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14532813 example-letter-of-inquiry

  1. 1. Batangas State University Batangas City February 02, 2007Powder Coating DepartmentHOOVEN Philippines, Inc. th7 Floor Strata Bldg.MandaluyongAttention: Mr. Harvey Henderson, Manager, Powder Coating DepartmentDear Sir:Subject: Fluorocarbon Coating of Structural Aluminum MaterialsDue to my desire to accomplish my research paper to be submitted on February16, 2007, I write this letter to ask for a brochure and illustrations aboutFluorocarbon Coating of Structural Aluminum Materials. With that brochure andillustration, I can gather such pertinent data that I need regarding on that topic.I appreciate your response about this matter. Very Truly Yours,
  2. 2. Marvin O. GondaSophomore,Civil Engineering Student
  3. 3. Powder Coating Department HOOVEN Philippines, Inc. th 7 Floor Strata Bldg. Mandaluyong February 09, 2007To Whom It May Concern: Upon receiving your letter, I am glad that our company serves as an aid toyour research paper. I have a complete portfolio of the Fluorocarbon Coating ofStructural Aluminum Materials that you are searching with. A process called fluorination in which atoms of hydrogen in hydrogencarbons are replaced with fluorine atoms makes fluorocarbons. The resultingcarbon-fluorine bonds are extremely strong and fluorocarbons are usually verystable, inert and resistant to high temperature. They can be used in coating pansand other cooking utensils to make them non-stick. Enclose are two brochures that you are requesting. However, I am sorry ofbeing unable to provide illustrations because of their in availability. Hoping for a good outcome of your research paper. Sincerely Yours, Harvey Henderson
  4. 4. ManagerKHM/hhEncl: (2) brochures