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Madrid, a global democratic lab

A presentation around the direct democracy methods, participation technologies and hybrid and commons oriented territories happening in Madrid. The presentation is a summary of what the city hall is doing, but includes some citizen practices too

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Madrid, a global democratic lab

  1. 1. Bernardo Gutiérrez // MediaLab-Prado (Madrid) @bernardosampa // @medialabprado Madrid, a global democractic lab
  2. 2. 15M
  3. 3. – #Global2011
  4. 4. LosMadriles.org projects maps the commons oriented spaces of the city Los Madriles: the commons city
  5. 5. Self organization: commons oriented spaces
  6. 6. From institutions to extitutions
  7. 7. “A cultural space that shines in a depressed Europe” MediaLab Prado won the ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture in 2016 Medialab Prado
  8. 8. 6 labs
  9. 9. 6 labs
  10. 10. Participa LAB is a new lab inside MediaLab Prado. It works globally searching the colletive intelligence for improving democracy Participa LAB
  11. 11. #ICDemocracia: Collective Intelligence for Democracy (2016) Open Call 2017 Video 2017: https://twitter.com/participa_LAB/status/872369429 509791749
  12. 12. The adventure of learning
  13. 13. Self organization: commons oriented spaces MADRID: 3 ways of doing
  14. 14. 1. Decide Madrid: bottom up democracy From Propongo (15M-Indignados platform) to Decide Madrid (free software participation platform designed by Madrid 's City Hall), the hybrid participatory method of the occupied squares is getting sofisticated. Decide.es has become a political virus: a free software (Consul) that enables direct democracy and is alreday being used by 40 cities of regional governments
  15. 15. The citizens over 16 years old registered in the city of Madrid could vote in february in what has already been called #LaGranVotación (the great votation). People voter digitally or in ballot boxes distributed throughout the city two citizen proposals, proposed from below, that obtained in Decide Madrid enough support to reach the voting stage (1% of the census). The two proposals were 'Madrid 100% sustainable' and the 'Public transport ticket' The big votation
  16. 16. Participatory budget Every citizen can propose with a bottom up method concrete ideas for the city budget. In 2017, there are 100 million euros for participatory budget
  17. 17. G1000: the citizen summit G1000, the citizen summit,G1000, the citizen summit, G1000, the citizen summit, was held in Madrid on March 4th, with people of all the ideologies and thougths, to formulate proposals to Decide Madrid
  18. 18. 'Si te sientes gato' is a project for working with children and teenagers around political participation and engadgement in Decide.Madrid.es
  19. 19. Madrid escucha: intra innovation Madrid Escucha is a projecto to promote innovation among public servers and citizens held in MediaLab Prado
  20. 20. #cocTELL: story telling for the 99% You Tube: https://youtu.be/F1m8tHSivTc Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LaCocTELLera/videos/vb.176664570014 1722/1786596564813302/?type=3&theater
  21. 21. 2. Decentralization: p2p democracy hildren an Los Labos is a project for decentralizing the culture of the city, with the whole ecossystem of the culture, not only the official sectors
  22. 22. Experimenta Distrito: citizen labs Short vídeo around the project > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMzXehbFtlk
  23. 23. Local forums Local Forums are open spaces for political deliberation and proposals. There are 21 Local Forum, one for each district
  24. 24. MARES european project combines open source technology, mobility, recycling and free and p2p energy. A project from DINAMIA S. COOP. MAD, Tangente Grupo Cooperativo TXP Todo Por la Praxis, Acción contra el Hambre and Madrid City Hall. Imagina Madrid
  25. 25. Processo for reshaping 11 squares in the out skirts of the City shifted though citizen participation in Decide Madrid 11 squares
  26. 26. MARES european project combines open source technology, mobility, recycling and free and p2p energy. A project from DINAMIA S. COOP. MAD, Tangente Grupo Cooperativo TXP Todo Por la Praxis, Acción contra el Hambre and Madrid City Hall. Mares Madrid Project
  27. 27. Madrid City Hall is puttin in the hands of collectives, social movements and citizen dozen of spaces of the city, for encourage self-organization. The “public-social cooperation” and de commons-public narratives is replacing the public-private. Picture: Solar Almendro 3, in Latina neighbourhood 3. Commons oriented democracy
  28. 28. Image: Palacio de Sueca, recently transfered from the city hall to social movements
  29. 29. Image: The abandonned fruit market, that was about to be a “gourmet market”, is now the headquarters of Econmy Secretary of Madrid and social movements. Espacio Vecinal Arganzuela is a self organization movements that rules part of the market Espacio Vecinal Arganzuela
  30. 30. The self organized Cinema Usera gets now some resources from City Hall. Image: http://cinemausera.org/ Cinema Usera
  31. 31. Co-dessigning libraries Image: San Fermin 's new library, dessigned during and open process with more than 400 neighbours
  32. 32. Image: Campo de Cebada project, that will be ready in 2019 Campo Cebada: from occupation to a new public-social partnership
  33. 33. City Hall included social clauses – feminism, equality, sustainability... – for all the contracts. For example, the new energy contrat (115,8 millions euros) is 100% for renewal energies, open to PYMES and cooperatives. Those who help with energy poverty get more points in the public bidding. Social contracts by law
  34. 34. La Ingobernable squatt: “Make madrid great again” Civil society sets the pace. The new social center La Ingobernable places the urban commons and the self organization in the center of the debate
  35. 35. References -MediaLab-Prado: http://medialab-prado.es/ -Participa LAB. Twitter https://twitter.com/participa_LAB Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ParticipaLabMadrid/ -Inteligencia Colectiva http://inteligenciacolectiva.cc/ -Proyecto La Escalera http://www.proyectolaescalera.org/ -The adventure of learning // http://laaventuradeaprender.educalab.es/-/medialab-prado -lacocTELLera > https://twitter.com/LaCocTELLera -366 sillas // http://www.maiderlopez.com/portfolio/366-sillas-2/ -Decide.es, core platform of the liquid federation around Decide Madrid -G1000: https://www.opendemocracy.net/democraciaabierta/yago-bermejo-abati/random-election- g1000-and-deliberation-to-change-madrid -Si Te Sientes Gato (participation with chilndren) https://decide.madrid.es/sitesientesgato -Madrid Escucha http://medialab-prado.es/article/madrid-escucha-ciudadanos-y-empleados- publicos-mano-a-mano-convocatoria-de-proyectos -Los Laboratorios http://medialab-prado.es/article/los-laboratorios -Experimenta Distrito // https://www.experimentadistrito.net/ -Palacio Sueca Process https://twitter.com/proceso_sueca -11 plazas https://decide.madrid.es/proceso/once-plazas -Imagina Madrid // https://www.imagina-madrid.es -Proyecto MARES http://www.uia-initiative.eu/en/uia-cities/madrid -EVA> http://evarganzuela.org/eva/ Biblioteca San Fermin http://bit.ly/2qTY52c -La Ingobernable https://t.co/0WOO4W4V3d
  36. 36. Bernardo Gutiérrez (@bernardosampa) /// bernardobrasil@gmail.com Participa LAB // @participa_lab // participacion@medialab-prado.es MediaLab Prado // @medialabprado