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Solar water pump

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This slide give brief idea about need of solar resource and its utilization for irrigation in India.its cost effectiveness.Dayton Power have such water pumping solution to serve Indian farmer in best way.

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Solar water pump

  1. 1. Revolution in Irrigation through Solar Water Pump Presented By:- Dayton Power Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. Ground water level and Geographical suitability of solar irrigation
  3. 3. 750 million population in India have agriculture as main source of income Agriculture contributes 13 % of Indian GDP growth India has an irrigation potential of 139.89 million hectares Only 40% of the net cultivated area has benefited from the irrigation projects that have been implemented
  4. 4. Around 300 million Indians still have no grid power. Another 300 million have only very unreliable grid power. Most of them live in rural areas The market for diesel pumps in India is 2 million pumps/Year India wide, there are currently around 10 million diesel pumps in operation Solar contributes only 1 % of pump that operates in Country Irrigation resource chart of India
  5. 5. 100 % Irrigation Can Be Achieve Through SOLAR No need of Grid connection or electricity to run electric motor No need of costly & pollution creating fuel (Diesel) to irrigate your farm No need of regular maintenance of pump Solar P V system sustain more then 25 year with lowest maintenance cost No need to Replace spare parts of pump set regularly Dayton Have solution
  6. 6. Action Taken by the Gov. Towards Adoption of Solar Water Pump:- 1993-2010: MNRE – Promotion of solar PV water pumping systems for irrigation and drinking water.- 7771 pump has been installd against targate of 50000 solar pump On Going Project:- 2010-2017: Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM)-solar water pump comes under capital subsidery of 30 %.some state like Bihar, Rajsthan, Madhya Pradesh Maharastra government has given added subsidy on that
  7. 7. Potential Of solar irrigation in India As per the study conducted by HWWI, titled “CDM Potential of SPV Pumps in India” (2005) about 70 million solar PV pumps can be installed by 2020 The KPMG report titled “The Rising Sun” (2011) estimates solar- powered agriculture pump sets to be approximately 16,200 MW by 2017-22. However, the potentials as mentioned above are likely to be realized depending upon the extent of government support and market conditions. 9 million diesel water pumping sets are in use in India. If 50% of these diesel pumps were replaced with solar PV pump sets, diesel consumption could be reduced to the tune of about 225 billion litres/year.
  8. 8. Our Solution for Irrigation and Community Drinking Water:- Dayton Solar Surface Pump Dayton Submersible Pumps Dayton BLDC Pump
  9. 9. Dayton Solar Surface Pump:- Dayton offer wide range of AC/DC solar surface pump ranging from 1HP to 25 HP depending on application and water demand Surface pump mainly applicable for water depth ranging from 1-5 meter Most suitable for irrigation through canal River and lake and source with high ground water level This is best suitable for small house hold application
  10. 10. Dayton Submersible Pumps:- Dayton offer wide range of AC/DC solar surface pump ranging from 1HP to 25 HP depending on application and water demand These pump are applicable in area depth of water level ranging from 10-100 meter Most suitable for providind drinking water in urban and semi urban area Suitable for Irrigation through bore well , deep well and in hilly area where ground water level is low
  11. 11. Dayton High Efficiency BLDC Pump:- It’s a Flagship product of Dayton power when matter comes in Highest efficiency Lowes maintenance cost. And longest life Our range of BLDC motor is best More then 1o-20 yrs. life for BLDC pump and 25- 40 year for Photo Voltaic unit PV module that has been used ot operate motor can also be used to charge battery for home application with minor modification
  12. 12. Our Range of AC/DC Pump:-
  13. 13. Advantage of using Solar Pump The operating cost of solar Pump much less then diesel pump set Solar water pump can be used in any application like Irrigation Community water supply Operates on green Energy and continuous fuel feeding and maintenance not required Solar water pump can be designed for portability to be moved as water demand and season PV array used in solar pump can be used to supply electricity depending on application with very small modification
  14. 14. Payback and Financial Prospective Dayton Solar Water Pump have pay back time of 4 year Soft loan on Max. interest rate can be availed through Bank MNRE providing 30% subsidy on adopting solar water pump technology Some state Gov. also providing additional subsidy on solar water pump
  15. 15. Thank you Empowering community through our Skills and Innovation is attitude at Dayton. Presented By Dhruv Kumar Head Product Development Dayton Power
  16. 16. New Delhi- S531 School Block Shakarpur near metro stn Laxmi nagar Mail-sales@daytonpower.in Mob-+91-8459692085 Uttar Pradesh -Reg & corporate office- B34/59 1-A-R Varanasi Mail-sales@daytonpower.in Mob-+91-9451157149 Jharkhand- Dayton House 25/7 Dibha Chatra-825401 Mail-sales@daytonpower.in Mob-+91-8292221011 Maharashtra- 102B Sneha Paradise Warje pune 411004 Mail-sales@daytonpower.in Mob-+91-8600202579 Bihar- 6LF7/427 B.H.Colony Patna 800026 Mail-sales@daytonpowe.in Mob-+91-8459692085 www.daytonpower.in