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Making Money Using WordPress

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WordCamp Orlando 2014 presentation. Also presented at Lady Blogger 2015.

So, you want to create a website, and make money, but don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you’ve got a site and dabbled a little, but still need more ideas on how to generate cash flow? Well, this is the presentation to be at.

We’ll be talking about:
1. Ways you can make money using WordPress
2. Tips to set you on the right path
3. WordPress plugins to assist you along the way

Hopefully by the time you walk away from this WordCamp, you’ll be able to start creating your own plan, implement some of the tips mentions in this talk, and begin making some money with your WordPress website.

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  • Nile, What an incredible amount of useful information you have shared here. Each slide could be an entire presentation with explanations of how to get set up, etc. You are certainly a wealth of information about wordpress and blogging.
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  • @Shalu Sharma thanks Shalu
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Making Money Using WordPress

  1. 1. Making Money Using WordPress By Nile Flores - http://blondish.net @blondishnet
  2. 2. Objective ❏ Ways you can make money using WordPress ❏ Tips to set you on the right path ❏ WordPress plugins to assist you along the way
  3. 3. I keep getting asked at WordCamps on how can you make money when WordPress is free? - Syed Balkhi http://wpbeginner.com
  4. 4. Why WordPress? ❏ Fast to set up ❏ Easy to learn ❏ Always updating and to try to keep on top of latest technology ❏ You can do anything you want with it… … including making money with WordPress!
  5. 5. Content Creation & Social Engagement Truths 1. Regardless of what you want to do online to make money, you’re going to be creating content. 2. Just because you built a website doesn’t mean, they’ll come to your site in droves. 3. Google likes unique and quality content. Write what you know! 4. You’re going to need to talk with people.
  6. 6. Blogging is not required, but it certainly is recommended in order to build authority.
  7. 7. Make Money Using WordPress How?
  8. 8. WordPress is what you want to make of it. Using WordPress to make money only needs to begins with an idea.
  9. 9. What Can You Do? It’s depends on what you want to do, but this wouldn’t be a good presentation if I didn’t give you some leads, right?
  10. 10. Let’s break it down... ❏ e-Commerce ❏ Affiliate Marketing ❏ Service (Online or In store) ❏ Blogging and News
  11. 11. e-Commerce Obviously you’re selling something. WooCommerce is a free and amazing shopping cart right out of the box. http://bit.ly/1w6ZtuI
  12. 12. Other WordPress e-Commerce Plugins ❏ Exchange - https://ithemes.com/exchange/ ❏ WP e-commerce - http://bit.ly/1q2F63w ❏ Easy Digital Downloads - http://bit.ly/1vYhA8y
  13. 13. Affiliate Marketing You can literally create full websites or just pages around a product (or more than one product) that you don’t own. There are programs out there that you can sign up and earn a referral commission off of!!!
  14. 14. Affiliate Programs These services are dedicated to listing companies that have affiliate programs. Commission Junction - http://www.cj.com/ ShareASale - http://www.shareasale.com/ Amazon Associates - https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/
  15. 15. Affiliate Plugins Some plugins on WordPress.org allow you to integrate some affiliate programs with your web site. For example- Amazon products. Below is a link to peruse on affiliate plugins. http://bit.ly/1zv7XgU
  16. 16. WordPress Affiliate Plugins Make your own affiliate program AffiliateWP - http://affiliatewp.com/
  17. 17. Services 3 Truths ❏ It’s important to have an about page to let people know who you are and what you’re offering. ❏ It’s important to have a means of contact and even a newsletter. ❏ Return on investment is the name of the game.
  18. 18. Your goal is to gain subscribers, commentators, engagement, and above all, buyers, otherwise, you end up with a bunch of window shoppers and empty pockets.
  19. 19. Newsletters? People who stumble upon your site, may not always be immediately interested in what you’ ve got. Offering a newsletter allows you to keep contact and maybe bring them back later.
  20. 20. Newsletter Services ❏ Aweber.com ❏ MailChimp.com ❏ ConstantContact.com ❏ MadMimi.com
  21. 21. Newsletter related plugins OptinMonster - http://optinmonster.com
  22. 22. More on Newsletter plugins ❏ MailChimp for WordPress http://bit.ly/mailchimpwp ❏ AWeber Web Form Plugin http://bit.ly/1zxbBqy ❏ Constant Contact for WordPress http://bit.ly/1sfaZ3i ❏ Mad Mimi for WordPress http://bit.ly/1vVZ13q
  23. 23. I beg you... Please, if you just have a simple service, and don’t want any shopping cart or you’re a local store front, add a contact form!!!
  24. 24. WordPress Contact Form Plugins Both are easy when using to create forms. Ninja Forms (free) - http://bit.ly/ninjaformswp Gravity Forms - http://www.gravityforms.com/
  25. 25. Blogging and News Blogging and news based sites usually are going to use several methods to make money using WordPress. ❏ Third Party Ads ❏ Affiliate advertising ❏ In-house Banner or text ads ❏ Sponsored Posts ❏ Become a brand ambassador ❏ eBooks
  26. 26. Third Party Ad Services Many of these have WordPress plugins available at http: //wordpress.org/plugins to integrate into your site. ❏ Google Adsense http://google.com/adsense ❏ Chitika https://www.chitika.com/ ❏ BuySellAds https://buysellads.com ❏ AdEngage https://www.adengage.com/
  27. 27. Brand Ambassador Work with Brands to receive products and/or money! Triberr - Influencer Marketing Campaigns http://triberr.com/
  28. 28. Sponsored Posts Get paid to blog! Izea - https://izea.com/ Blogvertise - http://www.blogsvertise.com/
  29. 29. WordPress Banner Ad Plugins ❏ Ads by datafeedr.com http://bit.ly/1wJ5KRk ❏ WP125 http://bit.ly/1z7ntBh
  30. 30. Psst... I’ve got more to say that will help, like SEO and motivational talk. The takeaway is the tools I’ve shared here and throughout the presentation, and some tips. ❏ WordPress SEO: Getting Back to the Basics http://bit. ly/1ADkAaA ❏ Avoiding Bloggers Block http://bit.ly/1q7JSfU ❏ How Blogging Can Benefit Your Business http: //slidesha.re/1zyrEV5
  31. 31. Follow Nile Flores http://blondish.net Twitter: @blondishnet Facebook: http://fb.com/NileFlores