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Desert oasis lawn care

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Las Vegas Residential and Commercial Lawn Care

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Desert oasis lawn care

  1. 1. Desert Oasis Lawn Care • Locally owned and operated • Been in Business for over 27 years • Covers the entire Las Vegas Valley, Boulder City and we go over the hump to Pahrump.
  2. 2. What type of customers are a good fit for the services of Desert Oasis Lawn Care: •A Home owner who has, bushes, grass and even dirt. •A Homeowner who has multiple properties. •A Property manager who manages homes and HOA’s. •A Commercial Property manager. •A commercial Property Developer. •A Real Estate Agent.
  3. 3. Do You know a homeownwer who is busy?
  4. 4. Have you been listening to your friends and family complaining about how the landscaping looks?
  5. 5. What services do we provide at Desert Oasis Lawn Care? • We Provide weekly, bi-weekly service. • We Provide clean up service • We will provide temporary service due to a job transfer or some other reason you may not be able to manage your landscape service. • We provide irrigation repair and inspection • Low voltage lighting installation and repair • Landscape design and conversion.
  6. 6. Is this yours? or you neighbors back yard?
  7. 7. Is your house in need of professional Service?
  8. 8. Is this your dream back yard?
  9. 9. Do you want to replace your Grass
  10. 10. From Grass to Desert
  11. 11. New Backyard from start to finish
  12. 12. From water wasteful front yard to water smart
  13. 13. No Job is too big or too small, we can do it all
  14. 14. So if you would rather be doing this
  15. 15. Or spending time with the people you love
  16. 16. Call Ron @ Desert Oasis Lawn care and we will turn you desert into an Oasis