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Crimea Waste Management (Benehi)

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Crimea Waste Management (Benehi)

  1. 1. Alushta – Yalta New Waste Treatment Center New Waste to Energy Plants
  2. 2. Barcelona (Spain) - 1973
  3. 3. Barcelona (Spain) – 2010 Zone closed
  4. 4. Barcelona (Spain) – 2010 Zone working
  5. 5. Alushta (Ukraine) - 2010
  6. 6. Barcelona (Spain) 2010 Alustha (Ukraine) 2010
  7. 7. Barcelona (Spain) – 2010 Alushta will have an ordered landfill
  8. 8. Alushta (Ukraine) – 2010 Dirty water goes to the sea Dirty groundwater
  9. 9. Barcelona (Spain) – 2010 Alushta will not have dirty water
  10. 10. Barcelona (Spain) – 2010 Alushta will have an ordered landfill
  11. 11. Videos Barcelona 70-90
  12. 12. From Waste to Resource – HERA`s technologies applications Plasma technologies WASTE BiodigestorsWasteWaterT P Sludge treatmnet Vitrify Material Electricity Electricity Neutral- Construction material Soil washing and thermic desorption Industrial land Residential land Water tio be employed into industry and agriculture Technologies RESOURCES
  13. 13. HISTORICAL EVOLUTION OF TECHNOLOGIES THERMICS TREATMENTS DEPOSITS AND ECOPARKS “Burn” No controlled deposits DIRECTIVES ABOUT INCINERATION Incineration Deposits TECHNOLOGICALEVOLUTION Incineration with energy recuperation Gasification and pirolisis Plasma Mechanical biological Treatments- Ecoparks ENVIRONMENTEVOLUTION Controlled deposits with biogas and leachate recuperation Integral Management. Ecoparks 2nd generationIbi Hazardous Waste Plasma Gasification Facility ISO VIEW 1-150-004-041:250 P1 P1 M.K 23.8.0223.8.02 A.Y 23.8.02 FOR APPROVAL P0FOR COMMENTS SCALE REV. DATE DRAWING No.REV. No.SIGNA/DATEREVISIONS APPROVED CHECKED DESIGNED DRAWING STATUS & REVISIONS ENGINEERING & PROJECTS LTD. A B C D E F G H I J K A K J I H G F E D C B TITLE: GREEN TRIANGLE INTERNATIONAL LTD. POB 85847, MEVASSERET ZION 90805, ISRAEL TEL: 972-2-5790168 FAX: 972-2-5790179GTIGTI
  14. 14. Anexos
  15. 15.  ESTIMATED POPULATION SERVED BY THE NEW FACILITY : 300.000/350.00 Inh.  AVERAGE ANNUAL ESTIMATED WASTE ACCEPTANCE : 250.000 Tonnes  CHARACTERISTICS OF THE NEW FACILITY  Selection and recovering of main valuable waste streams (metals, glass and some plastics)  Greenhouse gas emission reduction  Controlled and safety Landfill and recycling centre  Energy production plant (electricity and biofuel)  Creation of employment  Proved technologies  Improvement management system  Integrated into the environment NEW WASTE TREATMENT CENTER – MAIN DATA
  16. 16. 17 Fracciona Selecta is a company of HERA Holding, which is specialized in mechanical selection. This company constructed a mechanical selection plant of municipal waste in Soria. The mechanical selection plants designed by HERA incorporate automatically process and the operation of them is proved in plants around Europe. The municipal waste is a mixture of: • organic materials • Paper • PET, PEAD; PP, film • Metals • Textile • Glass • Others (wood,...) Tones treated by year: 70.000 Selection of municipal waste
  18. 18. Landfill Degassing – GAS COLLECTION NETWORK  Landfill gas is a gas saturated with methane , carbon dioxide and other trace elements  Biogas has a calorific value of about 4.300Kcal/m3  1m3 of biogas is equivalent to 0.86 Kg of coal or 0.5m3 of natural gas  The quality of biogas depends on a serie of characteristics of each facility  The process of desgassing comprises – Extraction – Transportation – Storage of biogas  Advantages of this process: – Guarantee the security trough control of gaseous emission – Allow the use of biogas as energy
  19. 19. ELECTRICITY PRODUCTION PLANT  Firstly the quality and quantity of biogas is calculated using mathematical models, and it depends of a lot of variables  It would be suitable to carry out samplings and pumping trials of extraction in-situ once installed piping of degasification to confirm the estimations  For 100.000t/a we have considered that the power produced is 700-800KW FLARING SYSTEM  The flare is dimensioned to burn 100% of biogas collected
  20. 20. BIO FUEL PRODUCTION PLANT  Chemical absorption process of Co2 which allows its reutilization cycle after cycle and, therefore, a strong saving in consumables  Natural biogas is compatible with vehicular natural gas  The natural biogas helps to sustainable urban developing  Some Advantages  Low power consumption: 0,4KWH/Nm3  Low production cost  Safety and easier way of working  No emissions 0 t Co2  Clean and silent process