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What is Disciplined Entrepreneurship?

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This is an updated version of the Overview of Disciplined Entrepreneurship slides that I used in Berlin but solely focused on Disciplined Entrepreneurship. It sets the context for the book and why a new approach is needed.

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What is Disciplined Entrepreneurship?

  1. DISCIPLINED ENTREPRENEURSHIP? 1 Bill Aulet Managing Director, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship What Does Really Mean Today?
  2. 2 Being an entrepreneur is the new “cool” thing. As a result, demand for entrepreneurship is blowing up!
  3. 3 But is there sufficient understanding of the topic? Hmmm….
  4. DISCIPLINED ENTREPRENEURSHIP Definition of Entrepreneurship – 2 Types Entrepreneurship SME (Small Medium Enterprise) Regional Markets Restaurants Dry Cleaners Services IDE (Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship) Global Markets Products for Export Sustainable Competitive Advantage at Core • Δt is short • Linear growth • Less investment required • Δt is long • Exponential growth • A lot of investment required
  5. Other Questions for Entrepreneurship Education 1. Can 2. Why 3. How 5
  6. 6 Crisis in entrepreneurial education Demand Supply of quality Time Storytelling
  7. Importance of Spirit 7
  8. 8 Spirit + Skills Successful Entrepreneurship
  9. But What is Happening Crisis in Entrepreneurship Education “Education by Storytelling” Gets the Spirit but Not the Skills Makes it Sound Easy It is Not! Requires Discipline 9
  10. How How should entrepreneurship be taught? 1. Open (common language & best tools) 2. Systems Approach (integrated & prescriptive) 3. Rigorous but Practical (mens et manus) 10
  11. How 24 Steps Was Put Together 11
  12. 12
  13. 13
  14. 14
  15. 15
  16. 16
  17. 17
  18. 18
  19. 19
  20. Benefits of Approach Comprehensive yet Practical Integrated Proven & Tested – To Stand the Test of Time Sequential/Prescriptive Creates Common Language for Knowledge Transfer and Accumulation 20
  21. Entrepreneurship 101 Quiz 21 What is the singular necessary and sufficient condition to have a company? 1.
  22. What Should We Be? 22 Market-Driven Target Customer- Driven Customer-Driven
  23. 23
  24. Spiraling Innovation 24
  25. Linkage of Various Steps Is Critical and Underlies the Integration 25 Persona --------- --------- --------- Priorities: 1. Aaaaa 2. Bbbbb 3. Ccccc 4. Ddddd Quantified Value Proposition As Is State ------------------------------------ X Possible State ------------------------------------ Y Value Prop = ∆ of X & Y Measured in dimension of Priority #1 Priority#1 GoodBad Priority #2 GoodBad YOU Alt #1 Alt #2 Alt #3 Alt #4 Competitive Positioning “Core” Supports Competitive Position Resource Plan Supports Building Core
  26. Product Development Must be a Rapid & Continuous Process 26 © Ash Maurya, “Running Lean”, www.ashmaurya.com
  27. Search for Truth? 27
  28. 28 “I'm actually as proud of the things we haven't done as the things I have done.” —Steve Jobs
  29. Examples of Disciplined Entrepreneurship 29
  30. More info The book www.disciplinedentrepreneurship.com Progress Dashboard www.detoolbox.com 30
  31. Free Online course www.bit.ly/e-101 31
  32. 1 Week Intensive Course at MIT By application welcomes you to apply Last week of January at MIT
  33. Successful Entrepreneurship = Spirit of a pirate Skills of a Navy Seal 33 +
  34. Illustrations done by the great Marius Ursache - @mariusursache on twitter 34