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Bitcoin casino the online casino

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online gambling is becoming a more and more popular, and profitable, industry. In 2015, many new online casinos were launched, based in locations all around the world.http://www.bitcoinbuster.com/

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Bitcoin casino the online casino

  1. 1. Bitcoin-The Future of Currency?
  2. 2.  Over the past several years, a digital currency known as Bitcoin (also known as BTC’s) has taken the world by storm.  The virtual currency – which can be accessed as physical coins or solely through peer-to- peer trading at other Bitcoin websites ,can now be used to purchase many different goods and services and is the most widely used alternative currency.
  3. 3.  The idea of Bitcoins were rumored to first be introduced by a Japanese man, Satoshi Nakamoto.  An article was published by Nakamoto in the Cryptography Mailing List at metzdowd.com which described the implementation of the Bitcoin Protocol.
  4. 4.  This type of currency is unlike most out there, being that it does not have a central bank and operates via a peer-to-peer market place.  The supply of Bitcoin is automated as to not flood the market.  Bitcoin can be divided up to 8 decimal places as value increases.  Under current rules, Bitcoin have a hard cap of 21 million.
  5. 5.  Users can send and receive Bitcoin using Bitcoin addresses. In most cases, these transactions are free or of little cost.  Transactions are processed extremely quickly and can be verified within an hour or less.  Once a transaction is processed to a Bitcoin address the process is irreversible.
  6. 6.  Bitcoin addresses are a series of numbers and letters that range between 27-34 characters. These are used as possible destinations for Bitcoin payment.  Addresses are fully anonymous and can be generated at no cost.  Users can have an unlimited amount of Bitcoin addresses.
  7. 7.  BitInstant: The fastest way to receive Bitcoins. Users can purchase coins through a variety of options and remain anonymous. Deposit cash at over 800,000 locations across the world and have Bitcoins within an hour or less.  Fees for Bit Instant are more than other services and are priced at 3.99% of the total amount exchanged.
  8. 8.  CoinBase- A Bitcoin wallet that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin.  Customers can buy and sell almost immediately but are limited to 10 BTC for the first month, after which they can buy up to 100 BTC in a single transaction.  CoinBase only charges 1% of the total transaction and is one of the cheapest ways to purchase coins.