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HGS - Advertiser Loyalty Management

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Thoughts on managing advertiser loyalty, specific to US Yellow Page Industry

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HGS - Advertiser Loyalty Management

  1. 1. Advertiser Loyalty Management Services for transforming YP Industry Nov, 2010 Anand Biradar I VP BD I abiradar@hindujagsl.com I +1 201.286.7741
  2. 2. 2 Key Business Objectives …  Proactive and careful transition to new world of multi- media experience  Continuously improve First Contact Resolution  Optimize Staffing for Efficiency, Automate processes  Cultivate high-touch employee engagement  Continuously improve - Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen  Up-sell and Cross-sell Strategies  Bundled offering  Adopt new age marketing / referral schemes  Consistently provide world-class brand experience Advertiser Loyalty Cost Savings Advertiser Growth Overall Objectives
  3. 3. 3 Medium: Digital Friends, family Print Mobile Websites Touch Points: Newspaper Magazine Television Radio Online blogs Other websites Facebook, twitter etc., Touch Points: Sales Induction /On boarding Service and Support Education Value Enhancement Collections Contract renewal Medium: Voice Email, chat, direct mail Directory Company website Factors influencing the advertiser perception Internal to company External to company
  4. 4. 4 Contract Renewal Collections Bundled offering Value enhancement Advertiser Education Service / Billing / Claims Advertiser Induction Sales Process Roadmap - Controllable touch points with Advertisers IVR/VRU - Automation Analytics – Loyalty, speech and social media Fulfillment
  5. 5. 5 Transforming service to CARE Know your Advertiser Deliver the experienceReach out to your Advertiser  Address channel proliferation – Print/Digital/Social Media etc.,  Create on ongoing two-way dialogue (direct & indirect)  Continuously monitor key drivers of advertiser relationship  Understand changing needs and behaviors  Stay close to valued advertisers  Improvise on ways to measure loyalty  Invest in Loyalty Analytics  Invest in Social Media Management  Empower front line to build trust-based relationships  Incorporate aspects of advertiser business in training  Coach and develop the front line to use benefits and brand reinforcing statements  Up-sell and cross-sell through advertiser education to add value  Design process flow for seamless communication among all partners impacting service
  6. 6. 6 Technology for Advertiser Touch Point Solutions  Advanced Speech Recognition IVR Conversational and directed speech Advertiser centric self service Fully integrated into customer databases for dynamic solutions  Nielsen BuzzMetrics Industry-best tool for social media monitoring analysis Delivers end-to-end social media management solutions Monitors more than 100 million online sites Provides trends and analysis on influence, frequency and tone  Speech Analytics – Impact 360 Automatically surface changes in advertiser behavior Understanding drivers of cost and advertiser satisfaction Automatically bucket emotional advertiser interactions  Email and web-chat systems Fully integrated with Client website for a seamless online presence Web chat applications to initiate chats with business advertisers on specific sites
  7. 7. Company Overview
  8. 8. 8  Frontline representatives are the ambassadors of brand and their attitude, belief and actions affect customer loyalty We believe…  Each interaction with an advertiser is an opportunity to deliver smile and develop lifetime loyalty.  Keeping current with the latest technology and cutting-edge processes positively impacts effectiveness and efficiency of operations
  9. 9. 9 About HGS  Global provider of seamless Relationship Management services  37 years of experience in managing customer emotions  $200 million in revenue  110 clients, 30 centers  16,500 employees, 6 countries USA Peoria, IL Waterloo, IA El Paso, TX St. Louis, MO Warrenville, IL Canada Montreal Philippines Manila Iloilo India Mauritius Cyber City (BCP Site) U.K. London Scotland Major cities
  10. 10. 10 HIPAA – Health Insurance ISO 27001ISO 9001:2000 Six Sigma Process Improvement PCI DSS v1.2 compliant Quality
  11. 11. 11 Industry Recognition One of the Top ITES Companies in India Winner Of Most Innovative BPO 2008 Philippines Top 15 ITES BPO exporters FY 07/08 Top 10 Employers Employee Satisfaction/ HR Practices - 2008 One of the 200 “Best under a Billion” Forbes Asia - 2005 Gold Medalist Competency Development - 2008 Top 2 Call Centre Companies globally - 2008 Gold Medalist Lean Six Sigma - 2008 Best Employer Brand Award (BPO) 2009 Deloitte Fast50 – Ranked # 30 - 2009
  12. 12. 12 HGS Client Satisfaction Survey Results - 2010 Response Rate HGS Industry Average Response % (Polled – 459) 69.7% 50-55% Customer Experience Index HGS Industry Average Scale of -100 to +100 +45.6 +40 to 45 Overall Satisfaction Score HGS Industry Average (scale 1-7, 7 being the best) 5.9 4.8-5.5 Key Outcome Measures HGS - US Operations HGS - Worldwide Operations Industry Standard Satisfaction 6.01 5.86 5.60 Loyalty 6.04 6.04 5.70 Advocacy 6.15 6.00 5.70 Value for money 5.62 5.43 5.10
  13. 13. 13 Your Customers. Our Priority. Global Solutions Delivered. Anand Biradar I VP BD I abiradar@hindujagsl.com I +1 201.286.7741