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Andrew Goodwin's Theory

My media course work blog

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Andrew Goodwin's Theory

  1. 1. Born in 1979 in Sydeny, Australia. Andrew Goodwin, is a director of music, he’s notice that within music videos certain features reoccur. Goodwin's theory is addressed in 5 steps and elements. These elements bring the attention of the audience to notice and understand these things. We need to take his theory into consideration when creating our music video in order for it to be successful if it was to be published professionally. We want our music video to fit in with the music videos for today. Andrew Goodwin
  2. 2. 1. Thought beats- seeing the sound Goodwin expected the audience to want to see a connection with the shots changing on the beat or on every half beat and certain images or phrases being repeated within elements of the song such as the chorus. This allows the audience to understand the song as well as let the footage flow well to the beat of the music. Sometimes the audience make a connection with film genres such as ‘Heavy Metal’ is connected with the film genre horror. You look so dumb right now *clap* change image
  3. 3. In Beyoncé's ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ the story line is based around, a dream about a wedding. The shots change on the beat of the music and the repetition of the chorus allows the audience to make a connection, even though footage is repeated the costumes are therefore a connection is still made. 2. A relationship between the narrative and the performance Goodwin stereotypically expects the audience to want to see a narrative throughout the music videos. This could be straight forward or slightly abstract this is to show the different meanings and connection between the lyrics and music video. This has the effect on the audience because It allows the audience to create their own interpretation of the meaning of the lyrics.
  4. 4. Ne Yo trade mark is his various amount of hats which he wears in his music videos and red carpets. He is expected to wear different hats throughout everything. 3. The star’s trademark Artists often have a trademark, this could vary between a certain style, a highlight dance movement or a certain phrase they us in each song. The audience expect the artists trademark to be within their music videos and/or the front of their single/album cover. Our artist will need their own trademark to fit in within the music industry. The trademark is a sign of success and fame, as smaller artists don’t tend to have a trade mark.
  5. 5. Jason Derulo always has his face as the main focus within his music videos. Jason is a good looking male therefore attracts the females however her physic also inspires men to look like him. His image is shown always singing or within the narrative he is the actor. 4. Multiple close ups of the main artist The audience expect to see different shots of the artist within a music video, whether it be a live performance or a close up of them lip syncing to the music. If the artist is a female such as our artist, close up are used in order to make the female look more flattering and attract the males through Laura’s Mulvey’s theory of the ‘male gaze’. This is effective because the song is them labelled with the artist.
  6. 6. 5. Technical aspects The editing within a music video, puts all the footage together to make a final music video which flows. The right lighting, colour, mise-en-scene and costumes all come together to make the right mood and effect. This is important because not all music videos have a narrative however with the use of the above creates its own meaning and atmosphere. We would like to have narrative within our music video however I feel that we will have some shoots where the narrative wont be as clear therefore these together elements will need to be put in place. Chris Brown’s songs are sometimes very emotional therefore need to have the right colour and lighting to create the emotional mood. A screen shot above is from one of his music videos as you can see the lighting is dark and the look is mysterious.