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Digipak and poster

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Digipak and poster

  1. 1. Creating the Digipak and Magazine AdvertTo create the front cover of the digipak Iused the software Adobe Photoshop. Icropped images of the artist, overlappingthem and decreasing the opacity inorder forit to blend together. I usedvarious picturesof the female smiling and of her emotionlessand placed them to create juxtaposition. Thereason for this idea was for it to link to themusic video of her looking back at her oncestress-free, happy life whilst highlightingtheidea of her having adysfunctional life now.Below is the completed digipak.
  2. 2. For the magazine advert, I initially wanted tocreate another image which was not displayedon the digipak (1st image); however, I did notfeel that it and complimented both the digipakand music video. I then created another advertusing the same image of the front cover of thedigipak in order for it to link, but it was anobvious choice and I felt that the image did notwork well for an advert.In the end, I decided to choose the image onthe left as it’s a clear picture of the artist andrepresents her well. I enhanced the image byincreasing the contrast which makes it eye-catching by standing out.I made sure to includethe main elements in an album advert such asthe artists’ name, the album title, a 5 starrating by a well-known brand, a website, andcatchy sentences to persuade the audience topurchase the album.