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Bhagyashri Kawadiwale - E&TC Engineer

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Bhagyashri Kawadiwale - E&TC Engineer

  1. 1. Bhagyashri Kawadiwale Page1/2 Bhagyashri Kawadiwale Bhagyashri.kawadiwale@gmail.com +91 – 7588011914 B-103 Om Budhijay hendraya complex chincholipada S.Rd Dombivali west.421202 AcademicDetails Bachelor of Engineering(BE) – Electronics & Telecommunication  FirstClass – 64.46%  Duration:July,2009 – June,2012  KCE’sCOEIT, Jalgaon – North Maharashtra University,Jalgaon Secondary School Certificate (SSC)  FirstClass – 70.40%  Maharashtra State Boardof Secondary& HigherSecondaryEducation (MSBSHSE),Pune Diploma in Electronics& TelecommunicationEngineering  FirstClass – 72.79%  Duration:July,2006 – June,2009  SDGP, Jalgaon – Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education(MSBTE),Mumbai Objective To get a competitive and challenging job to deliver best of my skills and make best use of my efforts in gaining experience and reward & gives a graceful output to my company. WorkExperience Intact Automation Pvt.Ltd, Pune ,India. (6 months – september , 2012 to march, 2013) Customer Relationship Management  Products:Siemens PLC and SCADA Systems  Softweare used:ERP ,SAP  Division :Sales and Marketing  Description: - Satisfacitory handling customers up to execution of purchase order. - Support project department. - Preparation of BOM,Quotation ,system design ,programming of PLC ,HMI as per customer requirement. - Exposure in handling projects for improving efficiency of automation & control using available resources.
  2. 2. Bhagyashri Kawadiwale Page2/2 OtherDetails Training & Workshop–  Siemens PLC Automation : Logo,200system,300 system,1200 system Languages –  English  Marathi (Native)  Hindi Technical Skills–  ProgrammingLanguages : C,VLSI,MATLAB  ProcessorandMicrocontroller : 8085, 8051.  Industrial communicationprotocols : Ethernet,SPI,UART,RS232, RS485  Programmingof microcontrollersusingKeil,AVRStudio,MPLAB  MS-CIT(Maharashtrastate certificate ininformationtechnology) Projects VLSI based human activity control system– BE Project  Description: - controlling activities water level control, mail detection, security system, porch light detection through VLSI unit. VLSI IC CPLD 9572 is used.Sensors like LDR,I.R LED,magnetic,pressure are used to detect and contorl the operation. - This system csn be used in large societies, in companies . Handy zenerdiode tester– TE Project  Description: - A compact system used to find the ratings and value of different zener diodes with breakdown voltages extending up to 120 volts - The circuit works with a voltage as low as 6v DC . Microcontrollerbasedcell phone operatedland over - Diploma Project  Description: - Using 8051 we can controlled various activities with the help of cell phone. one with DTMF external cell phone and one with connected to land rover - ATMega8535 AVR temperature controllerICisused. PaperPresentations - Participated in state level paper presentation at Sipna’s collage at Amravati. - Got 3rd prize in paper presentation at K.C.E college of engineering & technology, jalgaon on 3G AND 4G - Participated in a National Level Paper competition at Shri. SantGadge Baba College of Engineering and Technology, Bhusawal.