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Slavery Quiz fact_find_

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Slavery Quiz fact_find_

  1. 1. 10. How did slavery begin (Origins) in the colonies?NAME: ___________________________________________Period:____________________________________________ 11. Why was slavery established in the South?Date:_____________________________________________ THE Slavery 12. How is Slavery in the Present similar to the Past? QUIZ FACT FIND FOLDABLE Text 13. Read Olaudah Equiano’s eyewitness account & summarize it in at least 4-6 sentences. DirectionsUse the “Terrible Transformations” Packet to fact find.Record accurate responses to the questions andprompts. TIPs • Review the Chapter Walk (you will not need to use for fact find) • FOCUS ON: Interpreting & Analyzing Images as you review Close the Gaps and Slavery Then and Now.
  2. 2. KEY TERMS 5. Why did colonists purchase slaves?1. What was the MIDDLE PASSAGE and how were Africans treated (include goods traded)? 6. What Factors led to the establishment of slavery?2. Define Triangular Trade (include goods traded)? 7. Reasons Native Americans weren’t suited for slavery and Africans were: CONCEPTS3. What is Article 4 of the Universal Declaration of HumanRights? 8. How did whites justify the extermination of Natives and the enslavement of Africans?4. What happened in the colonies after 1660? 9. Why did Northern colonies outlaw slavery?