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How to Harness AI in your Content Marketing Strategy

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90% of content marketing doesn't work!

That's a harsh reality...The primary reason is that marketers don't know what content to create that will get results. Marketers take an educated guess based on outdated information.

The information is outdated because it takes weeks or months to compile. By the time a content marketing program is implemented, it's based on outdated information.

Enter: Artificial Intelligence Powered Marketing Technology

I teamed with Brandon Andersen from Ceralytics on a 5 episode podcast series to explain how AI powered marketing technology enables the modern marketer to use technology to do the heavy lifting on the content strategy analysis.

AI can do the analysis MUCH faster and more often than people can so that the marketer knows what content to produce that will deliver results.

This Slideshare delivers an overview of what we cover in my Up Close podcast series. You can listen to each episode in one recording here:


​If you want to schedule a demonstration to see firsthand how AI powered marketing technology does the heavy lifting of analysis, get in touch here: http://www.findandconvert.com/about/contact-us

Whatever you do, don't ignore the reality of AI in your content marketing strategy. Your competitors might already be using it.

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How to Harness AI in your Content Marketing Strategy

  2. 2. THE ROLE OF AI INCONTENT MARKETING The reason marketers should leverage AI is to do the analysis that people have been doing manually, only much faster and more often to determine what content you should produce that will deliver results.
  3. 3. QUALITY IS BETTERTHAN QUANTITY 90% of content doesn't work! Content marketers must produce content in quantity – MYTH! The marketer’s goal is to produce results. It's important to understand what content works (quality) over the misguided goals of quantity.
  4. 4. SAVE TIME BY USING AI IN YOUR CONTENT AUDIT The content audit plays an important role in the success of a content marketing strategy by analyzing the content that has performed best. AI does the heavy lifting of the content audit even for brands with a high volume of content assets.
  5. 5. A COMPETITIVE AUDIT ISVITAL Don't skip the competitive audit. Learn what content works for your competitors. Use AI to conduct the analysis faster than people can.
  6. 6. AN ACTION PLAN THAT PRODUCES LEADS There are four actionable steps using AI to help you determine what content to produce that will yield the results you seek – more traffic and more leads. AI powered content marketing technology is available today to create intelligent content that performs.
  8. 8. Want to SeeAI inAction? Schedule a demo today. Discover how AI powered marketing technology conducts a content and competitive audit in near real time so you can stop guessing what content will work and know what content will work. Click here to schedule your demonstration today.