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7 Common Sandblasting Mistakes to Avoid

http://sandblaster-parts.com/ | Common mistakes that people make when operating a sandblaster include not wearing proper safety gear and underestimating how much of a mess they’ll end up making. Here are seven mistakes you should avoid.

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7 Common Sandblasting Mistakes to Avoid

  1. 1. When used properly, a sandblaster is an incredibly useful and powerful tool. But when used incorrectly, it can easily cause injury and damage property. Before you use a sandblaster, be sure to avoid these common mistakes…
  2. 2. It is absolutely essential to use the proper safety gear when operating a sandblaster. Users should always wear goggles, gloves, an apron, and ear and mouth protection, without exception.
  3. 3. Despite the name, sandblasters can spray more than just sand. Media include everything from small pieces of plastic to glass beads to ground nutshells. Using the wrong media on the wrong surface can cause damage, or make the job harder. Be sure to check with the manufacturer to learn what surfaces each medium is best used for.
  4. 4. Rather than spraying rust, paint, or other surface elements from straight ahead, try spraying at an angle. Most of the time, approaching from an angle will get the job done faster than trying to blast a surface from straight on.
  5. 5. Sandblaster media create a lot of friction when they bounce off a surface, which in turn creates heat. When spraying a metal surface, too much heat can cause the metal to warp and bend. If you hear a popping sound when spraying metal, it’s time to stop and let the metal cool.
  6. 6. Many novice sandblaster operators seriously underestimate just how much mess they’re going to end up making. Before you start, make sure you’re prepared to clean up a lot of dust and sloughed-off material, and that you’ve taken steps to keep air pollution from spreading.
  7. 7. Another thing about sandblasters that novices fail to grasp is just how noisy they can be. Most sandblasters are noisy enough that if you don’t let your neighbors prepare for them, you can get slapped with a noise complaint from the city. Be polite and let your neighbors know you’re going to be making a lot of noise while operating.
  8. 8. When a sandblaster is in use, heat and moisture can build up in the hose, causing the media to clump together. Whenever you take a break, be sure to flush the air line by spraying air through the hose to clear out the moisture and keep the media from getting moist.
  9. 9. Big A’s Place LLC has all the sandblaster supplies you need, from replacement sprayers to safety gear. To view our entire online inventory, visit www.sandblaster-parts.com.