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  1. Thanks to everyone for joining us today. My name is Kara Trivunovic and I am the VP of Strategic Services for BlueHornet. A quick background on me: <background>
  2. Social media marketing offers unique and effective ways to build brand awareness, monitor customer sentiment and create an engaged community. Today's will discuss: Characteristics of Social Media Characteristics of EmailSelling via Email vs. Selling via SocialThe relationship between email and socialWhich Networks Matter Most?Leverage Your Socially Engaged Subscribers Now7 Social Email Campaigns to implement Today
  3. Social networks sites are designed to keep community members within the walls. Most social media marketing efforts start and end there. The speed in which conversations evolve some scheduled posts may seem off-topic or impersonal if not integrated into the conversation. A good community manager is flexible and able to respond to these changes, and engage with fans and followers in a meaningful way.
  4. As we all know, email marketing offers a unique way to connect with customers and prospects in ways that are distinctly different. The great thing about email is that it can be highly personalize as it's 1:1 communication between a brand it's subscribers.And what do subscribers wants? Offers. BlueHornet's 2013 Consumer Views of Email Marketing found that the number one reason consumers sign up for email programs are because they want discounts. Also, email engagements take place within the inbox, but with the proliferation of smartphones, email IS mobile.
  5. Now that we know that social and email can be a great match, let's talk about some programs that you can implement today.
  6. You don't have to dive into the deep end of the pool when integrating social and email. Start with the low hanging fruit. - Include social network icons in emails- Promote your venues to your email subscribers- Invite subscribers to participate in discussions on social sites
  7. As I mentioned earlier, customers look forward to offers via email and prefer social media for sharing and staying updated on their networks, so it's important that marketers ensure fans and followers can join your email program through your social channels.- Incent- Delight- Get to know your subscribers
  8. When a subscribers shares your emails, either the whole email or a portion, they're extending the reach of your email program. Share to social is a proven strategy for boosting awareness, building word of mouth credibility and driving referral traffic back to point of sale.The key to a successful share to social campaign is the value or novelty of the email content. It' s simple/ If your content isn't shareworthy, don't expect it to be shared. It's also possible to design emails where subscribers can pick just a portion of the email to share. Thsi approach can increase share rates by giving subscribers the ability to limit shared content to the items they care about most
  9. As all of us know, we spend a lot of time and effort to create email newsletters and promotional campaigns. Why not repurpose that content for your social media channels?There are some considerations, however. The restrictions of the social network will require you to make modifications -- for example, an email won't translate directly to a tweet. It's important to determine if your email campaign is relevant to the conversations taking place on your social sites right now.While aligning your brand's social postings with your email communications, keep in mind that broadcasting the same messages across both you can increase the visibility of the campaign, but you also run the risk of redundancy. To help avoid this risk:- Tailor the message to the medium- Send your messages to the right audience segments- Add your brand's popular YouTube videos to your emails
  10. Jay Baer, social media thought leader and email industry veteran, advocates coordination between social and email departments. Baer recommends using email and Facebook for image and content testing.- Conduct email subject line testing to social site headlines and tweets- Let facebook likes inform email hero shot decisions- Float high-response email offers across social
  11. By definition, social brand advocates are well position to promote their favorite products and company. Advocacy doesn’t always happen organically, and if it does, doesn't happen overnight.As email marketers, we're equipped with the data it takes to identify and target the most influential customers. - Definte the target audience- Create the brand advocate segment- Engage and reward
  12. 72% of people trust social endorsements, even from complete strangers. Endorsements in promotional emails can increase conversion rates and incremental purchasing. You already know that consumers value peer reviews and comments, so insertng reviews from social media sites can provide value. It also lend credibility to your most engaged subscribers and fans.
  13. You can also take this a step further by including social endorsements in your transactional messages. Here are two types of transactional messages to consider:- Purchase confirmation emails- Cart abandonment emails
  14. Thank you. Ashley talk track about socialloop TBD.
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