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We are providing Online Software Testing Trainings on SAP TAO Trainings, SAP Testing, SAP Manual Testing, Manual testing, HP Business Process Testing, SAP, BPT, TAO, Testing, QTP, Online Software Testing Trainings, HP QTP 10, Quality Center

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  1. 1. www.testing-onlinetraining.com Mail: bgovind.b@gmail.com Mobile: +91-9966957210 We provide Good Quality Online Software Testing Trainings and ClassRoom Trainings on SAP Automation testing with HP QTP, HP BPT, andSAP TAO, Load Runner Corporate Trainings Trainings for Fresher Job Orienting Trainings Project work 1. SAP Manual Testing (SAP SD Testing, SAP MM Testing) 2. SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization (SAP TAO 2.0) 3. SAP Automation Testing with HP Tools 4. SAP Performance Testing using Load Runner 5. HP Business Process Testing (HP BPT) 6. HP Quality Center 7. Automation Framework with Real Time Project 8. SAP Automation Projects with Framework 9. Resume Preparation 10. Interview Questions and MaterialsSystem Requirements: 1. Team viewer 6.0 (Remote Desktop connection) 2. Skype Messenger (Voice Chatting) 3. Gtalk ID 4. Head phonesContact: Govind QA LeadMobile: +91-9966957210Mail ID: bgovind.b@gmail.comWeb Site: www.testing-onlinetraining.com
  2. 2. www.testing-onlinetraining.com Mail: bgovind.b@gmail.com Mobile: +91-9966957210 SAP TAO - Test Acceleration & Optimization 2.0 Duratio Topic Sub Topics n What is SAP TAO Introduction SAP TAO Overview of SAP TAO 2.0 2.0 Overview of SAP TAO Architecture Prerequisites for Installing SAP TAO SAP TAO Folder Structure Configuring SAP Quality Center Creating Application Area in QTP Process Flow Analyzer (PFA) Import/Export Change Analyzer Inspect Results Analysis Execute Test Script Build Test Script Consolidate UI Scanner BPT work Flow SAP TAO 2.0 Common components End to End Business Scenarios with Real Time ScenariosContact: Govind QA LeadMobile: +91-9966957210Mail ID: bgovind.b@gmail.comWeb Site: www.testing-onlinetraining.com
  3. 3. www.testing-onlinetraining.com Mail: bgovind.b@gmail.com Mobile: +91-9966957210 HP Business Process Testing (BPT) Duratio Topic Sub Topics n What is Quality Center What is site Administrator Overview of Business Process Testing Advantages of Business Process Testing Introduction BPT Benefits of BPT Overview of BPT Module Creating Components Manual components creation Automation components creation Application Area Introduction to BPT BPT work Flow Module Common components Overview Component test scenarios How to build test scenarios How to passing test data BPT Framework Debugging components Scenarios Execution Introduction to BPT Execution reports work flow All reports End to End Business Scenarios with Real Time ScenariosContact: Govind QA LeadMobile: +91-9966957210Mail ID: bgovind.b@gmail.comWeb Site: www.testing-onlinetraining.com
  4. 4. www.testing-onlinetraining.com Mail: bgovind.b@gmail.com Mobile: +91-9966957210 HP Quick Test Professional 10.0 Topic Sub Topics Duration What is Automation Testing Introduction to Benefits of Automation TestingAutomation Testing Manual Testing Vs Automation Testing Tool selection criteria Overview of Quick Test Pro Starting Quick TestIntroduction to QTP Quick Test Window Quick Test Window Layout Using Quick Test Commands Creating and executing a Basic Test Record and Playback Different Recording Levels Analyzing the Quick Test Results VB Script Language Overview VB Script Data Types VB Script VB Script Variables VB Script Constants Functions How Quick Test identifies Objects Working with Test Objects Object Spy Working with Test Configuring Object IdentificationObjects and Object Repositories Smart Identification Managing Object Repositories Merging Shared Object Repositories Associating Shared Object Repositories to a Test Synchronizing your tests Synchronization Options to synchronize your tests Transactions Check Point Introduction Adding Checkpoints to a Test Checkpoints Types of Checkpoints Checkpoints Supported Environment Working with Introduction to Actions Actions Benefits of Actions Creating Tests with Multiple ActionsContact: Govind QA LeadMobile: +91-9966957210Mail ID: bgovind.b@gmail.comWeb Site: www.testing-onlinetraining.com
  5. 5. www.testing-onlinetraining.com Mail: bgovind.b@gmail.com Mobile: +91-9966957210 Creating an Action Template Parameterizing Introduction to Parameterizing Tests Tests and Data Parameterizing Tests Driven Tests Data Driven Test Introduction to Data Tables Working with Global and Action Sheets Working with Editing and Saving Data Table Data Tables Importing and Exporting Data Using Formulas in the Data Table Using Data Table Methods Introduction to Regular Expressions Regular Expressions Defining Regular Expressions Running and Analyzing a Test with Regular Expressions Creating User Defined Functions Advantages of using functions Functions Creating generic functions Preparing Regression Test Automation suites Function Decomposition Implementation Introduction to Recovery Scenarios When to use Recovery Scenarios Defining Recovery Scenarios Recovery Scenarios Recovery Scenario Manager Managing Recovery Scenarios Associating Recovery Scenarios to your Test Programmatically Controlling the Recovery Mechanism Automation Quick Test Operations Quick Test When to use AOM scripts Automation Object Model Basic Elements of AOM Script Generating your AOM Script Modularity Framework Automation Keyword-Driven Framework Frameworks Data-Driven Framework Hybrid FrameworkContact: Govind QA LeadMobile: +91-9966957210Mail ID: bgovind.b@gmail.comWeb Site: www.testing-onlinetraining.com
  6. 6. www.testing-onlinetraining.com Mail: bgovind.b@gmail.com Mobile: +91-9966957210 Performance Testing: Load Runner in SAP Topic Sub Topics Load Runner Architecture Overview LoadRunner Testing Process Structure the script based on planning Use VuGen to record a Vuser script for Web environment Recording Describe HTML and URL recording levels When to use HTML and/or URL recording levels Identify the appropriate web Run-time settings to set Playback Configure Web Run-time settings to run the script Verify Vuser script functionality in VuGen Create multiple actions in a Vuser script Actions and Transactions Configure actions to achieve load testing goals Add Transaction to measure response times Parameters Solve play back problems by Parameterizing the script Distinguish between available correlation methods Correlate a script manually using correlation functions Correlation during and After recording Manual Correlation after recording Correlation Use the scan for correlation tool Correlate data during recording Define rules for correlation in Recording Options Enable correlation during recording Using Run- Script and scenario Run – Time settings Time setting Configure Run-Time settings in the Controller Value of Performance Monitors Performance Select Performance Monitors Monitors Add measurements to Performance Monitors Performance Overlays to track down bottlenecks Value of root cause analysis – resources bottleneck,code loops Results Analysis Diagnose errors with LoadRunner Application and Architecture Meaningful interpretation of LoadRunner graphsContact: Govind QA LeadMobile: +91-9966957210Mail ID: bgovind.b@gmail.comWeb Site: www.testing-onlinetraining.com