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Developers Giving Back

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Developers are the fabric of the web - both as consumers and contributors. Here I highlight some key ways developers can contribute to the health of the web through a few things going on at Mozilla, and why doing them helps the web overall.

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Developers Giving Back

  2. 2. BECAUSE INTERNET I work at Mozilla. Our mission is very aligned to core attributes of the Internet: a public resource that is shapeable by anyone regardless of location or title. Christian touched on lots of ways to keep the web healthy in his talk earlier today.
  3. 3. MOZILLA IS WHAT EXACTLY? non-profit. under 1K employees. a budget barely a fraction of who else is in our markets. as a non-profit, we answer to users, not shareholders.
  4. 4. ENOUGH ABOUT US…. Again my role at Mozilla is in our Developer Relations group. We not only focus on developers, but we are comprised OF developers….and this is what they (and you can) do!
  5. 5. ASK, ANSWER, SUGGEST https://ffdevtools.uservoice.com//r/mozilla http://mzl.la/SODashboard http://stackoverflow.com/r/mozilla UserVoice initially focused on devtools launched in May - nearly 200 ideas received, 20 completed, 33 planned, 100 being reviewed Stack Overflow - check out the engagement (roughly 50% of ideas answered on most topic tags) at http://mzl.la/SODashboard !
  6. 6. READ, WRITE, CODE https://developer.mozilla.org Document (MDN): 2M web developers visit MDN every month, ¾ of them come from search. Over a thousand of them create an account.
  7. 7. READ, WRITE, CODE (2) https://hacks.mozilla.org 200K uniques per month technical deep dives read, get ideas, and write!
  8. 8. REVIEW, SUBMIT https://marketplace.firefox.com/ https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Marketplace.org roughly 300-400 apps are reviewed each week and 94% of the reviews are done by the community!
  9. 9. SCHMOOZE, SUGGEST, SPEAK, STRATEGIZE https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/events AND help us “be guerrilla” at an event :)
  10. 10. SEE YA? https://diane.bz Web •Mozilla Developer Network: http://developer.mozilla.org •Stack Overflow: http://stackoverflow.com/r/mozilla •User Voice: https://ffdevtools.uservoice.com/ •Wiki: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Engagement/ Developer_Engagement ! Email engagement-developers@mozilla.org ! IRC #DevRel IRC •Community IRC meetings: Tuesdays at 9am PST ! IRL aka Events https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/events Upcoming events….JSConfEU…