Biến tần ls và cá ứng dụng trong sản xuất

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Phân loại biến tần LS
A. Phân loại biến tần LS theo nhóm tên của nhà sản xuất
• Biến tần LS dòng IV5
• Biến tần LS dòng IS7
• Biến tần LS dòng IS5
• Biến tần LS dòng IP5A
• Biến tần LS dòng IG5A
• Biến tần LS dòng IC5A
• Biến tần LS dòng IE5A
B. Phân loại biến tần LS theo nguồn điện cung cấp
• Biến tần 1 pha 220V
• Biến tần 3 pha 220V
• Biến tần 3 pha 380V
C. Phân lọai biến tần LS theo công suất
• Biến tần LS có nhiều loại công suất khác nhau từ 0.1 KW dến 800KW hoặc là từ 1/8HP dến 1250HP

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Biến tần ls và cá ứng dụng trong sản xuất

  1. 1. LS VFDLS VFD1 EME Business Div.EME Business Div.LS Variable Frequency DriveLS Variable Frequency Drive
  2. 2. LS VFDLS VFD2 EME Business Div.EME Business Div.Application- Textile (Loom)- Textile (Warper)- Textile (Traverse)- Slitting machine- Socks making machine- Steel plate line speed control system- Coiler driving system- Extruder (Screw type)- Running machine- Industrial washing machine- Printing machine- Hoist (Lift)- Elevator- AHU control- Cooling Tower- Aeration tank motor driving system- Humidity control – Textile factory- Apartment water supply system- Fuel pump driving systemContentsContentsContents
  3. 3. LS VFDLS VFD3 EME Business Div.EME Business Div.Textile(Loom)1. Introduction- Driving of yarn drum of loom should be controlledin line with main motor. Because the conventionalsystem uses reduction gear, gearing ratio should bechanged if the product type is altered. Therefore, wedecided to control tension using inverter.- Field : Textile/loom- Type : iS5/iS73. Main function- Linkage control: Speed of main motor that releases thespool should be controlled in line with line speed of thedrum ⇒Rpm of main motor (for spool driving) is usedas feedback for main speed control.- PID control: Feedback tension control4. System configurationM2 M4M3M1DrumEncoderFinalProduct TextileManufacturerTensionmaintaining barSpoolTension sensorFixed barMainMotorMasterINVSlaveINVV15G5GV1V2V2M1M2Pulse/voltageconverter3-phaseiS5/iS7MainMotorP/VP/C Pulse/currentconverterP/CTension sensorEncoder2. Process configuration
  4. 4. LS VFDLS VFD4 EME Business Div.EME Business Div.WindingThreadsTextile(Warper)1. Introduction2. Process configuration- Winds several strands of yarns in a plane.Inverter controls winding and tension power.- Field: Textile/Warper- Type: SV150iS7-4/SV150iS5-4- Motor spec: 15㎾,440V.60㎐Bridle roll for maintaining tensionYarn spacing maintaining device3. Main function-Winder: Winds aligned yarns-Bridle Roll: Applies tension to yarns-Comb-shaped structure: Aligns yarns uniformly4. Others- In the system construction diagram,the threads consist of more than hundreds(300~600) of yarns.Yarns released from the threads are alignedby the comb-shaped structure and tension isapplied to them while they pass the bridle roll.Then, they are wound by the winder afterpassing the second comb-shaped structure .- The bridle roll controls back tension withvector inverter. The winder is controlledby “PI” using iS7/iS5.5. Operation Method
  5. 5. LS VFDLS VFD5 EME Business Div.EME Business Div.yarnDrumCheeseGuide grooveWhere yarns arewoundFixedGuideiS5(15kW)Front ViewSide ViewLintRovingMachineSpinningMachineWinderWindercontrollerClutchClutchcontrollerPara. Description Set ValueDRV-1 Acc. 8sec.DRV-2 Dcc. 12sec.DRV-4 Frequency mode Keypad-1I/0-12 P1 UPI/O-13 P2 DOWNI/O-40 FM Output FreqencyI/O-41 FM Output Gain 78%I/O-42 Detect Frequency 51HzI/O-43 D. Frequency Band 8HzI/O-44 Multi function FDT-5Para. Description Set ValueDRV-1 Acc. 8sec.DRV-2 Dcc. 12sec.DRV-4 Frequency mode Keypad-1I/O-40 FM Output FreqencyI/O-41 FM Output Gain 78%APP-01 Mode selection TraverseAPP-02 Traverse Band 7.8%APP-03 Scramble size 0%APP-04 Traverse Acc 1.1sec.APP-05 Traverse Dcc 1.6sec.APP-06 Offset(Hi) range 0%APP-07 Offset(Lo) range 0%Parametersfor iS5 traverseFunctionParametersfor performingtraverse operationthrough externalsequence3. Main function4. Others- Traverse operation is performed using traverse functionof APP Group, which is characteristic of iS5- Conventionally, traverse operation was performed usinginverter’s up-down operation and FDT function. However,it required additional volume and contact points.- When winding yarns, it is necessary to guide the yarnswith traverse.- By traverse operation, the drum’s rpm is alteredperiodically, so that the yarns do not cluster locally(ribbon effect) or cut off.- Field: Textile machine/loom- Type: SV-iS5/iS71. Introduction2. Process & system configurationTextile(Traverse)DrumCheeseMotor0.4kW
  6. 6. LS VFDLS VFD6 EME Business Div.EME Business Div.LooperPositionSensor 037iS7-2V1V2PneumaticV1V2V1V2Main controllerMain speed control (0~10V)UnwinderSlittingmachineRewinder- Slits material of sanitary napkin for women (width: 1 m)in 8 strands and rewinds it.- Field: Linked controller/unwinder, slitting, rewinder,pinch- Type - Unwinder: 037iS7-2 1EASlitting bridle: 037iS7-2 1EARewinder: 022iS7-2 4EAPinch machine: 037iS5-2 1EA2. Process & system configuration1. Introduction 3. Main function- Maximum line speed is 200m/m, and 10V main speed controlis input.- Unwinder: Because minimum diameter of roll is 100Φ and thegearing ratio is 30:46,40:132,30:24, i.e. 4.048:1, themaximum motor speed is(200/0.1π)(132/40)(46/30)(24/30)=2577rpm. Also,because maximum diameter of the initial material is 1500Φ,motor speed at the maximum line speed becomes(200/1.5π)(132/4046/30)(24/30)=172rpm. That is, 172 ~2577 rpm should be maintained at the maximum line speed.- Slitting bridle: Because minimum diameter of roll is 114Φ andthe gearing ratio is 24:44,21:44, i.e. 3.841:1, the maximummotor speed becomes (200/0.1π)(44/21)(44/24)=2145 rpm.- Rewinder : Because minimum diameter of roll is 190Φ and thegearing ratio is 30:46,1:5, i.e. 7.667:1, the maximum motorspeed becomes (200/0.1π)(46/30)(5/1)=2569rpm. And, atthe maximum diameter of 1200Φ, the motor speed becomes(200/1.2π)(46/30)(5/1)=407rpm.- The rewinder uses torque minor loop mode in iV5 winderversion.- The unwinder uses iV5 winder version with variable externalPI speed control. The Looper position data is linked with frontslitting bridle operation.Slitting machine037iS7-2022iS7-2
  7. 7. LS VFDLS VFD7 EME Business Div.EME Business Div.SpoolSocksmanufacturingDrivingForceTransferMotorSocksiG5ASocks making machine2. Process & system configuration1. Introduction- LS inverter used for main driving sourceof socks manufacturing machine- Field: Socks manufacturing machine- Type: Inverter (SV-iG5A)3. Major function4. OthersInverter• Forward driving startup (FX-CM)• JOG function• Speed control by keypad• Torque increase by manual torque boost function- Production speed can be regulated bycontrolling motor speed with inverter- Because JOG operation is possible, tangled yarnscan be disentangled using JOG frequency.- Noise is reduced by inverter operation.- Machine handling becomes easy becausemachine operating part and inverter can beconnected easily.
  8. 8. LS VFDLS VFD8 EME Business Div.EME Business Div.iS7Steel plateDrum3ΦLevelerCutting RollSteel plateCutterSteel plate line speed control system2. Process & system configuration1. Introduction 3. Major function4. OthersSteel plate- LS inverter used in steel plate production line- Field: Individual machine (roller)- Type: SV-iS7- Leveler’s main role is to remove residual stress.- Product size can be controlled precisely by levelerline speed control using inverter.- UP-Down operation and Jog function for easeoperation.- Vector was used to precisely control line speed inorder to obtain precise dimension of final product.- AC reactance was applied at input line for power-factor improvement and input circuit protection.- Forward driving startup (FX-CM)- Up/Down operation- Jog frequency operation- Use DB resistor- Motor overheat prevention- Overload trip
  9. 9. LS VFDLS VFD9 EME Business Div.EME Business Div.Drum(24inch*6,16inch*9,12inch*1)DrumTwistCapstan2. Process configuration1. Introduction 3. Major function4. OthersCoiler driving system- The conventional winding motor requires largecurrent for startup and is disadvantageous inproductivity.- Inverter is used to reduce startup current andimprove productivity.- Load : Coiler- Inverter: SV1320iP5A-4 (132㎾)- Motor:110㎾ (Modified winding motor)- During startup: Acceleration time should beselected so that the normal speed can be attainedwithin 1min for general 150% load.- During stoppage : Because the rotational inertia islarge, free run stoppage and machine brake are used.• Twister: Twists 16 strands of wire released from each drum.• Capstan: Applies tension to maintain the twisted state.- Because winding motor is used directly to inverter,internal resistance of the motor was removed.⇒ During wire connection, overheat may damagethe wire.Decelerator
  10. 10. LS VFDLS VFD10 EME Business Div.EME Business Div.productMiP5ARawmaterialsScrewExtruder(Screw type)2. Process & system configuration1. Introduction- LS inverter used for extruder screw driving- Field: Extruder screw- Type: Inverter (SV-iP5A)3. Major function4. OthersInverter• Forward driving startup (FX-CM)• Speed control by variable resistor (V1)• Motor overheat prevention• Overload trip- Productivity can be increased because extruder screwspeed can be easily controlled by variable resistor (V1).- The screw speed can be controlled in real timedepending on the temperature of extruder cylinder.- If the motor is overloaded or overheated because ofpoor extrusion, the self-protection function protectsthe motor and inverter without additional equipment.- Because the motor speed is controlled by frequency,the wider and more precise control is possiblecompared with conventional step control.- Motor noise is reduced.
  11. 11. LS VFDLS VFD11 EME Business Div.EME Business Div.Motor SV-iC51ΦRunning machine (Treadmill)2. Process & system configuration1. Introduction 3. Major function4. Others- LS inverter used for controller of runningmachine driving motor- Field: Running machine- Type: Inverter (SV-iC5)Inverter• Forward driving startup (FX-CM)• Speed change by Up/Down operation• Sensorless vector operation• Motor overheat prevention• Overload trip• Control by communication- Strong torque characteristics at low speed bysensorless vector- Smooth acceleration/deceleration and reducednoise- Product stability increased by motor overheatprevention and inverter overload prevention- Communication with running machine specificcontroller is possible
  12. 12. LS VFDLS VFD12 EME Business Div.EME Business Div.- Industrial washing machine : Hotel, HospitalFactory, Laboratory, Chemical, etc- Field : Machinery(Washing Machine)- Inverter : SV-iG5A(1phase : 1.5,2.2kW)SV-iS5/iS7(3phase : 5.5,7.5kW)- Motor : 1Hp ~ 10Hp- 16 level multi step operation- Acc/dec. time auto transfer feature – only for LGIS- Speed commend : Multi step operation or RS485: Low speed(washing), high speed(dehydration)- Acc/dec. time auto transfer : two deferent acc/dec.time ⇒ low speed and high speed- Overheat level setting feature and overheat trip: When reach to the overheat level, according to theset value⇒ Decel/stop, Free Run/stop,or lower the carrier frequency to prevent the tripDRUMINVIndustrial washing machineIM2. Process & system configuration1. Introduction 3. Major function4. Others
  13. 13. LS VFDLS VFD13 EME Business Div.EME Business Div.EiS7EncoderGearTensionController0~10VVolumeresistor2ndcolorprinting1st colorprinting2. Process & system configuration1. Introduction3. Major function4. Others- Prints two colors after unwinding paper roll, and then rewinds it.- Field: Individual machine (printing machine)- Inverter: SV037iS7-4 (3.7㎾)- Motor spec: 3.7㎾ (Encoder equipped to general motor : 1,000Pulse)- The rpm variation should be within 1rpm forprinting accuracy.⇒ If variation becomes large, printing position maynot coincide in 1-color printing and 2-color printing.- ASR (Automatic speed regulator) P,I gain control⇒ P gain : 40%I gain : 400㎳Printing machine
  14. 14. LS VFDLS VFD14 EME Business Div.EME Business Div.Rack & pinionLightingtower~AXA, AXCRun signal※ Braking operation system- A system for driving hoist, which is used for repairinglighting towers of baseball park. No precise control isrequired, but it is required to improve riding comfort.- Field: Hoist/lift- Type: inverter(SV-iS7)2. Process configuration1. Introduction1) Speed control by voltage2) Inverter run output is used for brake signal3) Lifting/descent signal is controlled by the riderwith lever.3. Major functionM/CBrake4. Others1) Dynamic Braking resistor is used to preventrelease during deceleration.2) Acceleration/deceleration time is determined bystop signal and stop position from test operation.DC brake is used to improve riding comfort duringbrake.3) Brake opening signal should be generated byaccepting inverter run signal because signal delayor signal error may happen, and it is recommendedto equip additional protection equipments such asgovernor in preparation for inverter error.Hoist(Lift)iS7iS7
  15. 15. LS VFDLS VFD15 EME Business Div.EME Business Div.iV5 MElectronic BrakeencoderCounterWeightCarSensorElevator2. Process & system configuration1. Introduction- LS vector inverter used for high speed elevatorcontrol with its special feature- Field: Elevator- Type: Inverter(SV-iV5L)3. Major function4. Others1) Height detection by inverter2) Acquires optimum speed pattern by calculatingremaining distance3) Position signal is transferred to main controllercontinuously4) Driving signal of electronic brake is directlycontrolled by inverter1) iV5-L or iV5 can be selected depending onrequirements of main controller.2) Because the inverter should send and receive specificsignal with main controller, matching with the maincontroller is important.(iV5L Version)3) Motor characteristic value is tuned without reallydriving the motor, by stop-type auto-tuning.
  16. 16. LS VFDLS VFD16 EME Business Div.EME Business Div.- Damper control → Inverter control▶ Energy saving / Automatic control- Facility : AHU(Air handling unit)- Model: SV-iS7/iS5, iG5A, iP5A3. Major function- Create the optimum air control through VFD- Automatically control the air flow- Supply is on and return is automatically on or offdepending on the flow of air4. Control system10EA 7EA13EA 11EASystem convert fromRS232 to RS485using the converter5. Others- Total VFD no. : 49- Control 49 VFD through RS485 communicationfrom the main control PC in control room- VFD automatically control the air flow accordingto the speed commend from control roomAHU controlSFRFINVSpeed commend(RS485)RAControlRoomTemp.SENSORFlowSensorINV Speedcommend(RS485)1. Introduction2. Process & system configuration
  17. 17. LS VFDLS VFD17 EME Business Div.EME Business Div.PIDTemperatureSensorV1<PID Control>V1 DisplayVariableResistorCooling waterCooling TowerFANCooling Tower2. Process configuration1. Introduction- Cooling tower is used to cool down circulation waterof chemical process. Because the cooling method isair-cooling, fan is required. The fan is driven by motor.- Conventionally, cooling of circulation water was donein On/OFF mode. However, we introduced speed controlby inverter for precise control and energy saving.- Field: Fan/cooling tower- Type: iP5ATemperatureSensorTemperatureSensor3. System configuration4. Main functionPID Controller- Frequency jump: Generally, the cooling tower hastwo or three resonance points within 0~60㎐.Therefore, operation may happen at resonancepoints if inverter is used for speed control. In thiscase, shafts that link motor bearing or motor withfan may be damaged.⇒ When applying frequency jump function, preciseresonance points should be identified. For thispurpose, speed is gradually checked in installation.MiP5A
  18. 18. LS VFDLS VFD18 EME Business Div.EME Business Div.Power(㎾)Aeration tank motor driving1. Introduction2. Process & system configurationMiP5APIDControlAir bubbleWaterConcentrationdetectionBlower3. Major function4. Others- DO(dissolved Oxygen) of water is controlled forrapid reaction of pollutants and chemicals.- Inverter is used for speed control.- Inverter is used for precise control andenergy saving.- Field: Blower/aeration tank- Type: SV750iP5A-4(75㎾)- Motor spec: 75㎾, 2-pole- PID control is used to precisely controlwater concentration.- Even the blower is energy-saving load, energyis not saved if aeration tank is the main load.⇒ Pressure is applied to the blower of aeration tankbecause it is positioned in water. Therefore, a largetorque is required to overcome the pressure and expelair bubble. Here, the water pressure acts as damper.< Load amount vs. Power consumption >Load(blow or flow volume)General energy savingcharacteristic curveDamper control and aeration tankcharacteristic curve
  19. 19. LS VFDLS VFD19 EME Business Div.EME Business Div.FactoryRoomHumidityfeedbackSensorAdditionalSensorSpeedcommendHumidity control – Textile factory2. Process & system configuration1. Introduction3. Major function4. Others- Humidity control of textile factory is important with regard to product quality.- The humidity control is performed by spraying moisture in room between air path. Generally,this spraying is controlled by valve, but if inverter is used, there will be advantage in controlefficiency and energy saving.- Field: Pump- Type: SV-iP5A- If there arises current non-equilibrium at input,this is due to factory electricity supply. It can besolved by adding reactors.- Because the installed valve control system isreplaced by motor speed control system, all that isrequired is matching valve control amount andspeed control output. No additional function isrequired.iP5A
  20. 20. LS VFDLS VFD20 EME Business Div.EME Business Div.Apartment(12~18F)6 buildings / 860householdsPressure gaugeP1Undergroundwater tankP2 P3 P4PLCIP5A2. Process & system configuration1. Introduction 3. Major function4. OthersApartment water supply system- Water supplying to apartment households- Field: Water supply pump for high-rise apartment- Type: Inverter(SV-iP5A)1) Inverter- Forward driving startup (FX-CM)- Speed control by variable resistor(V1)- Control by communication2) PLC- Process PID control- PLC (Master-k80s) was used as main controller.Speed of 4 inverters was controlled by PID control.- Because the water volume is controlled in real timeusing inverter, the conventional water tankbecomes unnecessary.- Motor noise is reduced remarkably because motorspeed is controlled by inverter.- Remote water supply system control is possibleusing PMU (optional).IP5AIP5AIP5A
  21. 21. LS VFDLS VFD21 EME Business Div.EME Business Div.PPPPPressure signalTransfer4~20mAINPUT4~20mADCS Control SystemFuel pump driving system- Fueling pump for supplying oil to airplane.Oil pressure is maintained by inverter dependingon load change.- Field: Pump- Type: SV-iP5A- To maintain constant pressure, load (fueling amount)is controlled by inverter in order - PID control⇒ 4~20㎃ of pressure signal is transferred to DCS,and DCS sends PID output for inverter control.- Because the motor was for medium-voltage (6,600V),UP/DOWN transformer was used to control lowvoltage inverter (440V).⇒ Inverter input was decreased from 6,600V to 440V.Then, inverter output was increased from 440V to6,600V because the motor was for 6600V.⇒ Heat resistance is important when selecting theUP/DOWUN transformer, because heat is generated.2. Process & system configuration1. Introduction 3. Major function4. OthersIP5A IP5A IP5A