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BlueSpice docu. The Online Manual Solution for Production, Service and IT

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BlueSpice docu is the MediaWiki business solution for all documentation processes. Depending on the requirements and the desired functional scope, it is available in two editions.
With BlueSpice docu it is possible e.g.
- printing of whole books, chapters or individual pages in your own corporate design
- export as pdf, docx or html
- creating a chapter navigation
- central authentication via LDAP and Single Sing-on
- creating workflows and reviews

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BlueSpice docu. The Online Manual Solution for Production, Service and IT

  1. 1. BlueSpice docu The Online Manual Solution for Production, Service and IT
  2. 2.  Speedy editing processes  Revision prof of documentation  Reduction in costs and failures  Current, central, effective and collaborative documentation  Optimized processes through feedback loops  Supports quality management requirements  Fast set up and installation (Software in VM) Online Documentation with Wiki You will have the very best conditions with BlueSpice docu
  3. 3.  What users recognize: BlueSpice is based on the original Wikipedia- Software MediaWiki  Better as MediaWiki i.a. through modern and intuitive usability for users and administrators  The data remain with you - No Vendor Lock-in  Sign-in as much users as you want– No user licences  Support workflow procedures for quality management In Comparison BlueSpice docu compared to similar systems
  4. 4.  Various professional export functionality and chapter navigation in the articles  Professional search with titles and fullll text (also in attached files), with facet filter and search-as-you-type  Revisioning and easy comparison of versions (history)  Selected features specifically adjusted for needs of technical editors In Comparison BlueSpice docu compared to similar systems
  5. 5. Use Cases • Technical documentation • IT documentation • Product documentation • Process descriptions • Quality management and documented proceedings (e. g. ISO 9001:2008) • Risk management • Organisational handbooks • Templates for certifications • Documentation of technical standards, customer specific configurations and industrial plants Fields of Application Individually created documentation and handbooks
  6. 6. Structure of BlueSpice docu MediaWiki and BlueSpice free as core Functionality of Blue Spice free MediaWiki BlueSpice docu[starter edition] BlueSpice docu [professional edition]
  7. 7. According to Your Needs We offer BlueSpice docu in two editions Starter Professional Docomentation solution primarily intended for small firms Extended documentation solution ideal for departments and medium-sized companies Installation, a planning workshop and coaching are included in both editions! Included Software-Packages: • [teamwork] • [bookmaker] Included Software-Packages: • [teamwork] • [bookmaker] • [wiki explorer] • [visual diff] • [comfort sign-on]
  8. 8. BlueSpice docu Functions, that are included in the „Starter“ as well as in the „Professional“ edition
  9. 9. Intuitive usability like in the wikipedia and a lot of space ond overview for professional work Layout Chapter navigation of a book Three-part Navigation Important functions like Export in the widget bar „Search as you type“ suggests results while typing the search termDiscussion, recent author and edit time, as well as watchlist… above the article Find out more about „BlueSpice free“ in the presentation on our homepage Did you know?
  10. 10. Faceted Search • Search in titles or full text • Filter with facets • Your search query will be auto-completed • First results will be shown while you are typing (search-as-you-type) • Search in attached files • In addition: category tree and special pages like „All pages“ that help finding content Finding Content The search functionalities in BlueSpice support you Search with facets and sort the search results Auto-complete function in the search
  11. 11. Editors • Work without wikicode thanks to the WYSIWYG • Upload and insert images and screenshots with a special dialogue • Easily insert links • Upload and insert files without leaving the article • Simple creating and editing of tables Create Content WYSIWYG and „Insert“-dialogues help editing an article e. g. dialogue for uploading and editing imagesInsert images per Drag and Drop with the additional package [paste image]. Did you know?
  12. 12. Page templates • Adjust page templates individually • Implement text components like info boxes, text components, Personal data, organisation profiles, navigation bars etc. • Administrate all templates on a special page Prescribe Structures Use templates for a standardized structure of article Fill the given structure with content Choose a template
  13. 13. Get Statistics Support for wiki gardeners Choose data base, time period and other settings for the statistic and graphically display the result
  14. 14. Administration • Comfortable rights management (user, group and namespace manager) • Limit access to single pages or namespaces that means also , d.h. auch für die authorization for access to single manuals • Define user groups and their permissions e. g. „Management“ Rights Define permissions and access Call up important administration tools in the admin navigation Permission Manager
  15. 15. Blog, Shoutbox & Co. • Newsblog for central news on your documentation platform • Use the discussion page for discussions and feedback of employees • Using the shoutbox for hints, comments and feedback Communication Optimize editorial processes and bring together all experiences
  16. 16. In the wiki and per mail • Find a central notification on activities in you user area • E-mail notification of what is going on in the wiki • E-Mail notification on workflow processes • Subscribe to news like „recent changes“ by RSS • Place article in you watchlist • Create your own focus navigation with you favorite articles and subscriptions Notification Systems Keep your documentation team up-to-date
  17. 17. Responsible Editors Assign responsibilites for an article The responsible editors are viewed with their profile pictures in the state bar Assign one or more responsible editors
  18. 18. Package [teamwork] • Appoint responsible editors • Define working sequences with workflows • Create workflow templates for recurring activities • Define approval processes to keep an eye on changes in an article before publishing it • E-Mail notification Quality Assurance Use workflows and reviewers to support quality processes Find out more about workflows in the presentation [teamwork] . Did you know?
  19. 19. Package [teamwork] • Approve text, images and files with just one click • Display of the approval status of an article Quality Management Approval processes form the basis for liabilities See the current status in the state bar
  20. 20. Package [bookmaker] • Create a book • Add and delete articles in the book editor • Change structures of a book per Drag & Drop • A table of content with the chapter navigation • Export single pages, chapters or a book as PDF or DOCX Handbook Cluster thematically related articles
  21. 21. Package [bookmaker] • Table of content with chapter navigation • Display of the title of the book • Links to other chapters • Navigate one article back or forward Chapter Navigation Insert a table of content in an article In the presentation [bookmaker] on the homepage you will get a detailed view. Did you know?
  22. 22. Package [bookmaker] • Books, selected chapters or single articles as PDF • Clickable table of content • List of approved articles • Attached files • Layout in individual design Export Convert relevant content as PDF Articles as PDF or as paper for meetings or field service
  23. 23. Package [bookmaker] • DOCX export for single pages, chapters or books (Attention: you will need an additional PHPDocx license) • HTML export for single pages Export DOCX and HTML export for further use Adjust templates from the wiki in Word . Use wiki articles in a DMS. Transfer wiki artikel and its formattings into other webbased systems.
  24. 24. BlueSpice docu professional Packages, that are included in the professional edition additional to [teamwork] and [bookmaker]
  25. 25. Package [wiki explorer] • Sort the list of articles accordings to specific chracteristics • Simple and combined queries • Up-to-dateness: find out articles that have to be overhauled • Quality: list undisclosed articles and more Look Out for Tasks Support of content maintaining with the Wiki Explorer Wiki gardeners identify potential „problems“ and can suggest new operating processes.
  26. 26. Package [visual diff] • Revisions for certification • Approved article versions are marked in colour in the history • What has been changed since the last approval? • All changes at a glance Version Differences Approved articles are marked in the history Display revisions for certification. Approvals are also documented.
  27. 27. [visual diff] • Farbige Markierung von Änderungen • Hinweisboxen zur Navigation durch die Änderungen Revisions Changes in the content are highlighted Coloure-marked changes with navigation boxes See at a glance what has changed in guidelines.
  28. 28. Package [comfort sign-on] • LDAP connector for central authentification • Logged-in here – logged-in there: Single Sign-on for users • Define user groups and group permissions in the wiki or via LDAP/AD server Connection Central administration of users  SharePoint BlueSpice E-Mail CRM     AD- Server (with LDAP)
  29. 29. Package [design package] • Customization of the web interface according to the customer CI (logo, fonts and colour of the default skin) • Customization of the PDF export according to the customer CI (front page, header and footer) • Layout of the start page New Design It doesn‘t always have to be MediaWiki
  30. 30. BlueSpice Stay up-to-date /BlueSpice.for.MediaWiki /BlueSpiceTweets /BlueSpiceVideo blog.blue-spice.org demo.blue-spice.org help.blue-spice.org sourceforge.net/projects/ bluespice blue-spice.org/service/
  31. 31. Hallo Welt! – Medienwerkstatt GmbH Residenzstr. 2 93047 Regensburg +49 (0)941 / 660 800 info@blue-spice.org Your experts for Knowledge Management and Wiki!