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Digital strategist consultant

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Digital Strategist Consultant -- Your Company Needs A Customized Digital Marketing Strategy. Not something out of a box or from a cheap video or e-book. You need an independent consultant that will build a strategy that carefully fits your business to your customers.
Bloom Is Proud To Be Very Reasonably Priced! Call Today 888-869-5550. Straight forward Digital Marketing Strategy. Contact Bloom Digital Media - USA Today! http://BloomDigital.net

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Digital strategist consultant

  1. 1. Digital Strategist Consultant The Revolution of the Corporate Digital Strategist The immersion of thought leadership as the controlling factor to thecorporate process is the nom de plume of the new-millennial digital media marketing and socialmedia consumer centric promotional branding strategy.To put it more simply; corporations no longer hold the reign of pious dictation regarding whatconsumers will or will not accept or adopt as a product or service demand driven marketplatform.The consumer is the market and the demand now supplicates to prospective acceptance andapproval of that human marketplace. It is no longer the rule of supply and demand; it is the new-millennial rules of demand and “try” to supply.Thought comes first my friend. If your company or corporation has even a scintilla of an ideaabout the absolute direction necessary for survival in today’s digital media marketing landscape,then you already know that you exist in a blind vacuum destined for failure without it.This is not a warning or protestation of doom and gloom; it is merely the fact of the matter intoday’s consumer marketplace.The Role of the Digital Strategist:As many of you are aware, the rising tide of Social Media, Digital Media Marketing and DigitalStrategy is fueling huge demand for leadership in digital marketing tools and promotionaltechnique.As of today, it is no longer feasible for an organization to internally re-calibrate and adopt anefficient and effective digital strategy. You need to look outside the company framework andeither fulfill a permanent digital strategist leadership position or bring aboard a digital strategyconsultant that can immediately launch your business’ brand into the mainstream digital gamefield, or forever take a seat in the bleachers.Either way, you must decide…are you a competitor or merely a spectator? Make no mistake; youare amidst a high speed chase for digital media supremacy for your specific niche marketplace. Itis very possible that once valuable ground is lost, due to procrastination or fear about making adigital strategist a key player within your organization, there will be little chance of catching up.The time is now for a true first-mover championship deployment necessary for yourorganization’s perpetual success. The window of opportunity is narrow and closing rapidly; andif your competition is reading this, that window is slamming shut on the hesitant participant…thegame is on!So what do you do…hire in or hire out? The answer – Both!
  2. 2. Total Team Conversion:Today’s digital transference in the application of human resources provides a transverseopportunity for the organization and its team. While modern technologies and techniques aremaking several job positions obsolete, it is also opening a wide array of opportunity for readyadaptation of uncomplicated and easily calibrated digital marketing skill-sets. A digital strategyconsultant can modify your team’s task processing skills that are well within the broadcapabilities of your existing team on several levels.By bringing on-board a highly skilled digital media strategist consultant, you not only deploy aninstantly effective new media promotional campaign, your firm will also learn to recalibrate andenhance your existing employee and operational structure! It is truly a win-win situation…allyou need to do is begin!Market More and Spend Less:In a recent Fortune Magazine article (Fortune Dec. 2011), the role of a Digital Strategist wasdescribed as someone who manages and deploys an array of digital media marketing tools andtechniques with the precision necessary for companies to gain a foothold in today’s digital mediaand social media marketing universe.This could include, but is not limited to; social media, banner advertising, press releases, digitalvideo, blogging, e-mail marketing, pod-casting, mobile and smart phone advertising, tabletcomputer developments, co-branding, concise print collateral, and much, much more.It can be found throughout various online advertising and marketing job postings, that thestarting salary for a Head Digital Strategist appears to range from $80,000-250,000 per year. But,by utilizing the short term effectiveness of the expertise and mentoring ability of a ChiefCreative Tactician and Digital Strategist as a consultant, you can effectively recalibrate yourmarketing and promotions team and save tens of thousands of dollars. You’ll not only likely savetime and money in the implementation of an efficient digital strategy program; you may alsoincrease the efficiency, while reducing the cost of, your current human resources team.Click To Find Out More:If you recognize the value for your organization in having discussions with an experienceddigital strategist; contact Bloom Digital Media – USA. Visit the contact page through the linkbelow and take the first step toward your company’s modern digital strategies for success!DIGITAL STRATEGIST – BLOOM DIGITAL MEDIA – USA