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  1. 1. Home button Welcome to Blackpool sixth form Blackpool sixth form
  2. 2. Home button Blackpool sixth form 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Home page Main page Navigation page Facilities Electronics Double b-tech IT GCSE English Events Student Experience Catering Contacts
  3. 3. Home button Blackpool sixth form Facilities FYI Library The FYI is a quiet place for students to catch up on work if they’re are behind or to do homework to keep up to data with there work. This facilities offer mac that are able to run all software that they might require to complete there tasks. The library is part of the FYI that contain a wide range of books for helping you study or getting your head around something or from reading for the joy of it. You are also able to take these books out but if you do not bring them back on time there will be a small price to pay.
  4. 4. Home button Blackpool sixth form Electronics Electronics is a subject that requires some mathsskill and does required to you to remember some information. The first year is split up into 3 parts ET1 which is about logic gates and ET2 that is more about how they work and how you are able to build them this was is also requires more math knowledge. Then it is split into two bits of course work the first part is you use ladder logic to create a system from alarm system to a system for a plane. Lastly the last part of the course work is you needing to be required to program in assembly code(don’t worry you get taught it) you are able to make a variety of systems.
  5. 5. Home button Blackpool sixth form Single B-tech IT The next unit is unit 30 this is where you are needed to make a poster, logo and newsletter for Blackpool football club. Finally the last unit is the longest is where you are required to make a multimedia presentation about the college this will be made in power point using music , videos and image. This subject is very useful if you are think that you future might be in the IT department. In double B-tech IT you do an overall of 6 units. The first unit you may do is unit 28 this is where you are making a website using dream weaver. The next unit is unit 31 this where you are creating animation of some sort. Unit 1 is all about work skills and communications skills. Unit 2 is where you learn about the inside of computers and are required to take them apart of a range of tasks.
  6. 6. Home button Blackpool sixth form English GCSE Then the next one Is based on shake spear lastly you are required to do dragons den this is where you are required to tell us why someone made a winning pitch. The exam is split up into two parts the first one is the reading test where you need to find out information from some text while the other one is about your writing and are required to write two of many different text such as letters , articles and leaflets. In English GCSE you are required do if you did not get a C in it at school. This subject will be made up of 60% exam and the rest will be control assessments. The first one will be a descriptive of writing , this is here you are required to describe a certain place. The next one is a narrative you are required to write a story using one of the provide titles.
  7. 7. Home button Blackpool sixth form Events Sweet Charity Sweet charity is a musical that will be performed on the 29th , 20th and 30th of march. This show will be staring at 7pm every night .It Is about a taxi dance that have lost faith in the human race but still have hope to fine someone. Chiao-Ying Chang Chiao-Ying Chang is a true artist of elegance. We are delighted to welcome her once again to performer at sixth form in the theatre. This will be taking place on the 25 April at 7:30 pm. Chiao –Ying is a top prize winner at Leeds , ARD, Munich, AXA Dublin and Taiwan. Student Awards The student awards evening is this June on the 25.This is there to celebrate the years successes here at sixth form. This has be done for the past 90 years for academic achievement and that have help to sixth form.
  8. 8. Home button Blackpool sixth form Student experience
  9. 9. Home button Blackpool sixth form Catering Café 6 Relish Café 6 is based in the middle of the sixth form. They supply a wide range of food for you to buy. They also supply a large sitting area for you to eat your launch at ands enjoy it with your friends. Also that the sitting area is first come first server so you not always going to get a seat. Relish is located on the ground floor at the end of C block. This is a place where you are able to sit back and relax with your friends at launch. They provide at wide range of hot and cold food .They also supply a wide range of drinks to buy as well.
  10. 10. Home button Blackpool sixth form Contact Us Address: Blackpool old road Blackpool Lancashire FY3 7LR Phone number: 01253 394911 Fax: 01253 300459 Email: enquiries@blackpoolsixth.ac.uk