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Wedding planner synopsis

  1. Biswadeb Mukherjee We are here to convert your dream to realty and present an unforgetable experience in THE event of your life
  2. Who we are WE ARE NOT DECORATORS BUT … As Planner we are Decor stylist for yourWedding.We have our own original ideas & we do hire professional Designers to come out with unique concepts specially for you.We work with local and renowned Decorators/Stylists across India.renowned Decorators/Stylists across India. WE ARE NOT TRAVEL AGENTS BUT …We help you finding suitable Hotels & logistics suppliers.We introduce you to the suitable authorities at higher level to crack best deals in no time.We also help your Guests to plan & book their Holidays all across India andAbroad.
  3. WE ARE NOT SUB-CONTRACTORS BUT … We have our own dedicatedTeam of qualifiedWedding & Event Planners. We work directly with the reliableVendors.We personally be there at theWedding to ensure arrangements are executed as planned. WE ARE NOT JUST ANOTHERWEDDING PLANNER ….. We have a wide experience of collective more than 25 years and have succesfully completed more than 500 weddings across India and also in Abroad.We are known to be amongst the very fewWedding Planners (and DestinationWedding Planners) to see the birth & growth of this Industry.
  4. WE ARE NOT AWEDDING FACTORY….. We just avoid the run-of-a-mill job as we firmly believe that your wedding is going to be the most memorable day in your life.You need attention, details & focus which we make possible by taking up very limited jobs every year. No more than 1Wedding in a week and 40 weddings in a year.and 40 weddings in a year.
  5. What is our role To guide you, consult you and to help you making right decisions pertaining to your wedding plan To have you & your family stress free & enjoy the festivities. To make this journey of planning aWedding (may be an OverseasWedding) as memorable as your big day!
  6. How we do it We listen to your requirements, ideas & preferences to suggest you suitable Destinations & Locations. We obtain the offers & quotations on your behalf, we evaluate them with you. We prepare a wedding budget & help you fine tuning it to what suits you.suits you. We contract theVendors, brief them & fix the arrangements with them.We meet & follow them up. We setup the customizedWeddingWebsite for you, manage RSVPs, help your guests booking travel arrangements and all the important information.
  7. We help you choosing Menu, color themes, timeline & flow of events, favors, music, entertainment, professional services and everything that you need for the special day. We track timely decision making & ensure you don’t miss out any deadline.out any deadline. We obtain necessary Licenses and permissions for you.
  8. We are there for you to coordinate ExperiencedWedding Planner along with AssistantWedding Coordinators & executive staff (logistics/ground arrangements/help desk) be there for you during the entire event. Ensure that vendors deliver in time & as per the expectations.expectations. Ensure the flow of events & timeline is met. Manage & liaise with your guests. Look after transportation, pick ups & drops. Most importantly keep yourself out of all the stress so that you get enough of quality time reuniting with your friends & family.
  9. What is wedding Two livesTwo hearts joined together in friendship united together in Lovetogether in Love
  10. So when are we meeting to know your event details Biswadeb Mukherjee +919831511851 +919062076210+919062076210 +918902784009 BBM : 75492315 @ copyright act