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NEGATIVE BODY IMAGE - Benking start-team-drop out-collage

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NEGATIVE BODY IMAGE - Benking start-team-drop out-collage

  1. 1. INBAK presentation by Heiner Benking, Journalist, Consultant, Facilitator Technician, Engineer Project Areas re: INBAK & GRUNDTVIG, Stavanger, May 2014 INBAK Institute for Sustainability in Education, Labour/Work, Culture My focus: Communications & Facilitation & Education & Environment & Media & …. Focus: Konrad Kutt: Founder of INBAK, vocational training, general management Positive Nett-Works (PNW) Recycling RAFT & Dialog & Media & INBAK EuroboXX Open-Forum Magic Roundtable ijgd International Youth Community Services - Work-Outs Voluntary Services - e.g. workcamps - BAUHUETTEN ONE Technologies Leonardo 3.4.5 & Management 2 T.E.A.M. - building 21st Century Agora & FWC Deliberations – Dialog Design, Multi-Track Diplomacy and Peace Making Influence Voting – Groupthink - Hidden Drivers - Funding Strategies…. Example: DROP-OUT RATE in SCHOOLS
  2. 2. http://cwawiki.wikispaces.com/file/view/CogniScope-Everett- Students.04.27.09.pdf/72359551/CogniScope-Everett-Students.04.27.09.pdf Root Cause Mapping With Students from Evart Schools
  3. 3. Conclusion and recommendations By engaging the stakeholders in a disciplined dialogue, the Evart school district enabled them to derive a large number of factors (35), clarify their meanings (Table 2), identify those of higher relative importance (Table 3), and derive graphic patterns displaying the similarity (Figure 1), and enhancement relationships among the important factors (Figures 2). The disciplined virtual (Wiki) and face to face dialogue made it possible for the participants to discover the root causes of the issue of Drop Out for the Evart school district. The stakeholders were also able to recognize the complexity and multi-dimensionality of the problem situation confronting the Evart community.