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Information Overload

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Faced with information glut? Challenged by how to control and manage your information? You need the the right type of practical training. You need the AIIM Certificate programs.

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Information Overload

  1. 1. Information Overload: What can I do?
  2. 2. Information comes from everywhere, everyone and in many formats! d f
  3. 3. 7/24/365 Global Information Exchange
  4. 4. It lives anywhere and everywhere!
  5. 5. On shared/local drives, email folders and even on paper.
  6. 6. M Managing and i d controlling it is no easy task task.
  7. 7. Know what you’re holding you re • Information types yp – Contracts, drawings, invoices Format types • F – Word, Excel, PowerPoint – email • Where it resides – Local or shared drives – Thumb drives
  8. 8. Know where it’s flowing it s Create/capture Solutions Create/capture Solutions Document Repositories Store Save Store Publish Work Environments W kE i
  9. 9. Know what you need to keep keep… • Regulatory requirements – Federal, State and Local • Bu in continuity Business continuit – Business critical to keep your business alive • Business records d – Transactional; contracts, financials
  10. 10. …and throw away and • Regulatory requirements – When can we destroy it? • Bu in continuity Business continuit – Do we need it to survive? • Business records d – What are my business records?
  11. 11. Do not underestimate information migration.
  12. 12. Theoretically simple. Capture ECM system Capture - getting information from source into an ECM system
  13. 13. A challenge in practice.
  14. 14. T h l Technology is i not the only h l factor. f t
  15. 15. We cannot overlook the Human Factor Factor.
  16. 16. Human Factor • People do not like change – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” • P opl like the comfort zone People lik th on – “We’ve been doing it this way for years.” • People want to be included d d – “If you had asked me, I could’ve told you.”
  17. 17. Change does not come easy easy… …and needs to be managed.
  18. 18. Here is some advice on what you can do.
  19. 19. Create and maintain a team environment: IT Management Users
  20. 20. Establish strongg information management g policies and procedures.
  21. 21. P id regular Provide l communications using a method common to all employees employees.
  22. 22. Choose the right g technology for the job.
  23. 23. Provide timely training on policies, procedures and technologies.
  24. 24. Acquire new knowledge and skills to ensure success.
  25. 25. Information Overload: What can you do?
  26. 26. Start with practical education and training.
  27. 27. This is a sample of what we offer.
  28. 28. Take action and call us! 301.755.2686 in the US or 44.1905.727600 in Europe Looking for a Class? Check out the current schedules at Class? www.aiim.org/training for the US or www.aiim.eu/training for Europe Want to see what it is like first? Take a free test drive of an online module at www.aiim.org/testdrive / d and use Campaign Code X1YZA