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Vmware View VDI 2012

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Preso from VMware View event December 8, 2012

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Vmware View VDI 2012

  1. 1. A Vision for User Centric ComputingJames Potts © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  2. 2. Green Virtual Desktop Computing Beyond Infrastructure (VDI) Security Terminal Services Additional Opportunities for Your Virtualization Practice Lifecycle ApplicationManagement Virtualization Your Virtualization Practice Virtualization of the Desktop Diagram By Jon Busshart
  3. 3. Beyond Site to Site Virtualization of Replication the Desktop Storage Security Additional Opportunities for Your Virtualization Practice WAN HostingAccelerators •Your Virtualization Practice•Companies with fewer physical servers to consolidate move into virtualization for the business continuity aspects Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery •Diagram By Jon Busshart
  4. 4. Beyond Server Virtualization of Consolidation the Desktop Blade Systems Lifecycle Management Additional Opportunities for Your Virtualization Practice •Your Virtualization Practice •With out virtualization, •Over the next five •over the next two years it is likely youryears you are going energy costs could to spend $0.70 in end up exceeding power and cooling your hardware for every $1 spent costs. on hardware. Green Computing •Diagram By Jon Busshart
  5. 5. Beyond Blade Systems Virtualization of the Desktop Unified Storage Management Additional Opportunities for Your Virtualization Practice LifecycleVirtualized I/O Management •Your Virtualization Practice•Standardizing the process for introducing new infrastructure and applications into an environment will mean ITmanagers will have a better use of their limited time Management •Diagram By Jon Busshart
  6. 6. Beyond Blade Systems Virtualization of the Desktop Storage Additional Opportunities for Your Virtualization PracticeVirtualized I/O Lifecycle Management •Your Virtualization Practice •Deploying new •From concept to applications into an creation meet your environment can take business objectiveshours rather than weeks faster or months Provisioning •Diagram By Jon Busshart
  7. 7. The Cloud is Changing Computing Environments Data Apps Public Cloud Computing Data Apps Computing Data AppsInteraction Private Cloud Devices7
  8. 8. Under Pressure From Every Direction Budget Spend Compliance High operational costs Too many vulnerabilities Resource-intensive projects No marginal returns less Too hard to audit “new = risk” Escape Stuck in Standardize from a vicious and spiral controls lock-down Business Not driving growth Inhibits change Rationalize and No productivity gains reduce We need to break out before the next big wave of investment8
  9. 9. The Future is User Centric Computing Public and Private Cloud Data VMware Applications User Workspace Persona Administration Console9
  10. 10. Benefits of a User Centric Model IT Benefits End User Benefits Flexible and dynamic architecture  Device Flexibility Rapid change  Access Flexibility management Increased IT Control  Session Portability Better Security &  Availability & Continuity Compliance  Increased Productivity Faster time to market  End-User Freedom Improved SLA User-Centric Reduced Costs10
  11. 11. Accelerating the Evolution to a User Centric Model PC Centric User-Centric11
  12. 12. Phase 1: Virtualize Windows Desktops and Applications Data Data Apps Data OS Desktop Apps VMware Private Cloud Desktop Apps Persona Persona VMware View and ThinApp12
  13. 13. Phase 1: Virtualize Windows Desktops and Applications Data Data VMware Private Cloud Apps Desktop Apps OS Persona VMware View and ThinApp13
  14. 14. VMware View Solution Components End User Freedom My cloud on the go Reduce Costs Increase Agility IT Control Secure and control your cloud Cloud Infrastructure Always on, always responsive business14
  15. 15. VMware View Delivers Benefits • Reduce end-user downtime End •User Freedom flexibility Increase access My • Better desktop availability cloud on the go • Desktop DR and backup • Increase security and ensure compliance IT Control • Reduce desktop costs up to 50% Secure and control • Desktop management efficiency your cloud • Simplify and automate IT tasks Cloud Infrastructure • Zero downtime infrastructure • Responsive and Always on, always agile infrastructure • On-demand resources responsive business15
  16. 16. VMware View Architecture Overview Cloud Infrastructure vSphere Desktop vCenter Desktop IT Control View Manager View Composer View Persona Management VMware ThinApp vShield EndpointEnd User Freedom PCoIP, View Client, Local ModeOptimization Controls Continuity Services Media Services16
  17. 17. Cloud Infrastructure Always on, always responsive business17
  18. 18. Delivering Business AgilityRevolutionize desktops and enablecloud computing Dynamic allocation of optimized compute resources on-demand Elastic resources quickly scale up and down to respond to changing business requirements Simplify business infrastructure and standardize on a single easy to deploy platform18
  19. 19. Ensure Cloud Service Levels Scalability • Optimized for desktop delivery • Deliver 10’s to 1,000’s of desktops Availability • Ensure zero downtime • Protect against unplanned downtime • Quick recovery from unplanned downtime Reliability Private Cloud • Ensure optimal desktop performance • Protection from planned downtime19
  20. 20. Simplify Management through a Single Console Centralize Desktop Management Streamline IT tasks from hours to a few clicks Dashboards for a unified view across desktop infrastructure Enable Role Based access to distribute IT responsibility 20
  21. 21. Integrate Application ManagementCentrally Deliver AppsEntitle to pools or individual desktopsLocally executed or streamedIntegrated App DashboardCentrally manage app inventoryEasily monitor progress and status of entitlementsOptimize entitlement process for application groups 21
  22. 22. Flexible ProvisioningQuickly respond to changing needs Automate provisioning from templates On-demand provisioning View Quickly entitle/disable users or groups Manager Multiple types of desktops • Floating, Dedicated, Individual • Centrally hosted or offline desktops Flexible Pools: • Automated, Linked-Clone, Physical Desktops, Template Blade PCs, Terminal Services vCenter 22
  23. 23. Efficiently Preserve User Settings and Data NEWView Persona Managementdelivers personalization and lowerdesktop costsReduce desktop TCO by enabling more use cases for stateless floating desktopsMaintain user persona between sessionsFaster login timesCentralized and simple IT administration23
  24. 24. Streamline Image and Application ManagementEasily manage thousands of users withView Composer and ThinApp Separation of base OS image, user data disks and applications Manage fewer, smaller images Improve performance and reduce costs with tiered storage 100% update/patch success rate Seamlessly update users without disruption 24
  25. 25. Reduce Application Conflict and Support CostsStreamline Application Packagingand Deployment with ThinApp Operating SystemDecouple applications and data from OS Application ApplicationEliminate application conflicts App Files App FilesEnable application flexibilityEnable many versions of same appDeployment flexibility Application ApplicationZero endpoint footprint sandbox sandboxEasily integrates into existing ESD tools VOS VOS Operating System25
  26. 26. Ensure Security and Compliance Improve data protection and move data off endpoint devices Secure and encrypted access from all endpoints Secure, unified access to View, Terminal Servers, Blade PCs, physical desktops Customize settings to enforce policy  Two-factor authentication or security server  Offline desktop protection  Clipboard cut and paste NEW26
  27. 27. Efficient and Scalable Desktop ProtectionvShield Endpoint enables efficientantivirus processes AV agent agent agent agent agent agent Efficiently offload AV protection Leverage 3rd party AV solutions agent agent agent agent agent agent Eliminate AV storms Cloud Infrastructure Improve desktop performance and eliminate agents susceptible to attack Lower cost and complexity of desktop malware protection Partner Appliance 27
  28. 28. A Desktop that Follows YouView client for flexible access across a broad range of devices Desktop PC/Laptop Thin Client/Zero Client Mobile Devices NEW Repurposed PCs, Broad Industry iPad and Android Windows, Mac Support Tablets 28
  29. 29. Delivering the Best End-User ExperienceHigh Performance Experience Flexible and adaptive for the best experience across LAN and WAN Optimized for desktop delivery Customize the experience by user, NEW use case, available conditions End-to-end software solution with optional hardware Addressing requirements from the task worker to power user29
  30. 30. Flexible and Adaptive ExperienceConfigurable Experience Ensures responsive desktop while rendering pages and graphics Build to lossless delivers best performance and highest resolution Customize with Optimization Controls NEW • Select the right settings for the user, use case or conditions • Reduce bandwidth use up to 75% • Increase user density and scalability on the WAN30
  31. 31. Seamless End-User ExperienceMedia Services delivers usability 3D Graphics without specialized HW NEW Print optimizations NEW Clipboard copy and paste NEW True multi-monitor support USB and Multimedia redirection Flash content and graphicsMedia Services for UnifiedCommunications NEW Seamless user experience with integrated VOIP and virtual desktop Follow me desktop and VOIP Increase end user productivity Optimized UC and desktop performance31
  32. 32. Optimize End-User Productivity Continuity Services reduces NEW downtime • Automatically detects loss in network and reconnects the user session X • No user intervention required • Seamless experience on unreliable networks Continuity Services streamlines login • Single Sign On • Enable smart cards / proximity cards • Enable Biometric devices • Kiosk Mode delivers easy access Connection Server 32
  33. 33. Delivering Offline MobilityView Client with Local Modelenables secure offline productivityCheck out VMs to physical devicesSupport mobile or offline usersExtend centralized policy“Heartbeat” back to datacenter • Synchronize, Update, Remote ExpirationSupport mobile users, contractors andEOIT/BYOPC use cases View Manager 33
  34. 34. VMware View Use Cases Financial Federal State/Local Healthcare Retail Services Gov Education Follow Me Desktop OS Migration 2121 Business Process Desktop ROBO Always On Desktop Application Compatibility34
  35. 35. 35
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  47. 47. THANK YOU © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  48. 48. Reduce Desktop TCO up to 50% OPEX Savings  Reduce help desk calls VMware View  Improve desktop management efficiency reduces desktop  Simplify security and compliance TCO by up to 50% Source: IDC White Paper, 2009  Provision users & deploy desktops in minutes OPEX Savings Increase help desk calls Reduce End-User Productivity  Improve desktop management efficiency Reduce end-user downtime  Simplify security and compliance Automate desktop and data backup  Provision desktop for end-users Simplify users & deploy desktops in minutes CAPEX Savings  Hardware CAPEX flexibility  Reduce storage requirements  Improve desktop consolidation ratios  Improve backend user density48
  49. 49. The Cost of PC Management Is StaggeringFor every $1 spent on hardware,companies spend $3 to manage. Increasing ITIT costs Increasing Costs $3 $3 $1 CAPEX OPEX Source: IDC Study 200949
  50. 50. Simple, Cost Effective and Complete 1/3 the Full 1/2 the Cost of Clear Desktop Complexity of Competitive End-to-End Virtualization Competitive Solutions Solution Market Leader Solutions Lowest  Requires half  Only solution  Industry first solution the number of optimized for Integrated complexity servers for a delivering online and Few 10K user virtual offline solution installation deployment desktops  Over 9,500+ steps  Enables both  Integrated customers CapEx and application worldwide Simple, OpEx savings virtualization integrated management interface 50
  51. 51. Addressing the Broadest Range of Users Knowledge Task Workers Power Users Mobile Users Workers Well defined  Personalized  High-end apps  Device flexibility desktop desktop  Maximum  Disconnected Predictable  Variety of tasks performance access tasks  Variety of apps  Personalized  Remote access Controlled desktop  Multimedia  Personalized environment content  Multimedia desktop content VMware View51