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Les mis media

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Les mis media

  1. 1. The Les Miserables official teaser poster. The colour scheme invites a monotone feel, displaying a sense of distressed emotions. The characters stone cold eyes present a sense of hardship and Loss, which intrigues the viewer to question why there is not life within the child’s eyes The facial expression conveys defiance, which relates to the subject and storyline of the movie The characters hair is tangled and wind swept, representing a lack of care and attention, showing the audience that the character has more important things to worry about. The background is dark which foreshadows the story line as the darkness conveys the idea of loss and death. The tag line; ‘FIGHT. DREAM. HOPE. LOVE.’ informs the audience of the general plot, and interlinks with the imagery as the characters expression shows a sense of toughness that would appear during war. The gold font colour shows a sense of glory and the riches that may be earned form war, relating to the story line. The colour of the characters eyes are blue, this relates to water which is the cycle of life. This connotes to how the character survives the tragedy. Part of the background has a slight haze which is done to present smoke, this has been done to create a mysterious effect and convey the era of the movie as the smoke will come from the muskets and cannons. The teaser poster also informs the reader that the movie is being released on Christmas day, therefore it is being released at an ideal time to be bought as a gift to increase the sales. This poster also clearly displays that it is a reproduction of the world renown musical, therefore the distributors can play on the fact it is most likely the most famous musical ever created, meaning the movie will receive high demand from the customers.
  2. 2. A actors who a part of the casting crew are largely beneficial to the marketing strategy, therefore the distributors have listed them at the top of the teaser poster, meaning they are clearly visible for the target audience to see. The first major actor is Hugh Jackman, mainly known for his starring role in Wolverine and X men. The World famous Russell Crowe also plays a leading part within the production. One of Russell Crowes greatest movies was his Role in the movie Gladiator. Anne Hathaway was the next actress who performed within the movie, Anne Hathaway earned herself a place in the great line of Bond Girls a few years a go within Casino Royal. Amanda Seyfried is also a large feature within the movie, one of her greatest acting roles was within Mamma Mia the movie.
  3. 3. Les Miserables Official PosterThe main attraction of the poster is the pictures of the starring characters within of the centre frame , each starring actor/actress have earned there fame in there own respectable way, through featuring in major blockbusters, therefore the target audience will acknowledge them and want to see the film. The names of the characters are once again displayed at the top of the poster, like within the teaser poster. Like the teaser poster, the dark background and hazy atmosphere is created in order to represent the loss and death within the storyline. However within this poster it conveys a sense of hope through the lightness and clearing of smoke around the characters, which connotes more than the teaser poster. The emotions from some of the characters connote that there is a love story within the film, this will attract a large number of the target audience to watch the film due to love films being popular. The flags being waved present the location of the film, the Mise-en- scene also informs the viewer of the era the movie is set. The gold font colour shows a sense of glory and the riches that may be earned form war, relating to the story line. The main poster displays a credit block in order to show legal information Unlike the teaser poster the main poster doesn't contain the tag line of ‘FIGHT. DREAM. HOPE. LOVE.’ The way Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman are positioned back to back as if in stand off conveys a sense of rivalry between the two characters which is sustained throughout the movie.