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Share your data in event streams

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In any organisation sharing data is important. In this session, we look at how to export data from a legacy system with a SQL database and making it available in different cloud services. The focus is on using built-in features and making use of a hybrid integration platform. The event stream is then consumed from microservices with different purposes.

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Share your data in event streams

  1. 1. Share your data in event streams Mattias Lögdberg
  2. 2. Mattias Lögdberg Solution Architect Azure Specialist Microsoft MVP International Speaker http://mlogdberg.com MLogdberg MLogdberg https://se.linkedin.com/in/logdberg
  3. 3. Make your data work for you • New Services • Monetize on your data • Gain advantage by your data • Take actions based on Data
  4. 4. Where your data is and where it need’s to be Product Product
  5. 5. A B
  6. 6. Distributed log Designing Event Driven Systems – Ben Stopford
  7. 7. The nature of events • Represents something that has happened • PAST-TENSE: OrderCreated, ProductShipped • Are Immutable • Intentless • Can be disregarded/ignored • Can not be retracted • Can not be deleted • Can invalidate existing facts Jonas Bonér, https://www.infoq.com/presentations/microservices-events-first-design
  8. 8. Product Service A Service B Service C Sales History
  9. 9. Example scenario
  10. 10. Example Scenario Product
  11. 11. Scenario: Product information management Product
  12. 12. Product BizTalk Demo part 1: Event publishing
  13. 13. Demo part 2: Event Consuming
  14. 14. Product get /product/{id} get /supergroup/{no}
  15. 15. Complex framework Micro- functionality Outside client app Inside client app Mono-lithic application Loosely coupled components
  16. 16. Take aways • Events boost Micro Service landscape • Hard depencies kills innovation • Serverless is powerfull, make sure to scale appropiate • Silver bullet is dangerous, choose based on requirements • Service layers provide value and inspire innovation
  17. 17. Questions?
  18. 18. Thanks! Mattias Lögdberg, Solutions Architect Email: mattias.logdberg@ibiz-solutions.se