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Ebook stories1

  1. 1. Stem Cell Nutrition - TestimonialsOverviewWhat is a Stem Cell?The National Institutes of Health defines a stem cell in this way: "Stem cells have the remarkable potential to develop into manydifferent cell types in the body. Serving as a sort of repair system for the body, they can theoretically divide without limit to replenishother cells as long as the person is still alive. When a stem cell divides, each new cell has the potential to either remain a stem cell orbecome another type of cell with a more specialized function, such as a muscle cell, a red blood cell, or a brain cell".The First Creation of LifeWhen the sperm fertilizes the egg the first creation is a stem cell. It then divides into more stem cells which continue to divide untilthey begin to differentiate (or change), becoming specific types of cells that will go on to form all of the different parts of the body.These are the embryonic stem cells that are the focus of the medias attention. But after birth, and throughout life, stem cells continueto be made in the body. And as science has recently discovered, these adult stem cells are the bodys primary system of renewal andrestoration.Adult Stem CellsAdult stem cells are predominantly formed in the bone marrow. And, just as in the beginnings of life, adult stem cells can literallychange into any type of cell in the body throughout life. These adult stem cells are released from the bone marrow into the circulationof the bloodstream to seek out problem areas, then renew and restore those areas.Example: The HeartWhen circulating stem cells find the heart in reduced health, they exit the bloodstream, attach to the heart and actually become brandnew heart muscle cells, analogous to the original cells that created the infants heart. They then begin dividing into still more new heartmuscle cells. The same with the liver, the kidneys, the brain, the skin, eyes, any organ, tissue, muscle, bone, connective tissue, literallyany part of the body that is in need of restorationWhat Do Stem Cells Mean for My Health?The National Institute of Health identifies 74 treatable diseases using adult stem cells in therapy. These costly and complex therapiestypically deliver a massive quantity of adult stem cells to the area undergoing treatment. Most require that stem cells be harvestedfrom the patient or an adult donor, programmed in a lab to become a specific type of cell, and then injected into the body. Fortreatment of disease these therapies are the best method of recovery, producing truly remarkable results. But, most of us dont havehealth issues that require these extensive procedures.For those of us just wanting to maintain optimal health or address the effects of aging, injury, or day to day wear and tear, a smallerbut steady release of our existing stem cells into the bloodstream can produce considerable health benefits. When Stem Cell Nutritionproducts are used as a daily supplement over time, the stimulation of billions of additional stem cells in the bloodstream could be oneof the safest and most efficient methods for maintaining optimal health that science has yet discovered.PubMed.gov - From the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of HealthThe documentations of adult stem cell function by mainstream science and medical research are virtually endless. The previous arejust a fraction. To find more, just visit the science and medical communitys online source for retrieving such papers and articles,www.PubMed.gov. Type stem cell in the search box and have access to more than 150,000 studies. Adult stem cell will yield 30,000+papers.Recent scientific developments have revealed that stem cells derived from the bone marrow, travel throughout the body, andact to support optimal organ and tissue function. Stem cell enhancers are products that support the natural role of adult stemcells.Dr. Carroll ZahorskyI am a plastic surgeon in Kansas City and host of the DR Z BETTER LIVING Radio Show. I am an author, motivational speaker, andadvocate for the value of family, holistic living, and improving the quality of living for all people. When I was first introduced to thestem cell nutrition product in December, 2006, I was limited in my knowledge regarding much of the current status of stem celltechnology. I was also limited in my knowledge regarding effective multilevel marketing education and distribution of a product. Iobserved quickly that what I was hearing about the product sounded really good. Almost too good to be true!Since my introduction to the product, I have researched the literature intensely and talked to many experts in the field of stem celltechnology. I have researched the product from a medical viewpoint extensively from the science and health benefits. The more Ilearn, the more positive and excited I feel about and believe in it and the positive impacts it can have upon ones life. From a medicalviewpoint, I believe this product may indeed be one of the most exciting discoveries of our time offering the positive benefits of stem 1 of 11
  2. 2. Stem Cell Nutrition - Testimonialscell physiology without compromising solid principles of ethics and good science. I believe the product does in fact support therelease of adult stem cells from the bone marrow so they can work effectively to travel throughout the body to support optimal organand tissue function.As an M.D. and Plastic Surgeon, researching this stem cell nutrition product was very important to me at a level beyond what manymight find necessary. It is powerful stuff to me and the deeper I go with my need for corroborative authenticity of its merits, the moreexcited I become about the product and its potential benefits to the well being of those who use it. The product will prove, I believe, tobe one of those great discoveries that will benefit millions and millions of people in disease and reparative processes. Personally, I amhealthy and fit. I take the stem cell nutrition product on a daily basis as an adjunctive measure to help preserve my wellness and helpmy cellular makeup stay as healthy as possible throughout my life. I am committed to helping people everywhere learn more aboutand use this product effectively to improve the quality and health of their lives.Dr. Nancy WhiteDr. White holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, an M.A. in Behavioural Science, and a B.F.A. in Fine Arts, Magna Cum Laude. Inaddition, she is licensed in the State of Texas as a Psychologist, a Marriage and Family Therapist and as a Chemical DependencyCounselor. I have always been interested in health generally and in particular the brain, focusing on the balance of neurotransmitters, Ioften do quantitative EEGs for assessment of my patients. Im impressed with the concept of natural products like stem cell nutritionthat could help release adult stem cells from bone mass where the body would have no objection and no rejection.I use the stem cell nutrition product myself for general health and anti-aging. After taking it for a time, I feel more agile and my jointsare far more flexible. I was astounded while doing yoga, that I was suddenly able to bend over and touch my forehead to my knees. Ihavent been able to do that comfortably in probably 20 years. I noticed as well how much better my balance has become. I believestem cell nutrition is responsible for these effects, because I certainly have not been trained extensively in yoga. Also, since taking theproduct, I feel better and my skin is more moist and has a finer texture.A friend of mine, who is also taking the product, had several small cancer spots on the top of his head. His doctor had removed onefrom his arm already and his dermatologist set a date to remove those from his scalp. Before the appointment, my friend was shavingone morning and noticed that the cancer spots were gone. They had disappeared within a few weeks of starting the stem cell nutritionproduct. Also, his knee, which he had strained from playing tennis, was like new. This stem cell nutrition product seems to go towhere the body needs it most. It is a remarkable product and can help anyone. Everybody should try it because it is natural and thereare no risks. Even if you dont currently have a problem, this product is a preventative to assist us with good health and a healthy bodyinto the future.Teresa CurtisWhen I first heard about the stem cell nutrition product I thought it was pretty fantastic and pretty strange. I did not know if it waslegitimate so I sent the information to a few of my Doctor friends who were very enthusiastic about it. I was supposed to have a leftknee replacement, and I was supposed to have arthroscopic surgery in my right knee, and had arthritis in both feet. After four days oftaking the product my arthritis stopped hurting, and within seven days my knees stopped hurting. It has now been over a year, and I nolonger need any knee surgery.I had an MRI in March, five months after starting the stem cell nutrition product. My calcified adrenal gland was perfectly normal andI had only one small calcified fibroid left instead of the group that I had before. Obviously Ive felt a major difference with thisprogram. With such amazing results and with all the scientific evidence behind this stem cell nutrition product, it has created a wholenew product category with both health and wealth, unparalleled in the industry.Sam BaldwinOn November 13th, 2006, I started using the stem cell nutrition product. I went to the doctor on the 16th and my blood sugar readingwas 8.7. I went back on the 9th of January and it was 7.0 (Normal for diabetic is between 6.0 and 7.0) It has been high for five or sixyears and my doctor has tried to get it under control. In 1992 I went on insulin and it was still high. When I first started taking the stemcell nutrition product - my back jaw was hurting from stress, after about two weeks, the pain stopped. This showed me that my stresslevels were down. Generally, I just feel better!E.J.MorrisThe reason I started taking this stem cell nutrition was because of the proven science and documented studies stating that the morestem cells circulating in your bloodstream, the healthier your body will be, and, by taking two of the patented capsules, approximatelythree million NEW stem cells will be released in your bloodstream. Thats pretty powerful! In about two to six hours I felt a clearermental focus and concentration. I handle stressful situations with less tension and with an overall feeling of calmness. Being a 60 yearold professional photographer, working 8 to 10 hours a day photographing High School Seniors, I have to keep "Very UPBEAT" &Im continuously creating a FUN Environment. I noticed I had increased stamina and I sustained high energy levels throughout a very 2 of 11
  3. 3. Stem Cell Nutrition - Testimonialsdemanding day. Whats really cool is that I am able to sleep much sounder and awake totally rested on FEWER HOURS! I hope tochange a lot of people’s lives and lifestyles by telling them about this remarkable product. Life is way TOO SHORT not to LIVE it tothe max by achieving Optimal Health! Our bodies are a miracle. Dont abuse them. Let the millions of new stem cells do their repairwork ... where ever they are needed, in the body!Leonna StorkI had been taking medication for diabetes and high blood pressure, which had registered 200/100. Even with medication, my bloodsugar levels are rarely below 200. I also felt tired and listless from Colitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Poor circulation keptmy fingers cold all the time. I was feeling miserable, especially since I lost my husband a year ago, I miss him terribly.The first thing I noticed after starting this stem cell nutrition product, the warmth returned to my fingers. I couldnt believe it. It alsoalleviated my IBS symptoms, and Im really excited not to be suffering from Colitis. Now Im down to once a day with my medicationfor diabetes, instead of twice. My blood sugar tests are averaging 140, sometimes as low as the 80s. Im no longer taking bloodpressure medicine since my reading has dropped to 130/80 and my resting pulse is 60. I feel calm and serene, with improved mentalclarity. I sleep better, and I have a more positive attitude as a result of taking this product. I am so grateful for this!Ian SeitmanBack in 1999 I was diagnosed with gleoglastoma, I had two cancerous brain tumors and they could not be operated on. One was in myright frontal lobe and the other was on my brain stem. I was told me I had two months to live. Now they tell me the tumors havevanished, theyre gone. Im not saying its because of the stem cell nutrition product, yet there is no doubt it has aided in my recovery.Im glad to be here! I am in the 2% of world wide survivors.Before starting the stem cell nutrition product I developed a cataract causing me cloudy vision. I took two capsules when I got thebottle, went to bed, woke up the next morning and my vision was a lot sharper. I knew absolutely the product assisted in this, noquestion about it. I have been taking the product ever since and my eye is about 80% healed. My physical enhancement was noticedimmediately. For five years I was taking a special prescription nose spray. When I had the brain cancer, the radiation burned out mysinuses on the right side after five years. After two weeks of using this product the nose spray was tossed. My energy totally changed.I used to ride a three wheel bike to cater to my balance. I would ride it two blocks a day, but after three weeks of using the capsules, Istarted riding three miles a day. It was just amazing how my energy went up. Its hard to believe, its a miracle.The next thing that happened to me, and is still happening, is to my right ear. I had previously lost all hearing from radiation. I dontknow how long Ive been on the stem cell nutrition product, but the hearing is about 50% back. I am hoping to have 100% restored inthe next six months. One last thing I have noticed, half of my head was numb, but the stiffness and the numbness is gone. I used tochew my food really well before I swallowed due to the numbness in my throat. Since taking the stem cell nutrition product,swallowing is no problem. My lips felt like they were novocained, now the numb sensation is subsiding. Since starting stem cellnutrition, I have taken two capsules morning and night.Jerry AlexanderAfter graduating from Duke University with a B.A. and B.D. degrees, and the University of North Carolina with a D.D.S. degree, Ipracticed dentistry in Boulder, Colorado for 32 years, retiring in 1998. In my mercury-free dental practice, I focused not only on goodoral care, also on the role nutrition plays and its influence on total body health. Early in my life as a dentist, I was confronted with thepossibility of deteriorating health. The proverbial accident waiting to happen. The wake-up call got my attention and I did two things.First, I stopped using mercury with my patients and secondly, I began to pursue natural ways, to re-establish my baseline health, toinsure that my body would function as optimally as possible.This set me on a course to discover some basics about my health. Raising the level of my overall health, made more sense to me thanbeing treated after there was some kind of breakdown. I didnt just want to have fewer symptoms; I wanted to address the cause ofpotential problems, before they occurred. In this process I discovered several things. First, feed my body with well balanced food andnutritional supplements to nourish my already EXISTING cells. Next, clean out my body systems occasionally to prevent toxic build-up. Thirdly, support the basic repair functions of the body. I give this process a lot of credit for being healthy at this stage of myphysical life, taking no drugs and feeling really good.In 2006, I was introduced to a unique stem cell nutrition product. After doing my normal "background check", I realized that not onlydoes this supplement have solid research to support it; this is a totally new approach to support the bodys normal repair, andrebuilding process by creating NEW cells. For me, this sheds a different light on what we have been calling "aging". How many timeshave you heard this statement? "Oh, youre just getting old". So now that I can support my own repair and regeneration process,maybe "aging" is going to take on a new meaning, like "good wine". This is the way I have felt since I have been taking the stem cellnutrition - more fundamental energy, sleeping more soundly, and feeling less like a 73 year old, and more like a 50 year old. Takingthis stem cell nutrition product is another way I can assist my body to be healthy and to regenerate itself, addressing the cause of the 3 of 11
  4. 4. Stem Cell Nutrition - Testimonialsproblems rather than chasing after every ache and pain. The ability to support my own stem cells is a gigantic step. I realize I donthave to be sick in order to feel better, and by raising my baseline health, I have more freedom and ability to do what I want. I realizehow many people want this for themselves, and it is exciting that we can now offer them real support.Linda StarrI do consulting, training and coaching in the area of productivity. I help people get more of what they want from their lives. I havebeen doing this for 30+ years. What had me pursue this opportunity was the product and what it promised. I knew it could increase myown productivity as well as my clients, if I could keep them looking and feeling young into their maturity. I also understood that thefinancial opportunity of being self-employed was a major tax reducing benefit. I also saw an opportunity with the unique marketposition of this stem cell nutrition product, and I loved the fact they had only one product. Additionally, I love the fact this product, isin a field of its own, and has virtually no competition. I love this product. I plan to take it for the rest of my life. I want to spread thegood news to those with desire and curiosity.WHAT I HAVE EXPERIENCED: (started 11/1//05) AFTER ONE MONTH: 12/1/051. Inches lost in thighs.2. Increased clarity and speed in thinking.3. FACIALIST NOTICED 6 SPECIFIC RESULTS: 1. best skin integrity in the 10 years she has been working with me; 2. diminishedpore size; 3. skin firmer to touch 4. Naso-labial folds diminished (lines from nose to corner of mouth) 5. Diminished "skin tags",whiteheads, broken veins. 6. Improved color on face. For the first time since I have been working with her, Ruth King Smith actuallycomplimented me on my skin in January, 2006.ADDITIONALLY I NOTICED1. Scar on face diminished by 70% 2. Replacement of collagen (wrinkles = lack of collagen) 3. Brown age spots disappeared fromhands 1/14/06 4. I require less sleep and wake up feeling like an 8 year old. i.e. Leaping from the bed energetically to start my day.Dropped two dress sizes from size 12 to size 8.History: I first learned about the stem cell nutrition product from Dr. Nancy White in Houston, and later spoke with some of theoriginal researchers to learn of their results. I started on the product and have been on it ever since. I had such great results with myskin; people kept guessing my age to be 35 when I was actually 60.Ann CarlisleWho doesnt want a better quality of life for themselves and those they hold dear? Who doesnt want to feel better, physically,emotionally, spiritually, have better relationships and know a life of true abundance? I will be 82 this year. There is a lot more I wantto do and learn about the stem cell nutrition product, which is changing lives for so many. A very dear friend gave me a great gift intelling me about this product. The credit I give myself is, I had an open mind and purchased the product immediately.My household consists of my 86 year old husband, myself, my 58 year old son plus one dog, also on the stem cell nutrition product.We grow, buy and eat organic, but these days thats not enough. Collectively my family has been relieved of various pains, someexcruciating but not life-threatening. My son no longer needs insulin shots. Thats a biggie because the insulin wasnt controlling hissituation. My husband and son are now able to cinch up their belts by several notches. We have all experienced more stamina, moreenergy, more clarity of mind, more creativity, more calmness in stressful situations, better sleep, improved digestive elimination,circulatory and immune systems. There are so many improvements that its a challenge to tell the whole story without writing a book!I see we have helped a lot of people with their health, creating a better quality of life. We want the world to know about this stem cellnutrition product!Robin KarnetteIm a health and wellness practitioner and keep myself as healthy as I can. When I heard some interesting things about this stem cellnutrition product, I decided to try it. I was curious to see if there would be any benefits. I did notice an immediate reduction in stress.It wasnt an awareness of how stressed I really was, I just noticed that normal irritations no longer seemed important to me. I seemedto be more even keeled.I was also able to sleep soundly through the entire night, whereas before, I would be up two or three times a night because of allergiesthat interfered with my breathing. For me, that was quite an improvement and Im very thrilled. I also noticed that the stem cellnutrition product makes my hair grow a lot faster. Friends have mentioned my improved complexion and say that my coloring isbetter. Ive enjoyed the results of this product so much; I recommend it to friends and family with serious health problems. I am sopleased they have had similar amazing results. Stem cells are the only known source for rebuilding the body and renewing health by restoring lost or degraded cells. 4 of 11
  5. 5. Stem Cell Nutrition - TestimonialsBruce MelmerIm a tad over 50 and feel 30. Before I started taking this stem cell nutrition product I had a few of what you would call, age relatedcomplaints. Aches, pains, fatigue etc. Not necessarily in poor health but really starting to show my age. Within a few days I noticedthe arthritis in my right hand, no longer bothered me. The left shoulder pain I carried daily for eight years gone! I bounce out of bed inthe morning and feel vibrant all day. At the end of the first week, I noticed I could read the ticker on CNN without my glasses. Theone thing the stem cell nutrition product did for me, which I am truly thankful for, is it allowed me to finally quit smoking. SomethingI struggled with for 20 plus years.Sean NotaroWhen I was first introduced to the stem cell nutrition product, I was skeptical, and questioned how it could benefit a young personsuch as myself, who doesnt suffer from any major medical conditions. After using the stem cell nutrition product for approximatelythree to four weeks, I began to notice changes in my attitude. My ability to think clearly dramatically increased and so did my abilityto stay calm under pressure. In addition, I have noticed my body seems to recover faster after work-outs, and the level of musclesoreness has decreased dramatically as a result of using this stem cell nutrition product. In conclusion, this stem cell nutrition producthas exceeded my expectations immensely. Its finally nice to see a company to naturally produce a product that actually works!!!Barry JonesWhile working as a contractor and builder, I accidentally fell five and a half stories. I broke my back in two places, cracked four ribs,and shattered my pelvis. My major organs were displaced, including my heart. At first, people thought I was dead, but the Lord sparedmy life. Doctors said, it was a miracle. I was told my left leg would be paralyzed, and I would need pain medication for a year.Surgeries and therapies were scheduled, to prevent total paralysis. After my mother brought me the stem cell nutrition product, Ireduced my pain medication until no longer needed. I followed through with the physical therapy, and the doctors were amazed at myrecovery, especially when I began to walk on both feet unassisted. Im really blessed. I am now looking forward to an almost completerecovery, which was not anticipated in the beginning.George GuyattI was diagnosed a few years ago with Parkinsons disease. My symptoms included loss of memory, difficulty walking and tremors.Three doctors in town, plus one at the VA, agreed I had Parkinsons. Recently, after starting on the stem cell nutrition product, Inoticed a big difference.Right away, my memory got better, and my walking improved 100%. I found it was much easier to get in and out of cars. I went to theneurologist for my regular check up and she put me through all kinds of tests, and they all came back clear. I showed no signs ofParkinsons. When she rotated my joints, she could barely detect a problem and couldnt believe what she was seeing. She asked, whatI was doing differently. I told her about the stem cell nutrition product. She said, she would like to know more about the product and Iwould not need to come back unless I wanted to. I will never be without this stem cell nutrition product.Lawrence AshdownI am 75 and for many years Ive suffered from a serious lung disease related to emphysema. A section of my lungs captures air, butdoesnt release it. The air expands and compresses the rest of the lung, so it cant function well. This caused me to breathe veryheavily, especially when sleeping and restricted my daily activities.A pulmonary function test and chest x-rays showed, I had lost 45% of my lung capacity. The doctor said, there was no activity in onesection of my lungs. I was told there was no cure and no medication for my condition. Due to medical restrictions and the advise ofmy doctor, we decided against removing that part of my lung. Within three weeks of starting on this stem cell nutrition product, Inoticed a definite improvement. I could walk much farther without stopping to rest. My doctor tested the oxygen level in my bloodand found it had increased. He discovered some activity in the part of my lungs that showed none before.I am now breathing better and dont hear that rattling sound in my lungs. All the congestion is cleared up. Since then, I started anexercise program and even though I push the limit, I have no soreness or stiffness in my arms, shoulders, or legs. This product hasgiven me a much brighter outlook for the future.Jay StahlerI am sixty-six years old. I injured my head, neck muscles and upper torso while working. After months of physical therapy for muscleand nerve damage, two orthopedic surgeons told me, I would not have a full recovery. I needed rotator cuff surgery as well, butdecided to delay as long as I could. I suffered with muscle spasms in my upper back and shoulder muscles, until I started taking thestem cell nutrition product. After six weeks, I can now sleep on either side all night long without pain. Ive regained so much armmovement, and Ive rejected the idea of surgery. I also have much more energy. My muscles have relaxed and dont hurt anymore. Ibelieve I have healed, thanks to this stem cell nutrition product. 5 of 11
  6. 6. Stem Cell Nutrition - TestimonialsLynn BernalI have been in a wheelchair for the past eleven years. I have serious joint problems and degenerative disc disease, with a separationbetween the 4th and 5th cervical vertebrae in my neck from a car accident in 1972, which left me a 30 percent disability.Degenerative arthritis and serious complications set in and made it difficult for me to stand for more that three minutes at a time,without severe back spasms. At home, I needed a cane or walker, and going places such as the grocery store were impossible withoutmy wheelchair. On top of that, my doctor recommended a knee replacement.After five weeks on this stem cell nutrition product, I got out of my wheel chair, completely pain free! I no longer have any pain in myknee whatsoever and after an initial MRI showed calcium chipping away. Im now told there is no immediate need for kneereplacement. I also found this product increased the speed of healing. After I had a growth removed from my eyelid, it was totallyhealed in three days. I never saw the bruising or bloody tears my doctor predicted. I didnt have to apply any ice or take anything fordiscomfort.All of the swelling was gone in the first 24 hours. After that, I had a bad fall, spraining my ankle and wrist. Im still amazed at thequick healing process. A recent visit with both my doctor and my chiropractor brought the news that the disability in my neck hasdecreased to 10% from 30%. Im so happy about the improvement. Im sleeping soundly throughout the night without making any tripsto the bathroom. Best of all, Im out of my wheelchair completely now - its parked in my basement. I cant say enough positive thingsabout this stem cell nutrition product.Anne StahlerI have had high blood pressure since my teens. Ive had many health problems throughout my life. Although I was able to get mostunder control, my blood pressure runs 200/140-150. My goal has always been to say goodbye to prescription drugs. I had beensearching for something that might help me get off the blood pressure medications, because they are breaking down my body. Aboutfour months ago, I was introduced to this stem cell nutrition product. I was still taking a lot of blood pressure medication at the time.After taking this product, I have been able to eliminate about 30 percent of the blood pressure medicine. My blood pressure is nowusually 130/80. Ive also noticed a significant improvement in my digestion and elimination. Also, my muscles feel more relaxed and Isleep better at night. Stem cell nutrition is a very important part of my maintenance program. I am thankful my friend introduced it tome.Adult stem cells "have significant capabilities for growth, repair, and regeneration of damaged cells and tissues in the body,akin to a built-in repair kit or maintenance crew that only needs activation and stimulation to accomplish repair of damage."Jane ShylohI am a Certified Classical Homeopath in an integrated medical office with an internist. I have worked in homeopathy for twenty-fiveyears and have been supporting people with natural products. I came across this stem cell nutrition product approximately six monthsago. It sounded very exciting, so I started using it myself and brought it into the clinic. I have seen some really positive results, someof them dramatic. In some cases, it seems to work faster with patients who have lung or heart problems. I think the body prioritizeswhat it needs first, and addresses the critical issues immediately. Ive also used it with a fifty-four year old professional marathonrunner, who healed well with it. He had torn his calf muscle, and was told by his doctor and chiropractor, he couldnt run for threemonths. He was very upset about this, and started taking the product daily. After ten days his muscle was healed and ran a marathonthe following week.I also know a woman who had a multitude of symptoms. She had been on four canisters of oxygen a day for many months, and couldnot get up or walk around because she was so short of breath. After three to four weeks on the product, she was down to half a canisterof oxygen per day. I credit this to the stem cell nutrition product, since it was the only new thing she tried. Ive also seen the productremove small growths on the bodies of patients and on myself. One man had a very large mole on his face, which totally disappeared.I had a small eruption on my lip that probably could have been diagnosed as a skin tag. It was very irritating to me. I had it for threeyears and noticed this last month that it had completely gone away. This product seems to correct these kinds of benign growths. I takethe stem cell nutrition product for the anti-aging benefits as well. People now come up to me and tell me I look really great and askme, what am I doing differently. I would not give up this stem cell nutrition product, and I recommend it to patients and friends.Jean OlsonI injured my leg last summer and it did not heal completely. I tried the stem cell nutrition product and within the week, it felt fiftypercent better. I continue to use the stem cell nutrition product and it continues to heal me. I am now sharing the product with all myfriends. I was initially not interested in the business side as much as the product benefits and its powerful healing process. However,the demand for this stem cell nutrition product creates a valid business opportunity. 6 of 11
  7. 7. Stem Cell Nutrition - TestimonialsKathy HansenThe stem cell nutrition product was introduced to a friend of mine the end of July 2006. I started taking it the next day. He called mebecause I have two daughters that are type 1 diabetic. I put my daughters on the product , and I started taking it myself. If they weregoing to detox, I wanted the experience as well. Twelve years ago, I had a bad car accident which resulted in whiplash, causing shortterm memory loss and a spinal injury. As the years went by, my spine kept getting worse and worse. I was up to one to three thousandmg. of anti inflammatory a day just to function. Even with that, I would have to use the railings to walk up steps. I was in so muchpain constantly. In the spring my husband and I bought select comfort "hospital" beds, to assist me in getting in and out of bed. Withinthe first three weeks of taking the stem cell nutrition product my memory started to return. I started to think more clearly, gained moreclarity and was able to finish sentences.When I turned 16, I developed Colitis. My entire colon and large intestine was ulcerated. I had a hard time keeping food in my body. Ihad my colon removed 17 ½ years ago, as well as two feet of my large intestine, and two feet of my small intestine. They made apouch called an anal ileum, and attached it to my rectum to have regular bowel movements. Within the first three weeks of using thestem cell nutrition product, I noticed I wasnt getting up to go to the bathroom as often during the night. After about 4 weeks, I wassleeping through the whole night, with no joint pain. As time has gone on everything is so much better. I run up the stairs, carry loads,and have actually dropped two dress sizes! I take the capsules two or three times a day, and my energy has elevated. I was feeling sogood, I developed a syndrome called LJS - "Loose Jaw Syndrome". Im on the phone morning and night, sharing as much as I can.Patricia PastorIm very proud to be here to share my story with you. I was completely fascinated by the power of our adult stem cells for the humanbody, proven by my direct experience with the stem cell nutrition product. The fact, it was a natural product and realizing its potentialto human kind intrigued me. Health wise, everyone over 35 years of age needs this product. First of all, I was experiencing adegenerative hip condition in both hips. My right hip was the worse case causing limited mobility. Actually, a double hip replacementwas definitely in my future. I was looking for natural alternatives when I was introduced to the stem cell nutrition product. It was trulya fascinating experience. Within five days, the chronic shooting pain I was experiencing in my right hip had decreased tremendously.After about 10 days, I could walk straight again.Do people believe in miracles? Well, I feel like one every morning when I wake up to no pain and being able to walk on two good legsagain. After my initial experience with the stem cell nutrition product, I continued to use it. Over the course of six months, I couldfeel the gradual repair and strengthening in my hips and legs. The result, I now go on enjoyable walks on the beach or hiking trails,enjoy my own treadmill and unicycle again, and ride my bike. This has changed the quality of my life for the better. Knowing thepower of this product first hand, this is going to have a phenomenal impact on the health and wellness industry. My hope is, everyonewill come to realize the healing power of their own being.Paul StramerI have been a logger for 26 years, and operator of heavy equipment for over 40 years. As you might imagine operating equipment inthe woods is hard on the body. Bouncing over rocks and stumps has affected my joint flexibility, trying to maintain control of heavyequipment can make muscles sore and tired. Its a tension situation all day long. I am 58 years old and still run this equipment in thesummer. With over 55,000 hours on equipment, 36,000 on machines that cut down trees, I had trouble recovering each night frommuscle soreness. I am happy to say, the stem cell nutrition product helped with that problem, within a few weeks. I have been takingthe product for over a year. I must admit that I wasnt very careful about when and how many I took. Most days I would take at leasttwo capsules and half of the time, four capsules per day.I have recently increased my consumption to three capsules, three times per day. I notice improvement with joint flexibility, I actuallyfeel like exercising now. As a result, I set up a Treadclimber and a Bowflex, which I use for 30 to 60 minutes per day, four times perweek. I highly recommend the stem cell nutrition product be taken on a regular basis. When I take the capsules at the same time everyday, six hours apart, taking three capsules before going to bed, I get much better rest than I used to. Before taking the product, Icouldnt sleep for more than four hours. I would be up two or three times per night and have trouble going back to sleep. Now I sleepsometimes seven or eight hours straight through, and I dream again. I cant remember dreaming like this for many years.My wife Gladys and I have been married for 37 years and have eight children and seven grandchildren. I want to be around for themfor a long time. I think this stem cell nutrition product will help me to do that, and help give me the optimal health necessary to keepup with two generations of extended family, long enough to try to be a good influence in their lives. I can heartily recommend theproduct, especially for people in high stress jobs. It will help you cope with whatever comes your way. It will help you rebuild optimalhealth and go on to make your life better in every respect. It has for me. Just ask my wife, if I am now easier to live with. Our financiallife is better than it has been for years. Please realize that stress is a real killer, and getting proper rest is very important to coping withstress. This stem cell nutrition product is wonderful for me, for exactly that purpose. 7 of 11
  8. 8. Stem Cell Nutrition - TestimonialsCheryl LaBarbaMy husband Jerry, continues to take the stem cell nutrition product two times daily. His kidney function has gone from 25% one yearago (October 2005) to about 45% as per blood work done last week. He began stem cell nutrition on December 15, 2006 and wecontinue to see improvement. He has had excellent progress since his kidney specialist said, that he was in the "Downward Spiral" ofend stage renal failure, with no turning back and dialysis was the only option. We will do more blood work in February and I will letyou know the results. I see an overall improvement in his general health...so all is good.Gayle BeckerMy husband was diagnosed with two small tears in his rotator cuff. Hes been in excruciating pain for almost three weeks. He hadbeen on a smaller amount of the stem cell nutrition product, but last week went to nine per day. On Monday of this week he took 13,and on Tuesday morning (literally overnight!) his mobility increased 90% and his pain level reversed from a 10 (being the worst) to alevel of three!David CameronI want to share my personal testimonial about this stem cell nutrition product because its changed my life! I had joint problems inboth knees for over 10 years. Ive taken all kinds of supplements, herbs, and various nutritional drinks without any relief. I had twoMRIs and the doctors told me that I needed to have an operation on each knee because they would never get better. In late November2006, the pain got so bad, it was there 24/7. I couldnt function with the pain and was about to go back to the doctors to set up a datefor the first operation. Thats when I heard about this stem cell nutrition product.I literally didnt know anything about stem cells, other than the little I had heard about in the news. I didnt think it would have anyaffect on the pain in my knees. However, the information I read, and the short video I watched, were so compelling, it just seemed tomake sense to take a product that would stimulate my own bone marrow to release millions more stem cells into the bloodstream andhelp them get to wherever my body needed repair. I started taking six capsules a day and within three days 90% of the pain in myknees was gone. I thought this was just temporary relief and the pain would probably come back, but after seven days there was nomore pain at all! I was able to put up the outside Christmas lights (a 20-hour job) without pain for the first time in memory. That wasmonths ago, and now Im taking four capsules a day, and I still have absolutely no pain in my knees. I can now play basketball againand bike ride with my family. Im also sleeping much better, have lots more energy, and Ive lost weight since Ive been taking thisstem cell nutrition product.Ive been very successful marketing various nutritional products, but I had lost interest in this field, because for years I hadnt beenable to find a product, that enough people would feel noticeable results with within a relatively short period of time. With the greatresults, I and so many others have experienced using this stem cell nutrition product, Im now very excited and passionate aboutsharing this amazing product that is helping so many people feel better, and is creating such an extraordinary business opportunity.This is easily the most enjoyable business in which Ive ever been involved! Because after finding out what stem cell nutrition is allabout , so many people want the product right away. It gives you confidence, knowing the product is patented and has beenscientifically proven in clinical triple-blind studies. And ... its priced so well. I feel that the timing couldnt be better for building thisbusiness, since theres absolutely NO competition as no other company has this product, and, you cant just go out to a store and buy it.This product and opportunity may just be the best Christmas presents Ive ever received!Michelle MeyerI tried the stem cell nutrition product in October of 2006, because it was suggested by a trusted friend. I have S.A.D. (SeasonalAffective Disorder), also known as winter depression, caused by the absence of daylight. (I live in Minnesota). The first thing Inoticed in three days I had significantly more energy and my depression seemed to have disappeared. During the following week Istarted cutting my antidepressant medication in half, then discontinued it during the week after. I continue to have an increase inenergy and sense of well being. During the first week, I attended a seminar to learn about stem cell nutrition, and had a very goodfeeling about its ability to greatly enhance my health and that of others. At this time I was sharing my experience with others. Duringthe following weeks I noticed that my back and neck pain had improved dramatically, to the point where I seldom visited thechiropractor anymore. In the past, due to my scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and previous injuries.My husband decided he had better try the product, because of all it had done for me. He noticed within weeks the pain in his back andarm had greatly improved, along with increased mobility and range of motion throughout his shoulder. On his most recent pulmonarycheck, he had the best lung capacity that he has had in the eight years since he had mold polyps in his lungs. I sincerely enjoy andappreciate the added energy and feeling of well being, I have gained from this stem cell nutrition product. My goal is to continue tohelp others, while increasing my wealth in the areas of health, friendships and financial status.Edna HamiltonI was mainly interested in the stem cell nutrition product for my personal health, which I noticed changes overnight. I am 82 years old,and I have age spots on my face, hands and arms, and now most of them are gone, and the remaining are very faint. I noticed the 8 of 11
  9. 9. Stem Cell Nutrition - Testimonialswrinkles on my face have lessened and I feel more energetic and less tired. It has helped me a great deal with arthritic pain. I was verysurprised at the speed and degree that it worked. Im not a sales person, but Im so excited about this stem cell nutrition product, Imtelling everyone I know who has health problems of any kind.Carol LaytonFor most of my life I have suffered from headaches and migraines morning till night, pretty much 24/7. Five days after starting thestem cell nutrition product, twice a day, I had slept through a hurricane and woke with no headache. For the next while I sat at mycomputer, for hours, days, weeks, waiting....... with no headache. Each morning I was truly amazed there was no headache. Twoweeks after starting the stem cell nutrition product, I slipped on ice and cracked the back of my head. It felt like I had two heads ... butno headache. The next morning, I thought I would be stiff and sore, but I was fine, no pain, no headache! As the weeks went on, Icontinue to sleep well. I no longer get up three or four times a night.My concentration is better, my balance is better and my energy has increased. My hair is growing faster, my hairdresser is getting richtrying to keep it short. The world seems calmer and easier to handle. This has all happened in under two months of taking the stem cellnutrition product. Oh yes, did I tell you I am 75 years YOUNG.Ann LovejoyI have had massive stomach problems for over 15 years. As soon as I started taking the stem cell nutrition product, I noticed I washaving more energy and less aggravation relating to both stress and to my stomach problems. Along with that, after several caraccidents, I was plagued with chronic pain and in general not feeling up to par. After starting stem cell nutrition, I am walking betterand able to go on long hikes with my dogs like I used to. Because of the lack of pain, I am able to sleep significantly better and live anormal life.R. W. WilliamsI was diagnosed four years ago with Phase 3 degenerative disk disease in my neck and back. I was at my wits end in December of2006 when I was introduced to the stem cell nutrition product. After two days, I started to have relief in my neck. I am still amazed.I am now a product of the product and I believe stem cell nutrition is essential for everyone.Frank EdwardsFor the past twenty-five or so years I have had severe coughing bouts, brought on by just about everything. A couple of months ago afriend of mine suggested that the stem cell nutrition product might help. I started taking one twice a day, and in a few days I seemed tobe having less severe and fewer bouts. Now after a couple of months, about ninety per cent have disappeared. I feel much better, andhave a noticeable difference in energy level and stamina.Phillip Rothenberg, M.D.I am 68 years of age and have had incipient renal failure for about 14 years. Ive been on stem cell nutrition for the last year and mylast renal function tests were nearly normal! I cant prove that it was the stem cell nutrition, but kidney function regeneration is prettyexciting news if you are looking at a possible renal transplant!Peggy ZumbaumI had detached retinas, and had to have immediate surgery for each eye. I was told I would never read again. Other issues includedarthritis in my fingers and back, high blood pressure around 200/100 and, for a number of years I have suffered from an injury in myright knee as well as leg cramps at night. Thats all gone away since Ive been on the stem cell nutrition product. I can read again! Theflashes and floaters have disappeared from my vision and the tightness in my eye has gone away. Now Im on the computer all daylong, every day. My arthritis no longer causes me pain, and I have a lot more flexibility.I also get a good nights sleep every night, and those awful leg cramps are gone. My blood pressure remains at a normal 120/80 andthere is no more pain in my knee or my feet. I cant believe the energy and stamina I have now! My hair was snow white, but itsregaining its darker color, and Ive lost six inches off my waistline, although I havent done anything other than to make sure I take thestem cell nutrition product every day.Stem cell nutrition is proven to increase the number of circulating stem cells by up to 30%, and has a patent to back it up.Now, that is powerful.Don MillerI am sixty-five years old and before I began taking the stem cell nutrition product, I had terrible problems with pressure in my sinuses.I would wake up at four in the morning with my head throbbing and sinus pressure continued throughout the day. I also had restlessleg syndrome, and terrible leg cramps. I would have to take something at night, so I could go to sleep. I started taking the stem cellnutrition product approximately two months ago. In a matter of two or three days, I noticed an improvement in all of my symptoms. 9 of 11
  10. 10. Stem Cell Nutrition - TestimonialsMy sinuses no longer bother me. I sleep soundly through the night without taking anything, and I also have a lot more energy duringthe day. Recently I had a run-in with a colt. X-rays showed I had a broken rib, which healed much faster than expected. Within tendays I felt big improvements and the pain was gone. The soreness left quickly and my ribs dont bother me at all. I have always heardthat its important to have a normal pH level, but mine has been very low. Nothing Ive used before affected my pH level, but now,with this product, my pH is in the healthy range. I am so thankful for this stem cell nutrition product.Jeff SolomonI started taking the stem cell nutrition product for better health and to provide others with the same. Within three to four days of takingthe product I started noticing increased energy levels. I also noticed positive changes in my eczema, a marked decrease in pain leveldue to chronic tendonitis and fybromyalgia ..."My life went from minus zero to a plus ten in no time." The stem cell nutrition producthas given me my life back. I have now joined a training clinic and will participate in the Vancouver Sun Run.Gene ZumbaumI had hernia surgery about four years ago, and afterwards developed blood clots in my legs. My foot swelled up and becamediscoloured from the restricted circulation, intense pain, especially in my right leg and groin area. It was nearly impossible to walk. Isuffered with this condition until recently.Almost immediately after starting on this stem cell nutrition product, I experienced complete relief. The pain went away. The swellingwent down and my foot became a healthy pink color. As a added bonus, the arthritis that plagued the joints in my hands is completelygone. Also, my high blood pressure has normalized. This product has turned back the clock for me. At nearly eighty years of age, Imin better shape than I was in my fifties.Syd PastorI was first introduced to this stem cell nutrition product by my niece, who is well versed in the education field and has a degree inAcupuncture and Eastern medicine. Being the skeptic that I am, I processed the information with a grain of salt. After numerousconversations and due discourse, I was presented with the opportunity to hear the founder of the company speak in Las Vegas. Afterhearing him speak, my interest increased expediently. I decided to try the stem cell nutrition product and proceed based on the resultsof that trial period.The results for me have not been dramatic, but notably positive. Ive definitely noticed a more even tempered energy level. I no longerhave the proverbial after lunch/late afternoon energy fatigue. My energy level is more evenly balanced and remains at a higher levelfor a longer period of time. This, coupled with the promising business opportunity makes this stem cell nutrition product all the moreattractive. "A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of all blessings."Jack Dean YoosI am seventy-three years old and for the past fourteen years I have had chronic, excruciating pain in my neck, hip, knees and legs, dueto degenerative hip tissue. I used a cane to walk and couldnt sit or stand for more than fifteen minutes at a time. I couldnt bend overto pick up anything and couldnt even put on my socks or shoes. Normally, it took me a couple of minutes to get out of my car withextreme pain. Medication brought little relief. Within thirty minutes of taking this stem cell nutrition product, I noticed a warmtingling feeling in my left hip and upper leg for the first time in over four years. Shortly afterwards, I could lift my leg with very littlepain, and got out of my car much quicker than before. That night, instead of getting up six to eight times to go to the bathroom, I onlygot up once.The next morning, I got in and out of the bathtub and pulled on my pants without pain. After one week, I was breathing better withoutcoughing. Now Im sleeping straight through the night. I can sit and stand for a much longer period of time without pain. People aretelling me that my hair is becoming darker, returning to my natural color. The pain in my back, legs and knees is now gone, and myleft hip hurts only 25 percent as bad as it did. I walk half the time without my cane and can climb up and down steps withouthesitation. My waist has gone down from 44 to 36 inches without dieting. I can see and feel my body reshaping, rebuilding, repairingand seemingly going back to a youthful state. I have an overall feeling of calmness and am completely at ease. I feel great. I assureyou that I will be taking this stem cell nutrition product every day for the rest of my life. I will not go without it.Andy BatemanI am 64 years old and own and operate a small but successful painting company called, Great Lakes Coatings for the past 12 years. Iwas introduced to the stem cell nutrition product by my friend at Christmas time, 2006. The timing could not have been better. For thepast three years my body was literally falling apart. I was too afraid to see a doctor. It had been over 30 years since my last visit to adoctor. My blood pressure had soared to over 220/110 and I had become very obese. (235 lbs.) I had many aches and pains and verypoor circulation to the back of my legs. Three years ago while on a summer break, I became dizzy and had a hard time getting my left 10 of 11
  11. 11. Stem Cell Nutrition - Testimonialsleg into my van. This lasted three or four days, but I still kept on working, to this point in time. I knew I had to make some changesor I was not going to be around much longer.After watching a video on stem cell nutrition, I was intrigued by how the product assisted the body’s stem cells in the natural healingof the body. I had never been on any kind of medication before and started taking two capsules of the stem cell nutrition product in themorning, starting the 1st of January 2007. As a result of taking the product I now have more desire to do more exercising and havestarted making healthier food choices. Ive never checked out so many nutritional facts on packaging in my life and grocery shoppingis much slower. After two months on my new regimen I am proud to announce that my weight is down 20 pounds, and my bloodpressure has dropped to an average of 140/85, which I monitor three times a day. Also most of the pains I was experiencing havegone away.Marg Turner, my girlfriend of 20 years, has had arthritis in her wrists and ankles for a long time, and was living in constant pain. Shehas tried many products over the years. She had a very hard time holding a pen to even write her name. Since being on the stem cellnutrition product for two months, she is now virtually pain free. She cant believe how pretty her writing is now. She even has moreflexibility to bend over to tie her shoes. I truly believe this stem cell nutrition product has been the catalyst to a new and better lifestylefor me. It has given me a new well being, purpose in my life, and could do the same for you.ARTICLESStem cells can form cartilage and bone-Science (The worlds leading journal of original scientific research) 284, 143- 147; 2 Apr 1999Stem cell patients showed significant improvements in nerve conduction velocities, and showed maintenance or slightimprovement in bone mineral density-Bone Marrow Transplant 215-222; Aug 2002, published by the NIH Bone marrow-derived stem cells appear able to form neuronal tissues-Science 290, 1775-1779; 1 Dec 2000 Bone marrow stem cells can form liver, skin, and digestive tract cells-New England Journal of Medicine 346, 738-746; 7 March 2002 Bone marrow stem cells can also participate in cutaneous healing, contributing to repair of wound healing-Journal of Cellular Physiology 196, 245-250; 2003 Stem cells participate in the generation of new neurons within the human brain-Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 100, 1364-1369; 4 Feb 2003 Bone marrow stem cells have also been shown to contribute to Purkinje cells (Purkinje cells are brain cells that science hadbelieved are not generated after birth)-Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 100, 2088-2093; 18 Feb 2003 Mobilized stem cells have also been used in renewal ofcardiac tissue (Mobilized stem cells are those that have released into the bloodstream)-Journal of Clinical Investigation 107, 1395-1402; June 2001 Bone marrow stem cells have also shown the ability to participate in renewal of retinal tissues-Nature Medicine 8, 1004-1010; Sept 2002Human marrow stem cells have been shown to form cartilage cells-Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 99, 4397-4402; 2 Apr 2002 Bone marrow derived stem cells have also been shown capable of renewing muscle tissue-Science 279, 1528-1530; Mar 6, 1998Bone marrow stem cells can participate in restoring kidney tissue-Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 14, S48-S54; 2003Repopulation of liver cells from bone marrow stem cells could take place in humans-Nature 406, 257; 20 July 2000Bone marrow derived stem cells have also demonstrated the ability to induce renewal of the pancreas-Bone Marrow Transplant 215-222; Aug 2002Bone marrow derived stem cells can renew cardiac tissue and improve cardiac performance in humans-Nature Medicine 7, 430-436; April 2001 and many moreStudies indicate evidence that bone marrow stem cells can renew lung tissue- Development 128, 5181-5188; December 2001Stem cells can home to lung tissue, then participate in renewal of lung tissue and reduction of inflammation-Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 100: 8407-8411; 8 July 2003 11 of 11