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Best 4 star Deluxe hotels in amritsar golden tulip amritsar

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olden Tulip Best 4 Star Luxury Hotel in Amritsar. Enjoy world best Nestled close to city centre comprising of business and shopping arcades, Golden Tulip Amritsar welcomes business and leisure traveller to enjoy the luxury of 4 star deluxe hotel

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Best 4 star Deluxe hotels in amritsar golden tulip amritsar

  1. 1. GOLDEN TULIP AMRITSAR Best 4 Star hotels in amritsar http://goldentulipamritsar.in/
  2. 2. GOLDEN TULIP AMRITSAR Golden Tulip Hospitality Group, with its head office in France, is a worldwide hospitality company with more than 1000 hotels and 76,000 rooms in 50 countries. The Golden Tulip Hospitality Group franchises and manages hotels in Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asian Pacific Region and America with brands like Golden Tulip, Tulip Inn and Royal Tulip.
  3. 3. GOLDEN TULIP AMRITSAR HOTEL FACILITIES AND SERVICES • 52 contemporary guest rooms, including 4 suites • 24 hours conceirge service with local city tips • Spacious business centre • Moti Mahal Multicuisine restaurant • Behind The Bar serving traditional Indian Hookahs • Sky Lounge, hotel's pool lounge located on the 5th Floor • Caffiene, serving coffee, cakes and desserts • Fitness Centre • Swimming pool
  4. 4. GOLDEN TULIP AMRITSAR SPECIAL OFFERS • PREPAY & SAVE • Save 10% if you are 62 or more. • Stay 4 nights and pay 3 ! • Enjoy a room for the night and a parking place during your travel! • Exclusive offer for American Express card members:
  5. 5. GOLDEN TULIP AMRITSAR Contact ADDRESS :- 8 GT ROAD - MODEL TOWN, AMRITSAR 143001, Punjab, India • Email :-generalmanager@goldentulipamritsar.com • TELEPHONE: +91 183 5069991 • FAX: +91 1835069995 Website :- http://goldentulipamritsar.in/ •