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Is cold calling dead?

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My goal is to start a discussion, about the companies ways to try the first contact with your prospects.

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Is cold calling dead?

  1. 1. Is Cold Calling Dead? Roberto Amaro roberto@robertoamaro.com @robertosamaro
  2. 2. hello! I AM ROBERTO AMARO I am Business Developer at IBM Brazil, and look for a better way to find and talk to my prospects. You can find me at: @robertosamaro
  3. 3. The World Has Changed Cold calling was prevalent during the pre- Internet era, when consumers couldn’t find alternatives on the web, and the only way to learn about a product was from a sales phone call. But times have changed a lot since the early 90’s. For instance, I prefer good writing skills over good cold calling abilities any day.
  4. 4. And keeps changing… A quick message is the best way to start a relationship these days. Using landlines phones to call friends is getting closer to extinction: 14% nowadays compared to 30% in 2009 No one wants to make or receive a cold call. At best, sales phone calls irritate your prospect.
  5. 5. “Doing cold calls is like taking your suitcase and going door to door trying to sell something. There’s always someone crazy enough to buy, but most of the doors are not opened. (Pasi Rautio from tuplaamo.fi) “
  6. 6. You don't have to stop calling, but… Social Media is the New Cold Calling Enjoy maximum reach of social networks to get your prospects. Personalize each contact You need to devote some time to make this contact “personal”. Be interested in your prospect's business Speaks only of the solution itself is extremely boring! It’s sad to know that we are bothering We always calls you at an inappropriate time. We are human When you make twenty calls without success, discredit your solution is devastating. Power is not your They will talk to you when they are really interested.
  7. 7. Place your screenshot here Buying lists in not necessary With a simple search on LinkedIn, we have 329 names of IT managers in São Paulo State.
  8. 8. Highlights Millennials, don't like voice mail and prefer to use texting and email. Voice mail has become so unpopular that some companies are shutting it down. Coca-Cola, for example, no longer has voice mail at its corporate headquarters. A study from Kenan-Flagler Business School finds that “cold calling has only a 2.5% success rate.”
  9. 9. But, Our prospects still have phones.
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  11. 11. thanks! ANY QUESTIONS? You can find me at: @robertosamaro roberto@robertoamaro.com http://www.robertoamaro.com