deliver rich media contents to the end user.
  10. 11. What is Media ? BLUESPOT MEDIA provides innovative products to advertisers and companies who are looking to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to their establishments or their websites. We use permission-based Bluetooth proximity technology to deliver virus free digital media to the mobile phones of the end users. This is a free service to the consumer and we do this without using any cellular networks.
  11. 12. Traditional Advertising of Today How do You MEASURE Your RETURN on INVESTMENT?
  13. 14. Do You Have Your Spot Already?