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From the squaresto the commons oriented democracy

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This presentation maps de evolution of the squares movement born in 2011 with Arab Spring, 15M - Indignados Movement and Occupy Wall Street to the present movement. To cases of study: Brazil and Spain.

There is an upload mistake (missing slide numer 4). For checking the references, please download the document

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From the squaresto the commons oriented democracy

  1. 1. Bernardo Gutiérrez // ParticipaLAB // MediaLab-Prado (Madrid) @bernardosampa // @participa_LAB // @medialabprado From the squares to the commons oriented democracy
  2. 2. The spread of network movement is global
  3. 3. The combination of social networks and occupation of urban space anticipates the media coverage and mass communication agenda
  4. 4. 'Vândalos' (chapullers) in Brazilian media Manifestantes o vándalos, Study by Pablo Rey Mazón (@numeroteca)
  5. 5. Emotional connection http://viralgezi.outliers.es/
  6. 6. From indignation to empowerment Police violence, derogatory media coverage and stablishment turn on protesters into Vandals (Brazil), Chapullers (Turkey) or Perroflautas (Spain). #YoSoy132 (México) is another example. Outrage is the new fuel of network revolts. Indignation turns into empowerment and positive emotions such as hope.
  7. 7. Aggregative emotions = empowerment
  8. 8. Spanish 15M emotional analysis
  9. 9. Collectives identities Collective identities are common to all networked revolts of recent years. Identities that accept remixes and adaptations, such as 15M or Occupy camps. In Brazil many collective identities from Passe Livre emerged. The same with #Diren in Turkey.
  10. 10. In the revolts in Egypt, the death of blogger Khaled Said became a collective identity in Facebook fanpages as #Somos KhlaedSaid. In Brazil, the disappearance of the worker Amarildo Dias de Souza generated (almost) a collective identity. Left Picture: intervention in avenida Delfim Moreira, in Leblon (Rio de Janeiro) and residents of Rocinha favela with placard 'Where is Amarildo?'. #WeAreKhaledSaid, #SomosAmarildo
  11. 11. Aggregation Easy adhesion slogans ("It is not for twenty cents, it is for rights" (Brazil), "We are not goods in the hands of politicians and Bankers" (Spain), "We are the 99% (Occupy) become a common divisor. The aggregation of the mobilization of the network system dismantles all sorts of antagonism. The identity (football fans creating the United Istanbul event or walking together in São Paulo), the regional (Rio and Sao Paulo forgetting grudges), ethnical (kurdish vs Turkish) or protesters vs police alliance are examples.
  12. 12. Political parties network (competitive) Lack of interacctions between different communities (different parties). Most of central actors are the recognized leaders. Global Revolt Networks (collaboratives): Interactions between different communities (ideological, geographical…)  Central actors are, in general, collective identities. Change of paradigm Graphs: 15MData
  13. 13. Relationship among PT (Brazilian labour party), PSDB (right wing Brazilian party), Anonymous and Passe Livre. A study made by LABIC proved the endogamy of political parties in Brazil. Picture: left militants trying to partcipate in June the 20th protest in São Paulo. Political parties endogamy
  14. 14. Topology of 15M networks Graphs: DataAnalysis15M
  15. 15. Graphs of #Yosoy132 networks (Mexico) Graphs: Aragón P., & Monterde A
  16. 16. Global conections of #Ayotzinapa Data mning from Twitter from 31/12/2013 to 01/08/2015. Hashtags: #Atenco, #TodosSomosPolitecnico, #Ayotzinapa, #Ayotzinapa43, #AccionGlobalPorAyotzinapa, #YaMeCanse, #AyotzinapaSomosTodos, #Ayotzinapa7meses, #Eurocaravana43, #caravana43, caravana43Sudamerica. Também aparecem as buscas: “venezuela #Ayotzinapa”,”ecuador #Ayotzinapa”, “ferguson #Ayotzinapa” and “bolivia #Ayotzinapa. http://demos.outliers.es/tecnopolitica/regionalv8/ Graph: Alex González (Outliers), Bernardo Gutiérrez
  17. 17. Case 1 Picture The New York Times. 20 th June, Recife Brasil: June 2013 - 2017
  18. 18. June 2013 #17j of Facebook interactions (June 2013). Graph: Interagentes
  19. 19. The study #ProtestoRj of Media Lab at UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro Federal University) about events in Rio de Janeiro evidenced that mobilization happened thanks to the "poor nodes" as @catupiry, for their ability to dialogue. Influential groups in the city - except Anonymous - were irrelevant in the first call.Graph: UFRJ Media LAB 2013: The importance of poor nodes
  20. 20. 2014: #fuckFIFA #fuckFIFA campaigns broke polarised story telling created by Brazilian government Graph> Bernardo Gutiérrez
  21. 21. Brasil 2014: Snowden & Marco Civil Conversation got more and more polarised during aproval of a Marco Civil. http://demos.outliers.es/tecnopolitica/brasil/ Graph> Bernardo Gutiérrez and Alejandro González (Outliers)
  22. 22. Brasil 2015: right wing captures indignation Conservative networks on 2015 's protests. Graph: (LABIC)
  23. 23. Impeachent polarization Estudio de la red conservadora de Brasil (LABIC) Graph: Fábio Malini (LABIC)
  24. 24. Pictures fights in Congonhas airport on 3th march 2016, when Police took former president Lula was suffered detention
  25. 25. Muitxs: Cidade Que Queremos is a citizen front that won two local seats at Belo Horizonte Some hope
  26. 26. Different cities conformed citizen fronts for taking power. Enred.cc (Madrid) was the first step. La apuesta municipalista (copyleft book) was the virus. GUANYEM Barcelona created the imaginary and GANEMOS (we win) was the national shout/shape. After that, the names changed but the 'confluence' format was the trend. Political party PODEMOS supported the 'confluence' fronts. Case 2 Spain: from #15M to confluences
  27. 27. Most of the campaigns were made almost without budget (crowd funding, donations). Especially important the citizen campaign made for supporting AhoraMadrid (with Manuela Carmena as the candidate), that happened eve out of the AhoraMadrid structure. Citizen overflow: p2p & DIWO campaigns
  28. 28. Graph of #AhoraMadrid conversation. Author: Bernardo Gutiérrez Post Party network topography
  29. 29. The post party citizen confluences will almost for sure rule important cities as Madrid (Ahora Madrid), Barcelona (Barcelona en Comú), Zaragoza (Zaragoza en común), Cádiz (Ganar Cádiz en Común), A Coruña (Mare Atlántica), Santiago de Compostela (Compostela Aberta), Valencia (Compromís + Valencia em Común), Terrassa (Terrasa em Comú) or Oviedo (Somos Oviedo), among dozens of smaller ones. Map: study of the cities that had camp during 15M and political confluence in 2015. Citizen confluences governing cities Map: Arnau Monty
  30. 30. From Propongo (15M-Indignados platform) to Decide Madrid (free software participation platform designed by Madrid 's City Hall)), the hybrid participatory method of the occupied squares is getting sofisticated. Decide.es has become a political virus: a free software that enables direct democracy and is alreday being used by 32 cities of regional governments From grassroots participation to power
  31. 31. LosMadriles.org projects maps the commosn oriented spaces of the city Los Madriles
  32. 32. Madrid City Hall is puttin in the hands of collectives, social movements and citizen dozen of spaces of the city, for encourage self-organization. Picture: Solar Almendro 3, in Latina neighbourhood From the public to the commons
  33. 33. Image: Palacio de Sueca, recently transfered from the city hall to social movements
  34. 34. MARES european project combines open source technology, mobility, recycling and free and p2p energy. A project from DINAMIA S. COOP. MAD, Tangente Grupo Cooperativo TXP Todo Por la Praxis, Acción contra el Hambre and Madrid City Hall. Mares Madrid Project
  35. 35. “A cultural space that shines in a depressed Europe” MediaLab Prado won the ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture in 2016 Medialab Prado
  36. 36. Participa LAB is a new lab inside MediaLab Prado. It works globally searching the colletive intelligence for improving democracy Participa LAB
  37. 37. #ICDemocracia: Collective Intelligence for Democracy (2016) www.inteligenciacolectiva.cc
  38. 38. #cocTELL: story telling for the 99% Play now! https://www.facebook.com/LaCocTELLera/videos/vb.1766645700141722/1786596564813302/
  39. 39. References Slides 2, 3, 4 (Javier Toret) 1. http://propolis-colmena.blogspot.com.es/2013/07/acabou-mordomia-o-rio-vai-virar-uma.html 2. Work by @Numeroteca around tweets and the streets http://blog.pageonex.com/2013/08/24/manifestantes-ou-vandalos-como-a-midia-tradicional-abordou-os-protestos-em-junho 3. Viral Gezi // Outliers http://viralgezi.outliers.es/ 4. Emotions 15M // http://assets.outliers.es/15memociones/ 5. Slides 13 and 15: 15MData "Toret, J., Calleja, A., Marín, O., Aragón, P., Aguilera, M., Barandarian, X., Lumbreras, A. & Monterde, A. (2015). 6. Graph by Fábio Malini. Complete text: “Como PT, PSDB, Anonymous e Passe Livre interagem no Facebook?” 7. Slide 15. "Aragón P., & Monterde A. (2016). “Yosoy132, un movimiento-red: autocomunicación, redes policéntricas y conexiones globales” 8. Study: #ProtestoRj of Media Lab UFRJ http://medialabufrj.wordpress.com/2013/08/05/protestorj-atores- menores-fazem-a-rede/ 9.Muitxs: Cidade Que Queremos http://www.muitxs.org/ 10. La apuesta municipalista http://traficantes.net/sites/default/files/pdfs/TS-LEM6_municipalismo.pdf 11.Enred.cc 12. Text about the firts political parties of 15M http://www.eldiario.es/politica/partidos_0_129837180.html 13 “Tomar la ciudad obedeciendo y desobedeciendo” http://ganemosmadrid.info/tomar-la-ciudad-mandar-obedeciendo-y-desobedeciendo/ 14. 'Diez claves sobre la innovación de la manuelamaía' http://www.yorokobu.es/diez-claves-manuelamania/ 15 Confluencers': ¿el verdadero secreto de la nueva política? Confluencers': ¿el verdadero secreto de la nueva política? 16 “Mapa de las acampadas del 15M, candidaturas municipalistas y gobiernos emergentes en las ciudades de más de 100.000 habitantes”. https://arnaumonty.wordpress.com/ 17. Decide.es, core platform of the liquid federation around Decide Madrid 18. LosMadriles.org, commons oriented map of Madrid 19 Palacio Sueca Process https://twitter.com/proceso_sueca 20. Proyecto MARES http://www.uia-initiative.eu/en/uia-cities/madrid 21. MediaLab-Prado: http://medialab-prado.es/ 22. Participa LAB. Twitter https://twitter.com/participa_LAB Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ParticipaLabMadrid/?fref=ts 21. Inteligencia Colectiva http://inteligenciacolectiva.cc/
  40. 40. Bernardo Gutiérrez (@bernardosampa) /// bernardobrasil@gmail.com Participa LAB // @participa_lab // participacion@medialab-prado.es MediaLab Prado // @medialabprado